“Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts.
The person who makes a success of living is the one who
sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly.
That is dedication.” ~~ Cecil B. De Mille

Hi all,

Happy anniversary!!!  Fourteen years!  So hard to believe in some ways!  In other ways... yeah, it seems like fourteen years.  ;-)  Anyhow, you'll read more from me in a bit so I'm keeping this introduction short.  Just a heads up that there's not an easter egg in this one so don't bother looking.  You'll find a quiz below and I figured the folks who look for easter eggs would be hunting for those answers so I'd leave it at that.  Enjoy!

God bless,

14th Anniversary Messages

I would be glad to say something to the effect that I have been a member for over 2 years and have really enjoyed JABB.  I have found a lot of comfort from JABB through times of my own illness when I was more home bound and also when we went through the tragedy of losing John. It was comforting to share this with other fans of his.  Jenni,  I am appreciative of all of the work you have put into JABB and am so glad you have created this space for John's fans.

Thank you,

*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*

Well... what a ride it's been!  I sometimes wonder, if I could go back to 1998 and tell myself all that was coming, would I have helped start JABB?  I think the most honest answer is "No..."  That would have been an awful lot to expect a 15 year old to agree to.  And I know myself at fifteen would have been crushed to know John would die so young.  So I couldn't have faulted the girl for running clear in the other direction.  However, I'm glad I didn't know and I'm glad I didn't bail. 

For every tough time, there has been an incredible blessing... or two... or three.  I may have had two co-founders and two
co-presidents completely disappear on me but I've also made far many more really great friends whose current locations I actually know.  ;-)  There have been the frustrations brought on by crashed web sites and fried computers.  But I've also learned how to create web pages, how to take screen shots, and how to do a nifty home eye test. (Go to old JABB web pages... if you can no longer read them, go to an Ophthalmologist.  ;-)  I've cried more than I thought it was possible to cry.  In the span of JABB's run, I have lost three grandparents, friends, teachers, and pets.  And, together, we mourned John.  Sometimes I still can't wrap my mind around linking those two words: "mourned" and "John."  I think if he were here, he just might direct me to focus my attention on another word in that sentence: together.  Because whether it was the good times or the bad times or the so-so times, we've faced them together.  We shared our grief over John together but we also celebrated his life and his legacy.  We supported each other in our personal times of sorrow and celebrated our milestones and successes.  And who knows but that our little circle of "together" hasn't now grown by one?  I'd like to think that our love and admiration can reach Heaven.  And if it can... and I believe it does... then I bet there's some love coming our way, too.  From God, of course, but also from the guy who brought us all together.

That being said... I will continue to hope that John does not have access to the earlier newsletters.  He so does not need to know about the antics of Chiwawa or the secret life of his hair...  ;-)

God bless and love,

JABB History Quiz

So...  As much as I wish we could all have a party together to celebrate our 14th anniversary, this newsletter is the best I can do!  But that doesn't mean we can't have a party game.  So I've compiled twenty questions about JABB's history.  The person who correctly answers the most will get a prize.  There will be a tie-breaker if need be.  Send your answers to me at jenni@onthisside.net.  The deadline is July 27th at noon Central time.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask though I may not answer them if I feel they are too leading.  If I do choose to answer them, I will post the question and answer on this web page so everyone can have access to the information.  This contest is only open to JABB members.  If you stumbled upon this page, well, you could always join us.  ;-)  Thanks and good luck!

1.  List the first names of the four JABB co-founders.

2.  Many people know that the passenger seat in a car is called "shotgun."  However, the Dyelanders also have a special name for riding in the seat behind the driver.  What is it?

3.  What is the name of Andrew's dog?

4.  Name one of the holidays that we've made up in the course of JABB's run.

5.  What is the full name of JABB's old, furry mascot?

6.  Name one of the four companies that served as JABB's web host through the years.

7.  Andrew has a house in Dyeland City.  What is it named?

8.  What is the name of the vehicle Andrew received from the Father in a JABB story?

9.  This TBAA angel doubles as Dyeland's postman.

10.  Explain the meaning of the term "button forgetfulness."

11.  Explain the difference between the terms Andrewiffic, Andrewesque, and Andrewish.

12.  According to JABB's Dyeland timeline, Andrew was a pub keeper in Philadelphia in July 1776.  Which two U.S. Founding Fathers did he serve?

13.  In one of our stories, we saw to it that Andrew got a new pocket watch after he gave his to Monica following their last assignment together.  What message is engraved inside that pocket watch?

14.  When left with the responsibility of filming and producing the annual Valentine's documentary in 2009, what Randy Newman song did Andrew choose to score the finale montage with?

15.  What is the name of the group JABBers can join and then earn badges for by completing John-related tasks?

16.  Why is September 20th significant to JABB?

17.  What was the very first piece that we ever wrote for JABB?

18.  With what newsletter did we first start incorporating easter eggs? 

19.  Name one of any of the surnames Andrew has ever adopted in a JABB story.

20.  What was the first TBAA episode to be featured on our TBAA Episode Guide?

This newsletter is dedicated to, well, John's dedication.  He cared about his work and he cared about making a difference in this world.  Because of that, it's been quite easy to find enough inspiration to keep JABB going for fourteen years (and counting!).  I really can't imagine ever doing something like this for another actor.  John was truly someone special.  It's been an honor to celebrate his life and work for all these years. 


JABB 361

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