“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
-- Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Hi all,

Short newsletter cause yours truly has been straddling two wildly different worlds: IRS tax filing and Dyeland.  (Guess which is more fun and interesting?)  And also not sleeping.  So I hope you enjoy this and I hope I get a tax return.  And sleep.  ;-)

God bless,

Ten Random Factoids

Especially with the research for stories I've written for JABB, I've ended up with a bunch of truly random factoids in my head.  Then, of course, there were things that happened in TBAA episodes and such that aroused my curiosity enough to send me to Google.  I thought it was high time I share some of this very useful knowledge with you all.  Kudos to anyone who can match the factoid with the story/newsletter/John project it came from.  Unfortunately, my concentration is totally shot so I know as soon as I send this, I'll think of way more.  Oh well. 
Maybe I'll make this a recurring thing.  We'll see.
1.  Amaretto is made from apricots... not necessarily almonds.

2.  The frontal lobe of the human brain (or the brain of an angel in human form) is responsible for managing attention, emotions, and judgment.

3.  There are many, many ways to create stage blood.  And a three ounce container of blood powder is gonna run ya about $20 U.S. 

4.  You can make red velvet just about anything.

5.  It was apparently common in Puritan times to have female Jr.'s.  Interesting. 

6.  Daffodils represent eternal life.

7.  The average height of a U.S. male is 5'9".

8.  Universal Studios offers Coke brand pop/soda... not Pepsi.  There are two reasons it's sad that I had to look this up: 1. I'd just been there so really should have remembered and 2. I'm actually nitpicky enough to feel the need to get that right.

9.  Hydroplaning is when a wet surface (like pavement after the rain) causes a car to skid.  It is bad.  And Andrew wasn't being a dolt when he brought it up.

10.  Andrew's lame shoes are called loafers.

Well, my own insomnia has been pretty well documented on these pages through the years.  But I know I'm not alone among JABBers in dealing with sleep issues.  In all seriousness, I know I need to get better about sleeping as many of you likely do, too.  But then this isn't a serious newsletter so I give to you...

Top Ten Ways to Make that Insomnia Work for You!
(This list is not approved by any medical authority or, for that matter,
by anyone not hopped up on caffeine and running on three hours of sleep)

10.  Just start making up words for JABB.  We might need them.  I still think the English language has room for "ungether."

9.  Make yourself a JABB soundtrack.  Or seventeen.  Or twenty eight.

8.  Call Jenni.  She's probably up and more than happy to discuss the awesomeness that is John's filmography with you.

7.  Peruse men's clothing stores online and plot out Andrew's wardrobe for the next year.  Or decade.  Or century.  Eon even.

6.  List all TBAA episodes in alphabetical order.  Then reverse alphabetical order.  Then in order of most favorite to least favorite.  Then in order of most tear-inducing to least tear-inducing.  Then separate them into two stacks: episodes in which Andrew looks really great and episodes in which Andrew looks really, really great.  Repeat.

5.  Invent a drinking game to go along with every single John Dye project you have on hand.  Play the game with a mug of soothing herbal tea.  Still end up not sleeping.

4.  Have an exhilarating conversation with Andrew... realize the next morning that "Andrew" was actually a plaid throw pillow.

3.  Write fanfic late into the night.  Then finally get to sleep only to jolt awake one hour later with the realization that you forgot something in your story.  Get up.  Get to the puter.  Write more.  Realize the missing element really wasn't that vital.  Fall back into bed only to find yourself obsessing over the minor detail again to the point you can't sleep.  Get up again and watch segments from musicals on YouTube.  Hey, at least ya got some culture!

2.  Ponder the great unknown philosophical questions of our age like...  Can Andrew dance on the head of a pin?  Why would Andrew be dancing on the head of a pin?  If Andrew is dancing on the head of a pin then can I join him?  Sounds fun!

Pray.  Okay, I've decided I get one serious item on this list and I'm going with this.

All joking aside, my insomnia is largely of my own doing (I'm looking at you chai and coffee).  But I know it can be all too easy to get hung up on the world's problems and our own and lose sleep over them.  I've had several nights like that and sometimes it's in thinking about John's portrayal of Andrew... and the real angels that I hope are much like him... that I start to settle down.  So this newsletter is dedicated to John for nights in which his compassionate and peaceful presence on screen made it a little easier to relax and get some sleep.

JABB 381

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