"If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if the simplest things of nature
have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive."
~~ Eleanora Duse

Hi all,

Big news!  Of course, some of you already know it but that doesn't make it any less exciting!  It's been 4 years, 5 months, and 2 days since Touched's fourth season (well, the second half) came out on DVD.  We've been waiting a long time for Season 5 and...  The wait is nearly over!  On July 24th, Season 5 will be released in its entirely on DVD!  Check your favorite online merchants for pre-order opportunities or be ready to storm the nearest brick and mortar store.  :-)

So... this newsletter serves as a celebration of TBAA's 5th season.  Enjoy!  It's shorter than usual cause I've been completely wired since the news broke so sitting at the puter for long periods ain't happening.

God bless,

Top Twenty Reasons I'm Excited for the Fifth Season DVDs!!!
(because ten was too few!)

20.  I was able to send Paramount Home Video a thank you email as opposed to a desperate-sounding plea.  :-)

19.  Now we can start praying and writing letters/emails about Season 6.  Yay!!!  Hope!

18.  If ya buy from a brick and mortar store, you might have the opportunity to visit with the cashier or fellow shoppers about the awesomeness that is Andrew and TBAA and lovely, lovely John.  I'm looking forward to it!!!

17.  Andrew in that lovely field from "I Do" is gonna look even more devastatingly handsome when the colors really pop on DVD.  Swoon...

16.  We can watch "Beautiful Dreamer" over and over and over again!!!  Love those sideburns!

15.  I'll be able to see the first few seconds of "Vengeance is Mine" for the first time in a good long time since my VCR malfunctioned back when it first aired.  Yes, I know it's just a few seconds but John's in those few seconds!!!

14.  We'll be able to watch John's hair grow out in digital quality.  :-)

13.  When I peruse my DVD collection, it'll be another opportunity to see John's lovely, lovely face.  This is especially true since the cover art shows all three of the leads on the spine.  Yay!!!!!

12.  I can re-do the 5th season on the TBAA Photo Gallery so I'll never, ever again have to PhotoShop out a ridiculous Hallmark logo whenever I want to use a Season 5 photo.  Take that, stupid dancing turkey logo!!!  You woulda annoyed even Adam!

11.  Andrew and baby Lily!!!  In crystal-clear quality!!!  Sans logo!  (Okay, can ya tell I'm really irritated by Hallmark's logos?  I mean seriously... They're honking sometimes!)

10.  Frankly, I'm just happy with the idea that the TBAA Photo Gallery isn't really done.  I mean I liked having that feeling of completeness and it does take a lot of time but... I missed working on it.  And it made me reluctant to start (and then finish) new galleries.  Cause I just don't wanna be done with the entire Photo Gallery.  Now I feel better about it!  I'm sure by July 24th, I'll add at least a couple other galleries for John's projects cause now I feel less torn.

9.  I'll no longer have to feel paranoid about the VHSes I've had since 1998 breaking in the VCR.  You'll all no longer have to worry about reading a psycho-sounding newsletter in which I rail at my VCR and bemoan an ancient VHS.

8.  No more having to wonder about if any scenes were cut by Hallmark.  It'll all be there!  Like...

7.  One scene we'll all be able to enjoy again is Andrew's touching visit with Haley in "On Edge."

6.  Come July 24th, everyone can see Andrew hitch-hiking in "Fool for Love" again!  Doesn't matter that THC cut it!  Doesn't matter that it's super brief!  Who doesn't love day-dreaming about a hitch-hiking Andrew and how you might pass him and then you could pick him up and ride off into the sunset and live out your days on the beach in a cabin with him and your two adopted children, Moonbeam and Starshine, and...  Wait...  I think that's my Doc Hock hitch-hiking day dream.  Oops.  Moving on...

5.  You'll all get the opportunity to talk me down (again!) when I freak out and start screaming at Monica after she kicks dirt on Andrew in "Only Connect."  Okay, so that may be the only reason you're all dreading the days following July 24th.  But it'll be a nice release for me.  ;-)  Monica's clearly a brat and a jerk (at least sometimes...) and needs anger management classes, by the way.

4.  Okay, a serious one.  After recently purchasing The Perfect Weapon which was the only John film that's been released that I did not yet own, I got sad thinking that it was quite possible I could never again ask for a John project for my birthday or Christmas... something I've done quite often.  Well, July 24th is my birthday.  And guess what I'll be asking for? 

3.  All right, another serious one...  I think the biggest reason I'm most happy about this is because it means a return to hope.  I have to admit that I'd pretty well given up hope on the rest of TBAA coming out.  Now not only do I know that S5 is coming, I'm also hopeful that S6 will follow.  And I love having that feeling back and seeing hope come alive again in my friends.

Or maybe the biggest reason, for me, is that I see this DVD release as proof that in an entertainment culture dominated by vampires and battles to the death and explosions and crude humor... there is still a place for angels.

Okay, I lied.  I think the actual biggest reason I'm excited about this release is because it's another opportunity for John's dream to come true.  When the series was ending, he talked about how children would learn about God's love from TBAA for years and years to come.  Now there will be even greater chance of that happening.  I really believe this release may snag new fans or re-awaken old ones.  And they'll pop in a DVD and hear that voice we love so much say "God loves you." 

This newsletter is dedicated to John's work in Season 5 of TBAA, naturally.  He made us laugh as he coped with the directionally challenged Phil in "Family Business."  He made us cry with that ancient line with so much significance behind it in "Psalm 151."  And if you're like me, he made you really, really want a time machine in "Beautiful Dreamer" cause Angel Boy needed a hug!  I am so looking forward to once again watching all the Season 5 episodes and remembering why, as a junior in high school, I carried John's photo in my purse every day.  Perhaps second only to 2011-12, 1998-99 was when I needed John the most.  And, through TBAA, he was always there. 


JABB 355

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