“If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader.” ~~John Quincy Adams


So here's the last JABB newsletter before the U.S. has its presidential election.  Why is that important?  Well, there are the obvious reasons but on a strictly JABB level... your friend here will feel a whole lot less like biting people's heads off for calling during dinner (or JABB writing) to tell me which candidate to vote for or wishing to speak about my reproductive rights (my business and... my freaking business).  :-)  Less wanting to bite people's heads off... more time for JABB.  Yay!

Anyhow, so herein I try to work out the last of my electoral season angst.  My apologies to those not in the U.S. for whom this probably seems a little off.  Then again, ya'll probably have your own elections at various points and deal with the same junk.  So maybe you can relate!  Actually... this probly seems loopy to everyone.  Myself included.  Ha!

Also, no easter egg this time.  It's just been one of those days!  Take care!

God bless,


Okay, so this is *completely* tongue-in-cheek.  People gotta do what they feel is right but I really don't think it's appropriate to vote for fictional characters.  I, for one, will definitely not be voting for Andrew.  But it is tempting to think about...

Reasons Andrew Should Be President

1.  He has military experience... possibly dating to as far back as the Trojan War.

2.  He looks super handsome in a suit and tie.

3.  He could finally get to Paris during a diplomatic visit.

4.  Forget about pondering "What would Lincoln do?"  Andrew could just go ask him.

5.  Epic savings on presidential security.  No need for his Secret Service detail given he's, ya know, immortal.

6.  Actually, President Andrew should have a Secret Service agent: himself.  Cause HELLO!  Look to the left...  Swoon!

7.  He is super cute when slightly bratty so those debates just might actually be watchable for a change.

8.  Three words: Vice President Adam.  Best looking ticket ever!

9.  We would all be much more politically informed from watching every presidential press conference, speech, and public appearance because that's what we do: watch Andrew.

10.  Who doesn't want to have a leader who can glow?

11.  No more war!  We'd just send the president to war zones to catch bullets and crush guns with his bare hands.  I can dream...

12.  Andrew would NEVER utter some of the asinine things that have gotten bandied about of late.  In fact, President Andrew would send Secretary of Attitude, Tess, around to give politicians who say insensitive things the Look.

Reasons Andrew Should NOT Be President

1.  The unfortunate soul on Saturday Night Live who would be chosen to parody President Andrew would be regularly heckled by angry Dyelanders.

2.  No first lady...  Who the heck is going to give a tour of the White House's Christmas decor?!?!

3.  Negative political ads from Andrew's opponents would lead to widespread bashing of TVs and computers with baseball bats from, you guessed it, the Dyelanders.

4.  If people agonize over whether a president is a U.S. citizen or not, I'm not sure they're ready for one who's not even human...

5.  Do we really want him spending that much time around... gulp... politicians???

6.  If there's no such thing as an American angel... pretty sure there's not supposed to be any such thing as an American president angel. 

7.  Pretty sure the partisan bickering would make Andrew cry...  :-(

8.  I really don't want to have to rain mental curses upon Andrew after receiving a robo-call of him pestering me during all hours of the day.

9.  He'd probably give all other world leaders an inferiority complex due to not being a near-perfect and absolutely gorgeous messenger of God.

10.  He's a car thief.  Just ask Tess.

11.  Andrew is far too awesome to belong to just one country!

12.  Presidents are only for 4-8 years... AODs are forever.

I'm dedicating this issue to John for being a leader in the best sense of the word.  He was exactly the sort who John Quincy Adams described.  John didn't hold office.  He didn't pester everyone to support him and his causes.  But when he saw someone in need, he helped.  When asked what people could do for him, he asked them to help someone in need.  He led with compassion.  And I would have let him robo-call me any time...


JABB 369

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