“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” 
~~C.S. Lewis


Welcome to the first JABB of 2013!  I truly hope each of you have a blessed and happy year ahead of you!  This newsletter is a lil about looking back and a lil about looking forward.  I hope you enjoy!

God bless,

Happy TOTGA Day!!!

On January 6th, 1996, something HUGE happened.  The character of Andrew, played so beautifully by John Dye, was introduced to the world in the Season 2 TBAA episode "The One That Got Away."  For some of us (including yours truly), this was our introduction to Andrew.  For others, that came later.  Below, Rebecca and I share our memories of TOTGA and our initial "Andrew experiences."

Rebecca wrote:

I remember my first introduction to Andrew and TBAA was sometime in 1998, I think that was the year may have been 97?  I saw "The Pact" and fell in love with both Andrew and the show.  I had been to summer camp when I was younger and the show really touched me.  Was hooked after that.

I didn't see Andrew's first episode TOTGA till much later and it always made me think of my days in Pharmacy school,  yes everyone was super competitive, but not to that extent.  I did meet my husband there.  I really liked the episode!

From Jenni:

I've shared my experience before on first seeing TOTGA the night it aired.  Short version: I didn't get who the new guy was and wanted Adam back.  Oh the irony...  It's funny to think back on me at the ripe old age of thirteen (and a half!) likely wrinkling my nose at the guy with bad shoes.  If only she knew that there would start seventeen years of crushing on the same actor and the same character.  Sometimes I wonder if on some level I did know and that was at the root of my initial negative reaction to John-as-Andrew.  I was going to be leaving the only school I'd known for 9 years, the only class, the only teachers, and really the only neighborhood.  I didn't need any more change and that dude had change written all over him.

Maybe that's why I have so many traditions attached to John: must watch TOTGA every January 6th whilst sipping orange juice and/or ginger ale, must have the same drink and a dessert every September 20th, must watch every TBAA Christmas episode every Christmas season, one piece of jewelry must somehow reference John if I am leaving the house, and so many more.  Traditions provide some grounding even amidst change.  I think my need for them explains a lot of why I grew so attached to Andrew.  As an angel of death, he reminds us of the most momentous change we'll all face.  But John's portrayal of him was such a perfect blend of ethereal and grounded, mysterious and comfortable, different and the same that change seems a lot less scary. 

Looking back, it seems all the more perfect that our introduction to Andrew involved Della Reese singing "The Rose" which features these lyrics by Amanda McBroom:

"Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun's love
In the spring becomes the rose."

Just as the seasons change from the killing frost of the winter to the blooming and color of spring, so will this life eventually lead to a greater Life of much beauty and eternal love.  I'm very glad that there was a guy with bad shoes to remind me of that for seventeen years and counting.

So now to look forward...  I have made some resolutions related to JABB (frankly they're the only resolutions I've made!) and I'm gonna share them here in hopes I'll actually stick to them this way!

In 2013 I resolve to...

1.  Get back to assorted JABB ideas that I loved but then abandoned including but not limited to: Unanswered Questions, "Brushes with Andrew" stories, and, who knows, maybe even Dye Scouts which was a lot of fun back in the day.

2.  Relax more with my favorite John Dye projects.  I love running JABB but it does sometimes have the unfortunate effect of turning things into a job.  So I vow to watch more TBAA especially without it necessarily meaning updating the Episode Guide or Photo Gallery.  Also, I will watch Campus Man sometime this spring or summer... possibly multiple times... regardless of the weather.  I have this cockamamie idea that it needs to be bright and sunshiny and hot to watch that.  It does not.

3.  Stop starting newsletters the day they're due...  Procrastinating is bad!

4.  Bring back JABB Jeopardy at some point!  Time to put those Doc Hock factoids back to work!

5.  Embrace my John and JABB related traditions but not get so wrapped up in them that I go crazy and get stressed.

6.  Celebrate what we actually have done.  Some things I knocked off my JABB to-do list in 2012 include: finally getting Andrew a male Dyelander to hang out with.  Yay Max!  I also indexed the Dyeland stories.   Perhaps in the biggest move, I watched "The Good Earth" for the first time last February.  It had been the lone TBAA episode I had never seen.  I also watched the finale again for the first time in ages and did okay.  So I guess that was a big theme: showing m
yself that I can watch loads of John's work and not go hysterical.

And I think I'll stop there lest I overwhelm myself.  You're all welcome to start making bets amongst yourselves on how well I stick to these.  Ha! ~Jenni

This newsletter is dedicated to John's continued presence in our lives as we enter the year 2013.  While we remain together on this side, John lives on in the memories and hearts of so many here.  He lives completely and perfectly on the Other Side, too, and I am so grateful for the 7.5 years he spent helping us to believe that the transition from this side to our Home in Heaven will be beautiful when our own times come.  May we all live our lives on earth to the fullest!


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