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Happy Dye Day everyone!!!!! We hope John is having an excellent 37th birthday and that his 37th year will be filled with much happiness! We'd like to thank everyone who came to our chat last night. It was a great turn out and hopefully everyone had a lot of fun! Just a quick note to last night's chatters:

Late last night after all of you left only four of us remained so we started "Pass the Story" again. We came up with a really great story line and we're hoping to actually get a whole story written. It's probably going to become quite long and serious which is why we didn't finish it last night. If you'd like to read our story when we're done let me know.

Also, we're still accepting applications for the AOD guard!! Please submit by February 4, 2000! (My b-day by the way!)

Enjoy this Dye Day Issue!!



Now onto the newsletter!!!!!

37 Reasons Why We Love John/ Andrew

(Composed by the Dye Day chatters)

1. His compassion

2. I love that Andrew is good with kids.

3. I guess the fact that Andrew just makes death look so..... not frightening I guess.

4. I love his "look"

5. I don't know maybe its just me but I always liked him more when I was with others who really liked him I guess its contagious

6. I enjoy his southernness

7. I would also have to second the compassion thing. When I saw The Journalist, the fact that Andrew would cry over a broken family impressed me.

8. and he has an awesome sense of style

9. I just love his eyes they just look so gentle

10. Can play the piano!

11. I love how he's always giving his assignments hugs.

12. I love how he's a "hands on" kinda person. the touchy feely type

13. Did we say smile yet? I love his smile.

14. His eyes! ( Yes... Absolutely his eyes!!!!)

15. And I love how friendly he is, sometimes to a fault. (Like with the decorating issue.)

16. His muscles!

17. His care for animals. =)

18. he seems like a great friend

19. That he's a terrible mechanic. I think that's cute

20. The TOOLBELT!!!!!!!!!!

21. I loved Andrew in VL how he really stood up to that dad

22. Yeah, Andrew actually gets angry sometimes.

23. I love his passion

24. Sense of humor!!

25. I think he seems very real, John, I mean. He doesnt have that hey i'm an actor/god aura i guess

26. He's a true southerner!

27. and his slight lil accent especially in Beautiful Dreamer.......

28. He takes a lot of teasing with real grace.

29. he seems to be pretty spiritual too from stuff he's said in interviews

30. wise too

31. I just loved that cute lil scene in the Sky is Falling with the grim reeper

32. lost in trance when sees his eyes

33. I love how he says "Tey-ess" in "Clipped Wings"

34. His singing voice...that we never get to hear!

35. His looks!!!!

36. He's so fun to talk about!

37. I've made a lot of great friends because of him.

And one to grow on! MDWA, The Journalist, Til Death Do Us Part, The Pact, and so many other great TBAA episodes!!!

The Night Before Dye Day

(This poem was written late last night by Stephanie, Audrey, and Jenni)

Twas the night before Dye Day and all though the town...

All the Androolers were dreaming. They made not a sound.

The JABBers were jumping with excitement and glee,

in their dreams thinking of the fun that would be.

For on the next day some decades ago

John Dye was born with blonde hair all a glow.

His parents were happy, they showed him off with pride,

Never knowing that he'd soon be a 'heavenly guide'.

And their darling boy, he did grow.

He became such a great man we now know.

With hazel eyes, and his looks so fine,

But most of all a heart that is loving and kind.

Tears of sadness he'll gladly show,

being unafraid of being called "un- macho".

And laughter also he will very gladly share

And often JABBers find themselves dreaming of his hair

He's the perfect man, all Androolers agree

I really wish he'd marry me!

But alas his sweet kindness shall forever stay

Just out of my reach but I keep thinking "ONE DAY!!!!!"

The State of the Androolers Address

JABBers, one and all! This is our second annual address. Last year I spoke of a radical new hair do and the birth of JABB. Like last year, this year has been an important one for Androolers every where! During selected parts of Season 5 many Androolers felt the strain of a slight recession in Andrew moments on TBAA. How ever, episodes like Beautiful Dreamer and Fighting the Good Fight got us through our times of darkness with out Andrew! We've also experienced the ongoing hair changes. From short to spiky and back we have enjoyed the feelings of surprise when ever any of the hairs in John's beloved mane appeared to have been altered..... Androoling itself has experienced much growth as more and more people join our ranks. JABB membership is now almost tripled what was ever hoped for. The JABB YahooGroup now enables members to email with each other. And let's not forget the new addition of Dye Scouts, where members can now share their awesome writing and art skills. Now we look forward to this, John's 37th year, with hope, admiration, love and more!




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