“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment,
or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
~~ Leo Buscaglia

Hi all,

Welcome (officially now) to summer! 

I've spent much of this week doing backup on the JABB site so I didn't get much done for this newsletter.  Basically I just filled out a survey that some of my first Internet friends and I filled out years and years ago... but this time I did it as Andrew.  Very little talent involved.  ;-)  I hope ya enjoy what's here, though! 

Happy (almost) Independence Day to those in the States!

God bless,


Ask Andrew... A Lot

In this installment of "Ask Andrew," we, the ladies of Dyeland, are subjecting the esteemed and beloved angel of death to something of a personality survey culled from all those questionnaires that get passed around online... with some tweaks.  Although some questions were left as is just to see how he'd respond.  Cause it's fun.  :-)

1.  Full name and nick names?

Full: Andrew... that's it.

Nicknames: Ummm...  Can you just read this?  It'd save some time.

2.  Birthday and sign?

Birthday: September 20th (observed)  I pre-exist the calendar.  0;-)

Sign: Virgo, I guess.  I don't believe in all that.

3.  Favorite fruit?

Hmm...  Apples are good.  Oranges.  Really they're all good.

4.  What do you look for in the opposite sex?

Friendship.  That's all.  But that's no small thing. 

5.  If you could turn into an animal which would it be?

A bird.  Or maybe a wild horse. 

6.  Aww.  Glad you're you, though.  If you could meet one person in the world who would it be?

A really old friend.  It's not that I haven't seen them before.  I have.  But I never get tired of seeing them in this world.

7.  Favorite quote?

"God loves you."  That can't be surprising to anyone here, is it?  0:-)

8.  Ever been in love?  Pretty sure the answer to this one is going to be no... but cutely so.

No.  I love many, many people, though.  Cute enough?

9.  Yes.  Loveliness...  So what're on the walls of your room?

Let's see...  I have a mirror.  I have some paintings (thanks, Owen) and some drawings (thanks, kids!) and some photographs (thanks, everyone).  Windows.  A couple shelves. 

10.  Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Half-full, baby!

11.  What is on your ceiling?

Paint.  And looks like maybe a spider...

12.  Hmm...  I hope it's a nice spider.  So...  Pick a song that describes you or one that you can relate to.

I will always love "Abide With Me" by Henry Lyte

13.  Yeah...  Favorite movies?

The movie doesn't matter to me.  It's watching them with people I love that does.

14.  Sigh...  Favorite color?

I'm in a green mode right now.  I like calming shades.  Blues, too.

15.  Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Not telling.

16.  Darn.  If you were a dog what would your name be?

Andrew?  Don't most people give their dogs human names these days?

17.  Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?

Yes, ma'am!

19.  Do you secretly believe you came from Mars?  Who wrote this question?!

No, definitely no.  I know where I came from.

20.  If you could do one thing to the person you hated most what would it be?  Bet I know how this answer begins...

I don't hate anyone. 

Told ya.

But there are some people who I think could do with a strongly worded Tess lecture.

21.   Definitely.  Or a smoldering look from you!  Moving on.  What's the best number in the world?

I don't know.  Strange question.


22.  What grade are you in?  Yeah, we shoulda deleted this one...

Grade A... for angel.  0;-)

23.  Nice save.  How tall are you?


24.  Time you were born?

You know, there just wasn't a clock handy...

25.  Or invented.  Ha!  Are you listening to any songs right now?

"Look After You" by The Fray is playing on the radio.  Good song.

26.  Can you play any instruments?

I know how to play the piano and the drums.  Sometimes I know how to play other musicals instruments when I need to.

27.  Who are your good friends?

Too many to name and that's a great thing.  Anyone quizzing me right now is definitely a good friend.

28.   Yippee!  What's your favorite radio station?

Laja there set me up on Pandora so that's been great.  I think this is some sort of alt-contemporary station.

29.  Funniest person you know?

God's got a great sense of humor!

30.  Do you go in the chat rooms?

Only when I have to.  I'd rather chat in person.

31.  Do you consider yourself nice or mean?  Well duh...


32.  What annoys you?

People who use Halloween as an excuse to glorify violence and promote fear.  I won't say I hate Halloween any more.  But there are aspects of it...  And mean people.

33.  We get ya.  Favorite candy?

Chocolate.  I don't want to offend a certain someone who has a chocolate factory.  0;-)

34.  Least favorite candy?

Those joke Harry Potter jelly beans are gross!  Max and Rose, I'm not falling for that again!

35.  Poor love...  Oh... We shoulda nixed this one, too. 

Lemme hear it!

Okay...  Have you ever broken a body part?

Oh.  Yeah.  I'm fine now, though.  Really. 

36.  Do you have a... now, really, did anyone bother to read this over first?... girlfriend?
No...  I have girls who are friends, though.  As you well know.

37.  Oh right.  We left that in so you'd say that.  Swoon...  So what state do you want to go to?

I've been to them all and they're all great.  The state of grace is the best, though.

38.  Cute!  Umm... when was the last time you were sick?

This past winter.  Feeling great now.

39.  Good.  Just wanted to be sure.  So... favorite singer?

Tess.  I think I'd get a Look if I said anything else.  Just kidding, Tess!  A lot of my friends can sing and I love listening to them all.  And Jon Mateos is doing really great work now.

40.  Very cool!  Least favorite singer?

Don't have one.  It's making a joyful noise that counts.  Even if it doesn't sound, you know, totally great.

41.  Favorite group?

Music group?  I'll just go ahead and say the AOD Band and the Immortals.  I love playing with those guys.

