"Grief is great. Let us be good to one another."
--Aslan in C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Hi all,

I wrote the sonnets below circa 2004 and the intro some years later.  I've been hanging onto both for a while now.  I wanted to have Season 9 photos to illustrate this.  But I was also saving it for an emergency... a time when JABB was due but I wasn't necessarily in a good place to write it.  So that's where I am now.

As many if not all of you no doubt know, John's mother, Lynn Dye, passed away last week.  I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person but I will dearly miss her friendship and encouragement.  So I'm taking some time to reflect and remember and celebrate and think up ways to help uphold Lynn's legacy as we continue to do the same for John.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this... a look back at a wonderful year in the work of John.

May peace be with you all,


Hi all,

It's time yet again to look back on the show that brought us together.  And it's also time to wrap up the series of poems and songs I wrote for each of Andrew's eight seasons on TBAA.  To recap, previous installments can be found in these issues: N143 Season Two, N151 Season Three, N158 Season Four, N170 Season Five, N175 Season Six, N70 Season Seven, and N338 Season Eight.  Just a lil note, I'm pretty sure I cried when I wrote the four sonnets you see below.  So if you cry... it's okay.  Just go watch TBAA, eat something yummy, and empty out the Kleenex box!

God bless,

Sonnets for a Final Season

Seven years, Andrew, have we spent with thee
Now comes the last and blessed eighth
You took a lady Home, her husband to see
You encouraged a man to trust and have faith
You heard in alarm of how Monique drove away
And you worried over Gloria's shakable heart
You reunited a mother with her child one day
You needed time out, Gloria gave you a start
You walked the labyrinth, heard your Father call
And you finished the job you were sent to do
Then you talked Scott down from off the wall
Made him think about what it'd do to people he knew
Only a few months now before we say good bye
Then you'll walk away, my friend, and we'll try not to cry

You met a young girl embarrassed by her mother
You told her status will never be as important as love
A heartbreak came, it tested your love for each other
But Tess came through and you all went back Above
Christmas came to a shop that would never be the same
You brought them Joshua's watch, it comforted his son
We learned it was from there your own watch came
You reunited a family before your next case was done
You and Adam teamed up to help two men reunite
Then into the light you took their beloved mentor
You urged another two brothers to give up their fight
You told them there's no time for hate any more
Our time together is quickly drawing to a close
But you won't be forgotten, Heaven knows

In a restaurant you spent Valentine's Day
Four couples were together by the evening
You and Monica led an angel back to Yahweh
You helped a girl about to lose her gift of singing
Then you mourned for the old Earth you knew
Gold fields, green trees, blue lakes you no longer saw
Humans had changed the Earth, so had they you
One example was a young boy who'd broken the law
You defended him though the victim broke your heart
You were there as a theatre company bid farewell
You didn't know soon your own good byes would start
Gonna walk Audrey down the aisle but there's no wedding bell
Eight years have gone by, none of us wanted them to end
But we'll gather together for one last night, my friend.

One more assignment to finish with those you love
The Father comes, leads His beloved children Home
Angels meet in a field where we first saw the dove
Minutes tick by, for Monica it's time to say shalom
How do you say good bye after all this time?
How can you think as memories flood your mind?
She saw you at your worst, saw you as a mime
She comforted when you cried, you got her out of a bind.
For a moment more she's with in your hold
Tell her you love her, then give her a gift
Into her hand you press your pocket watch of gold
Live in hope that maybe one day there'll be no rift
You touched people more than you ever knew
But we know and we will never forget our Andrew

This newsletter is dedicated to John's contentious and inspiring work for 7.5 years as Andrew.  By portraying an angel of death, John made it easier for us to let go of our fear of our own deaths.  However, it's what he did to help us with the grief we feel after the loss of a loved one that has meant the most to me.  May he and his "Lady" enjoy peace and joy forever more.  They are so, so missed but I know we will see them again and then there will be no parting ever, ever again.  God holds us all.


JABB 350

(Photo Credits: The photographs used on this page are from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions. They are not being used to seek profit.)