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Seasons Greetings to all of our members! We hope you have a great Christmas, Kwanzaa, and other special holidays. During this blessed time we hope your days are filled with joy, love, great company, and of course laughter which we hope this issue brings you!

Audrey and Jenni

PS Just think the next time you hear from us will be in 2000!

(PPS I'd like to apologize for sending this so late, but with Christmas and all, things have been hectic!! Hope you enjoy!)

A Few Messages:

First, those at the JABB YahooGroup (which btw we'd love to have you all join) have written a special message for the TBAAngel Christmas page. You can view the message at (no longer available). Also, I (Jenni) apologize because the birthday card has been having some problems but I'm working on presenting it in a way other than attachments. Once I get it up and running I'll let all of you who missed it know so you can see it, better late than never I suppose. Lastly, a few issues ago we presented some badges people could earn. I have had a few inquiries about how to get credit for those so I wanted to clarify that you have to email me with your work and I will then send the badges as an attachment or put it on a webpage for you. Okay that's enough of that! On to the issue!

Get Your Gifts Here!!!!

It is JABB's sincere wish that each and every one of you is finished with your holiday gift shopping. After all it is Christmas Eve. However, if you still have shopping to do, JABB would like to introduce it's 24 hour home shopping network, featuring the ever so original title: JABB-The Home Shopping Network. Here's a sampling of this fine merchandise for that special Androoler in your life and, well, for you too!:

JABB's Limited Edition Drool Buckets- Androoling will never be the same again with these high class buckets made from your choice of fine metals including silver, gold, bronze, platinum and more! And for those late night Andrew-watching fans? We offer the glow-in-the dark model so you can end those late night rushes to find your bucket. Every bucket features a picture of our beloved Angel Boy and also comes with its own clean up kit. For an added bonus get a favorite Andrew quote engraved on the bucket!

Watch With Me Chiwawa- Tired of watching TBAA all by your lonesome? Well with Watch With Me Chiwawa you will never have to be lonely again! This adorable animatronic pet come complete with commands for every single TBAA episode. Simply set him in front of your screen, insert the tape corresponding with the episode you are watching and enjoy as Chiwawa interacts with the show! Also when Andrew walks on the screen Chiwawa will perform the famous "Andrew Actually Gets Screentime Dance." Order now!

Y2K Kit- Yes, we've been assured that Y2K will not be a major problem but why take any chances? This kit offers the essentials for every Androoler in case the worst happens. The kit includes:

A. A Power generator- Hey if power goes bye-bye how we gonna watch TBAA!?!

B. Videos- Every single TBAA episode, all of John's movies, and his interviews.

C. Candles- True you can get candles at any local store but not these kind! These candles are made especially for JABB members and play the TBAA theme song and Johnny Angel when burning.

D. Telepathic Connections- In the event computers have problems and we won't be able to chat about Andrew and John you can tap into the power of telepathy to talk with other JABBers all over the world. (Okay, okay so maybe you can't give people telepathy but hey wouldn't that be fun?)

A Very Andrew Holiday CD- For a special holiday treat you can purchase this CD featuring hits from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Garth Brooks, Bette Midler and many more. Okay maybe not but you can hear Audrey, Jenni, and Chiwawa singing their famous hits: I Saw Andrew Kissing No One cause He's an Angel, I Saw Three Angels, We Three Obsessed Fans, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman cause We Want to Watch TBAA Now and You're Hogging the TV, and more!

The Angelic Trio Dolls- What? Barbie and Ken aren't speaking to each other!?!? Skipper has run away!?!? Not to worry! With these special edition TBAA dolls Tess, Monica, and of course Andrew can lend help with their heavenly presence. And with the touch of a button you can give the angels a heavenly glow that will amaze Barbie and Co.! Oh and Andrew does have actual hair, it's not painted on.

The Conclusion of The Journey

The two girls walked through a door to find a beautiful mountain covered with a white powdery substance they could not identify below their feet. It was not icing or sugar as they had expected but a cold substance Werdna identified as 'snow'. The landscape confused the girls.

"This is nothing like back home," Innej said. "Where are we?"

"I don't know," answered Yerdua. "Werdna?" She looked for their new travel companion only to see empty space around them. "This is weird."

"What are we supposed to do now?"

"I don't know. Let's look around. He couldn't have gone far."

The two girls slowly made their way down the mountain they appeared on. They walked and walked until they reached a small town. It was a town like none they'd ever seen before. Superficial differences aside, the place confused them. There was snow on the ground, lights on the roofs, and stars in the sky. It was Christmas time, they were sure, but the magic they'd come to cherish had vanished. Children roamed the streets in rags, while other families celebrated the season before a toasty fire.

"I don't get it," said Innej with a look of confusion upon her face. "Why are those children out running around? It's freezing out here!" Innej pulled her coat tight around her body as a frigid breeze blew by.

"Why don't their parents call them in or tell them to put a jacket on?" questioned Yerdua.

"Because," said Werdna suddenly reappearing out of no where, "they have no parents and no home."

"I don't get it," Innej said again. "If they have no family and no home, why aren't the other families offering their homes as refuge? No one should be out on a cold night like this." As she spoke bewilderment covered her facade.

"You see," began their companion, " this place is not what you're used to. Certain things just don't exist here. The peace you're used to?" He was interrupted by a young boy not more than twelve years of age. The boy ran quickly down the street with a wad of cash clenched in his fist. A shopkeeper not but three stores away was running after him but stopped unable to move quickly in the frosty December night. "Bah Humbug!" screamed the man.

"What was that all about?" inquired Yerdua. "What's going on?" As she looked to Werdna for answers, she began to feel a strange longing for the home she'd left behind.

"What you just witnessed is a robbery."

"We've heard of those, but only in fairy tales."

"If he needed something, why didn't he just ask? Why did he steal that money?" asked Innej.

"There are many reasons why people do things. I cannot condone their actions. No one can propose reasons that can make such behavior acceptable. As I was trying to tell you earlier, this is not like the place you're used to, the home you knew; but it is just as real. This is actually the very place your home is, only *many* years later. The dreams you want for me to make come true for you?  I can do it. Let me warn you though," as Werdna spoke the world they'd discovered vanished and they were back in their home lands, "be careful what you wish for. Dreams come true, but is it worth it?"

"I think I understand," began Yerdua. "We dream of wonderful places and things besides what we have."

"...when what we have is what we should be dreaming of," finished Innej. "You showed us that many other places exist that may not be as good as what we have..."

"...or maybe even better places," continued Yerdua, "but what matters most is what we have and how we cherish it."

"So, what dreams did you want me to make come true for you?" inquired Werdna.

"I think we have all the answered prayer and dreams we need," came the reply. With that, the two girls walked joyfully back home. They turned to wave bye to Werdna, but he and his mysterious home had vanished.


Newsletter 37