42.  And we love listening!  Do you have a wish?

I'm more into praying that wishing.  I pray that everyone knows how loved they are by the Father.

43.  Us too.  What do you remember most about this year?

Wow.  So much.  Drawing closer to my friends, spending all that time with Max, moving Max to his own place, meeting Chava, dancing with Laja, Tiva's rugelach, watching Violeta learn the ropes.  Lots of great assignments.  Orlando with all of you!  God's been very good to me.

44.  Favorite TV shows?

Touched by an Angel  I wouldn't be where I am without it!

45.  Favorite sound?

A dove cooing.  Music's pretty great.  The voice of a friend.

46.  Worst feeling in the world?


47.  Love...  Best feeling in the world?


48.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Here, there, and everywhere... just grayer!

49.  And still lovely!  Future son... oops... future nephew names?

I don't think I should really have much say.  How about Jehoshaphat?  0;-)

50.  Umm no.  Future niece names?

Okay, I'll be serious for this one.  I've always really liked Annabelle.

51.  That's cute!  And now... what is the worst movie you can think of that you have seen?

I can't remember the name but it was about an angel of death who obsessed over a girl because she looked like his dead wife (why does he have a wife???).  So... he killed people.  Terrible movie.  Adam, Henry, Eli... we should sue!  Just kidding.  It was a bad movie, though.

52.  Creepy!  Ummm... moving on.  What do you collect?

Hugs, of course!

53.  Yay!  Favorite Songs?

I'll just say "Abide With Me" again because otherwise I'd have to give a very long list.

54.  Favorite actresses?

You ladies!  Really.  I've loved the stage productions we've done here.

55.  Favorite actors?

I'll always be indebted to John Dye.  Then I'd add my fellow male Dyelanders.  I've worked with some great casts of men and women and kids on productions over the years when I've had movie, TV, and theatre related assignments.  I'm looking forward to doing more of those.  A lot.  Jimmy Stewart!  I better say the name of the guy I have to mimic every single Christmas.

56.  Darn right!  Favorite class?

I think Literature is my favorite class to teach.  Although parenting classes can be a lot of fun.  Important, too.

57.  Least favorite class?

I can't really say History is my least favorite but sometimes it can be difficult.  Sometimes I remember what I'm teaching.  That can be challenging. 

58.  Favorite Broadway play?

I've been listening to Jesus Christ Superstar a lot.  That's an interesting one.

59.  Yep.  Dream vacation spot?

Paris is still waiting...  But I'll say Alaska since we're going there next.  

60.  Looking forward to Alaska!  And what is your favorite stuffed animal?

The bear Yva made me.

61.  Aww.  If you knew you were going to die... sheesh... get a new puppy tomorrow, what would you do?

Thanks for the edit.  0;-)  I guess I would buy it a collar?  But I think Lulu needs her one-on-one time for now.

62.  If you could live in any movie you wanted, what movie would you live in?

None.  I wouldn't want to leave my real life behind.  But I would like to know what it felt like to be a superhero.  Just once.

63.  Speaking of...  If you could have one, inhuman quality, what would it be?  Hmm...

Being an angel.  Haha.

Okay, besides that.  Like a super power.

The power to read minds.  Then I could know exactly what to say to get through to a person.  But it would also be intrusive.  Maybe not.  Next question.

64.  Sure.  Favorite web sites?

Dogshaming.com  I love it! 

65.  Favorite holiday?

Definitely Christmas but we tend to make them all pretty special here, huh?

66.  We do!  We're good at holidays.  Let's see...  Favorite flowers?

My rose.

67.  Favorite magazines?

I don't get much time to read magazines but when I can I flip through ESPN.

68.  Favorite smells?

Fresh air.  Freshly cut wood.  Food cooking/baking.

69.  Favorite soundtracks?

I guess the only soundtracks I really listen to are the ones some of you make me: our own soundtracks.

70.  What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Thank you, Father.

71.  Lovely...  Storms: are they cool or scary?

I think they're cool as long as no one gets hurt and there's no damage.  Great time to spend tucked away some place safe with friends and lots of snacks.

72.  In your basement!  Hey, if you could dye your hair any color what would it be?  Nervous here...

None.  I wouldn't want to traumatize anyone.

73.  Relieved...  What is your dream car?

The Jolly Green!  Yeah, I know I wasn't crazy about the big lug at first but it's served us well.

74.   Long may it run!  Were you named after anyone?


75.   If you were making a movie about yourself, what would the title be?

Why would I make a movie about myself?  Would anyone watch that?  Naw.

76.   We would!  But privacy is good.  So... are you trendy?

If I am then it's only because the Father and my personal shoppers (you know who you are) make it so.

77.   Flannel...  Any bad habits?

The twitchy hands thing.  Yanking at my hair.  Okay and, yes, sometimes I talk with food in my mouth.  There.  I admitted it.  0;-)  More seriously, I know I still need to work on being better about asking for help when I need/want it.

78.  But you really have come so far.  We all have.  Do you know how crazy much you're loved?

I've gotten the idea.  Love you, too.

79.  How's about we call this good and head over to the Cafe? 

Sounds like a plan, ladies.

80.  Ready for a group hug?



This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye's performance in "Pandora's Box" which is the episode I just watched this morning in lieu of putting a little more effort into this newsletter.  ;-)  I was a teenager when that episode aired and new to this crazy sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful online world.  It didn't take long for a few "Deans" to make their presence known although, thank God, I didn't fall for that.  In any case, seeing John's portrayal of Andrew in that episode made me feel better.  Even though it was only fictional, it was wonderful to visualize an angel caring so much about our online safety.  And I never saw baseball bats the same way again!


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