"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
~~Helen Keller

Hi all,

When JABB started, John was 36 and we celebrated by doing, of all things, a re-write of The Addams Family theme song entitled "The Boy from Amory."  That was JABB 14.  I couldn't imagine then that we'd be sending our 375th JABB newsletter on his 50th birthday!  It's bittersweet.  I can't deny that.  I am so, so glad that JABB is still around and I'm very glad that you're all a part of it.  I believe with all my heart and soul that John is having a truly amazing birthday in Heaven.  While it's perfectly understandable to feel some sadness today, I do feel a lot of joy and I hope all of you do, too.  I hope John's able to look down and see that fifty years after his birth, people are still loving him and looking to his work for inspiration and hope.  We will always remember him and below you can read exactly why.  I hope somehow that John is able to see all 50 of the items below.  Well, except for #16.  I think he might want to have words with me over that one.  ;-)

God bless,

50 Things We Will Never, Ever Forget About John Dye

From Rebecca:

1.  John's complete generosity towards others.

2.  He was not a fan of chocolate, on a lighter note. 

From Cindy:

3.  He really *can* play a bad guy and very well!

4.  He almost turned down the role of Andrew.

5.  He knows how to work an audience with his eyebrow. ;)

6.  He kept in touch with former costars.

7.  Getting his ear pierced on The View.

8.  How I ran up to the t.v. to console him when he got upset on Journey to A Hatefree Millennium.

9.  San Francisco and Mississippi - can't think about either place without thinking about him.

10.  He likes Diet Coke and okra but not chocolate.

11.  Roma said he blushes beautifully :)

12.  His smile melts my heart.

13.  The many hairstyles and lengths and how I liked them all!

14.  "God Bless"

15.  Oh yeah, and how he flirted with one of the girls on The View.

16.  Larry Lycra man!....LOL! STILL fall out of my chair with that one! :D

17.  The episode of Touched when I first noticed him...God as My Witness

18.  His facial hair (swoon!)

19.  His southern accent in Tour

20.  Pocket watches

21.  How he kept his hands in his pockets.

22.  Also, how he would brush his hair back with his hand.

23.  He wore glasses.

24.  His voice...I jump if I hear a similar voice or if I'm not paying attention to t.v. and then hear him.

25.  Most importantly, HIM. I'll never forget JOHN!

From Jenni:

26.  Before there was "There's an app for that!" there was "There's a John Dye project for that!"  Seriously, I'll never forget that no matter what was going on in my life... whether I was celebrating something or upset about something... there's always something John was in that makes everything better when I watch it.

27.  Watching "My Dinner with Andrew" the night it aired.  It was the first episode I was able to see in my home after a week plus power outage.  Plus... the promo had made it look like our darling Andrew might fall.  I was so wrapped up in it that to this day I still remember what I was wearing (black floral skirt, red sweater, black boots)... and I still wear that same skirt every year on or around John's birthday.

28.  Viewing Heart of the Beholder for the first time, taking a nap, and then waking up to find my brother had stolen the DVD and was watching in his room.  Awkward...  And then calling my best friend for a little addendum on the birds and the bees talk because I was confused.  Double awkward... 

29.  Tuning into Entertainment Tonight shortly after Columbine and finding John speaking about it.  Somehow hearing from him... from John and not just Andrew... made me feel better and safer.

30.  I'll never forget all the amazing and enlightening discussions I've had with fellow John fans.  To think we'd never have even met without John let alone discussed metaphysics, recipes, the Bible, and how to get my freaking computer cursor to stop jumping around.  ;-)

31.  That my first ever remembered glimpse of the man I would end up crushing on for over half my life was... a pair of loafers that I strongly dislike! 

32.  Those awesome yellow Chuck Taylors.  Much better shoes!

33.  Flannel shirts, silk ties, leather jackets, peace sign necklaces, dusters, suspenders, tool belts, bell bottoms, beige sweaters, fedoras...  Okay, so I can't walk into the men's department without being reminded of John.

34.  TBAA Season 9's premiere "A Rock and a Hard Place."  It was always memorable when we'd finally get to see Andrew after a 3+ month absence.  But when I first saw John in that episode... wow.  I don't know if it was the shaggy hair or simply John but my crush went into overdrive.  And when I have to go...  I wanna go out like Mildred.

35.  John's righteous outspokenness about a certain hate group that shall remain nameless who hearkens from my beloved Midwest.  In the years since John made his views known, I've counter-protested against those people.  And I had John in mind the whole time.

36.  John telling Oprah that his mom said "A coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous."  It seems more true the more time that goes by.

37.  "The child is father of the man..."  I remember feeling so giddy when Andrew read poetry and hoping that John might do some sorta spoken word CD or something. 

38.  All those shots of Andrew walking down a dark street alone and how, every time and still to this day, I want to jump into the screen and run to him.

39.  Mother, Mother.  The whole thing.  It's hard for me to watch any more but I'll never forget it.

40.  The time we got a message on our old JABB guestbook... from John Dye.  To this day I can't for 100% sure say it was him.  But right around that time a link to JABB appeared on John's section of touched.com so ya never know.  I'll never forget the warring feelings of "OMG!  I love him!  That's so awesome!" and "OMG!  I am going to die of embarrassment right here and please, dear God in Heaven, don't let him have seen the drool bucket..."

From Nicole:

41.  His adorable southern accent

42.  How comforting his presence was, even on a television show

43.  I'll always remember the way he wore a tool belt. And jeans. And flannel shirts. And – okay, I'll stop here.

44.  His portrayal of Doc Hock in “Tour of Duty”

45.  His lovely hair and all the fun conversations it inspires

46.  Orange juice and ginger ale. Need I say more?

47.  The way his beautiful smile lit up his eyes and everyone's around him

48.  The way he would make me smile every time he did those little things, like attempting to fix a car or playing with a football. Because despite being so ordinary, those things became something special. Because they mean something to us.

49.  By playing Andrew on “Touched By an Angel”, John changed my life in many wonderful ways and I'll never forget that.

50.  "I just want you to know there's nothing to be afraid of. On one side, there is life. And on the other...there is life, too."

This newsletter is dedicated simply and entirely to John Dye.  I can't pick any one thing because it was his entire nearly 48 years that made him who he was and it was those years and the two that have since followed that bring us to this moment, writing this list and remembering John on his 50th birthday.  Selfishly, I still wish he was here because I miss simply having the hope of one day turning on my TV and seeing him speaking out with compassion about a current event or doing promotion for a new show or giving a behind the scenes look at a soon-to-be-released movie.  But I know that while John surely had some awesome birthdays here, none can compare to the awesomeness that is being Home.  Happy 50th birthday, John!  We are, all of us, so glad you were born! 


JABB 376

(The first, third, and last photos are from Touched by an Angel and owned by: CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions; the second is from Tour of Duty and owned by: New World Television; and the fourth is from Mother, Mother and owned by the film's producers.  They are not being used to seek profit.)