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Hello! Well, it's now the middle of January and you know what that means....... Dye Day is just around the corner!!! To those of you new to JABB, we celebrate John's birthday and call it Dye Day. We try and meet in a special chatroom for the occasion. Those of you who came to the birthday chat last year may recall that we played Pin the Tail on Chiwawa and other games. This year we hope to have as much fun if not more! But before then we need to make a few decisions so here we go:

The Chat:

1. Last year Talkcity worked out fairly well and that eliminated the problem of people needing to download various software programs. However, some people complained of having problems entering the room. Therefore, we're taking a vote on whether to have the chat on Talkcity again, in IRC, or on AOL Instant Messenger. The latter two options can be downloaded on the net for free. Majority rules on where the chat will be held. I will have directions to the chat available for everyone once we decide where it will be. If you have any input on this please email Jenni ASAP. I'd like to decide location with in this week.

2. Even though John's birthday isn't until the 31st we thought it would be difficult to have an evening chat during the week since some of us have school and work. Instead the chat will be held on the 29th and probably begin about 8 PM Central time.

The Games

1. Once again we will have trivia questions but instead of the Pin the Tail format we will be using the Hangman format. Unless of course everyone really liked pinning the tail on Chiwawa.

2. We'll also experiment using poetry tag in the chat (an idea suggested by one of our party goers last year!). Just a quick example of how that would work:

JABBER1: There once was a man named John.....

JABBER2: who grew out his hair very long.....

And so it would continue with every member until an entire poem was built.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any other ideas for games or for any input on where to have the chat or if you have any questions about any of this. It may seem like we're starting this a tad early but we'd like to get things set up ASAP. If you think you may come to the chat please RSVP Jenni. The more people that come the more trivia questions I'll need so I'd like to know approximate number by January 21st. Okay and my last announcement before we get on to the fun stuff: the JABB YahooGroup may be used to help plan the party and other Dye Day festivities so if you want in on this we encourage you to join us at Yahoogroups!

A Message from Joy:

Name of show: ANDREW

Main Actor: John Dye

Genre: Religious(I guess)

Length of show: 1 Hour

Network: Probably CBS

Summary: Each episode will show Andrew, an Angel of Death, working on an "assignment," very much like its parent show, "Touched By An Angel". (Not to worry Downey and Reese fans! "Monica" and "Tess" will occasionally guest star.) This show will explore more thoroughly the emotional side of Andrew. Most episodes will feature "assignments" that are new to fans of "TBAA", but some will be about "assignments" familiar to fans, only they will be in Andrew's perspective. The following are a few episode ideas:

Series Premiere: "Beautiful Dreamer", however it will be our own episode. It will not be in a "story" format (As in Tess telling a story). It will be the actual "assignment". Thus, it will show more that happened. It will also be given a different name.

Number One on our list: Andrew on trial for murder (But, of course, he didn't do it!)

2. Andrew falls in love

3. Andrew gets frustrated with seeing the horrible ways people die, thus wanting to no longer be an AOD (idea brought up by johndyelist on

As you can see, we need many more ideas to be able to get at least one season's worth of episodes. So, unlike the producers of "TBAA", we will accept any and all suggestions our viewers have*, and we will read every fan fiction story or script we find or receive. Basically, it's a "For the fans, by the fans" sort of show. So, please send your ideas, etc. ASAP!

* However, we are sorry to say that some ideas might be turned down, either because the idea is inappropriate for this type of show or as a result of us receiving so many ideas we could make enough episodes for 100 seasons!  (I, myself, would like having 100 years of John Dye. Wouldn't you?)

The next list is a list of some familiar "assignments"/"TBAA" episodes that will be done using Andrew's side of the story (some will be almost the same as the original):

The Violin Lesson

The Pact

The Journalist

Spirit of Liberty Moon

If there are any other "assignments"/episodes that you would like to see in Andrew's viewpoint, please send the name of the episode. All suggestions, requests, stories, and comments should be sent to the e-mail address provided below:

Thank you for your time.

Joy C.

Executive Producer

Androoler Productions; associate of JABB Incorporated

A Message from Jarrod:

"Attention Androolers! I said, can I have your attention Androolers? Oh look, J/A is being unprotected, the bodyguard has left his post. It's a free for all."

Yeah, right, now that I have your attention I want to let you know something. I, being the bodyguard, have come to the dyecision that I am going to take a 2 week vacation. Because the madness has me screaming "Stop the INSANITY" in my sleep. Now don't get your hopes up because this does not mean he is to go unprotected. This is where one of you fits in, you see since I need the rest, one of you will have him in your protection for a 2 week duration.

But don't think it is gonna be that easy, because there are a few requirements which have to be met. As with any job you are applying for there is an application which must be filled out. Then there is also a resume of any former experience you may have. I.E. Sara and her infamous sheep shear job to keep up with his do. Then lastly a brief summary as to why you think I should let him be in your charge. And to make sure it stays fair both Aud & Jen will help me make the final decision.

There is also one other requirement and that is a detailed description of your 2 week stint as bodyguard for your fellow JABBers to read. Copy & paste the application, fill it out along with your resume, summary and email it to JABB.

Remember CREATIVITY is a MUST.

Application for Bodyguard Duties




State of mind:

Pumpkin head (yes or no):

Cook (stuff you can cook for J/A, you can't let him starve!):

Special hobbies/interests:

Favorite movies:

Favorite music:

What does JABB stand for:

What is bodyguard's name:

Any previous experience:

Do you like pets:

Do you own pets:

If so, how many:

Tell me a joke:

Why should you be the chosen one:

Do you think you can protect him from other Androolers?

Why do you think that?

Do you own a pair of sheep shears?

Long or short hair:

Know any bed time stories:

Again, mail to: JABB

There are no right or wrong answers, just creativity and originality. All submissions are due in by February 6, 2000 and the winner will be announced at the end of February. Look forward to hearing from you all.

The bodyguard


Void where prohibited and Kiwis need not apply unless they really want to.


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