"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose."
~~ Romans 8:28, NIV

Hi all,

Welcome to one of those oddly timed newsletters that come out mid-week because I got thrown off schedule.  ;-)  I expect to send the next one on August 11th and then be back at our usual every other Sunday pattern but for now... bring on the Wednesday JABB!

God bless,

Back in JABB 382, I listed reasons to be glad that Season 8 of Touched was headed to DVD.  Well, now, it's here!  So you'll find reasons others are looking forward to watching the DVDs below.  But since I pretty much already did that with my own reasons, I wanted to do something else.  The challenge is this... imagine you could say only one sentence to Andrew during or after the events of each Season 8 episode.  What would you say?  Below are my choices (unless otherwise noted).  If you would like yours added here, please email me and I'll be happy to add em between now and the next newsletter.  It could be sweet, serious, or just plain swoony.  So...

Things We Wish We Could Say to the Andrew of Season 8

Holy of Holies

"You are now officially my second favorite guy to have gone hiking around Jerusalem!"

The Perfect Game

"Please, please, please tell me about how ya got your baseball mitt!!!"

The Birthday Present

"Ecclesiastes never sounded so good."


"Ya wanna dance?"

From Nicole T.:
"So, Andrew, since your mind just doesn't automatically go to spike heels and lip gloss when thinking of angels, is it bad that mine goes to leather jackets and toolbelts?" ;)


"I am so sorry this hurts you... but I'm so glad you were there."

Famous Last Words

"You are NOT and never will be a 'lousy angel' no matter what that man says!"

Most Likely To Succeed

"You were one of my favorite parts of high school..."

Heavenís Portal

"I would definitely rather cuddle up to you in that lovely, soft sweater than rave with that dude wearing alien antennae..."

When Sunny Gets Blue

"Flannel shirt..."

Angels Anonymous

"You're not anonymous to me and never will be."

A Winter Carol


The Last Chapter

"Hullo, Dr. McLoveliness!"


"YOU are beautiful."

The Blue Angel

"I'd still love ya even if you were a Martian."

Secrets and Lies

"Finally... a reason to love bangs."  :-)

The Princeless Bride

"Exactly what are you trying to do to me with a green sweater AND a leather jacket!?!" 

Hello, I Love You

"Hello, I love you."

Minute by Minute

"Thank you..."

The Bells of St. Peters

"So... you're, like, totally way better looking than the angels in that painting."

The Impossible Dream

"So glad you have that pocket watch from your Daddy..."

For All The Tea in China

"Where are you!?!"

Forever Young

"I love you, I love you, I love you..."

Cindy's Favorite Season 8 Episodes and Why
(in no particular order)

Chutzpah-  I'm fascinated with the Jewish culture.

Holy of Holies-  I love the Indy Jones theme and, this was also the very last episode I watched *before* I found out that John had passed away. I literally watched this episode then got on the internet and went to the John Dye Homepage to see if it had been updated...and it had...only, not the way I was hoping. :'(

Most Likely to Succeed-  For no particular reason just the story line...thought John looked great too...

A Winter Carol-  I like how they dealt with 9/11.

Minute by Minute-  Very powerful episode and I really liked how Andrew dealt with his assignment.

Heaven's Portal-  I thought Gloria was adorable, and I like John's look and how Andrew treated Gloria-kinda stern but loving.

Ship in a Bottle-  I thought this was a powerful episode too.

The Princeless Bride-  Again John looked great!  And, it helped me to put the 'dream wedding' idea to rest for good.

For All the Tea in China-  Love Angela Lansbury and I really liked the theme. John wasn't in it enough, tho.

Angels Anonymous-   I loved that story line

Manhunt-  One of my all time favorites  I have to watch this one when I get to feeling sorry for myself concerning marriage. It helps me get my thoughts back into pers

Famous Last Words-  I've always thought this was a powerful episode and that John had a very strong part in it.  I love how he played Andrew's part.

Honorable mentions:
The Birthday Present-  Very powerful ep but, hard for me to watch due to the child abuse element.
The Perfect Game-  I like the 'flashback' episodes especially if they deal with real historical issues.
When Sunny Gets Blue-   Also a powerful episode concerning mental illness/issues.
The Impossible Dream-  A powerful episode as well and hits close to home about being afraid to pursue dreams.

Then my NOT like list:
Forever Young-  At first I didn't like it because of the abuse of the young girl...just hits too close to home for me as a teacher. But, then, watching the family suffer after her loss...that is hard for me to watch as well, cuz I've gone through that too much lately too...and felt like I was on the brink of losing it. So, powerful, but, it's one of my least liked eps out of all the seasons.

And from Nicole T.:

I'm looking forward to being able to watch "A Winter Carol", one of the only 2 TBAA episodes I've never seen (along with The Christmas Watch)! And, of course, being able to watch the full episodes and not having any cut scenes!


This newsletter is dedicated to John for bringing such beauty to his portrayal of Andrew in all his seasons.  Somehow 7.5 seasons was all at once not enough and just perfect.  May he know how much those years prepared so many of us for the life to come and the life that is now.


JABB 390

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