"One kind word can warm three winter months."
- Japanese Proverb

Hi all,

I hope you're not getting overwhelmed with holiday insanity and are able to sit back and relax and enjoy the season!

Here's what I came up with this week.  Had way, way too much fun with my graphics program.  And my caffeine stash.  :-)

God bless,

As many of you know, I am a hopeless caffeine fiend.  I just love coffee, tea, and cocoa.  And never is it more tempting than in the winter.  Over in Dyeland, my doppelganger shares that weakness.  It got me thinking...  Andrew now has at least two friends who are caffeine addicts.  We know he enjoys the occasional cup of black coffee or tea.  But what if, spending time with them and keeping up with his workload and active social life, he had a few too many...  How would that play out???

Things That Would Happen If Andrew Became a Caffeine Addict...

-Monica and JenniAnn would both be heard to comment "That boy seriously has a problem..."  Everyone else would be too horrified to point out that their saying that is rather like the espresso calling the latte black.

-Sam would be forced to reclaim his supervisor role with Andrew just to keep him from bouncing off the walls during assignments.

-Andrew's revelation scenes would begin to sound something like this "Hi!Hi!Hi!  My name is Andrew!  I'manangelsentbyGod!  Helovesyou!!!!  YAAAAAAY!  CanIuseyourrestroom???"

-Andrew's cell phone would be confiscated after he caffeine drunk dialed a few friends at 3 AM with discoveries like these...  "Adam!Adam!Adam! Did you know they show old ball games on this one cable channel!  ALL THE TIME!!!!" and "Lady BETH!!!!!!!!  It's 3 AM and I'm baking cookies!  Come have some!!!!

-Certain Dyelanders who are known to be a little clingy with Andrew would suffer from whiplash after clinging to him whilst he ran and jumped around hyper-actively.

-Andrew would decide an awesome way to use his abundance of energy would be to practice his drums in the middle of the night... He would then be thrown into the Dyeland pokey for disturbing the peace.  The Dyelanders would decide to forgo bail until the following morning cause they'd just need some sleep!

-Adam would become so desperate to get his buddy back to normal that he'd start devoting hours to trying to up the tryptophan levels in TLS in hopes it would counteract the caffeine.  After upping his own coffee intake in order to keep his late researching hours, Adam would wind up addicted to caffeine and so...

-Andrew and Adam would embark on careers as late night talk show personalities.  Andrew would be host, Adam his trusty sidekick, and a very concerned Gabriel would head up the house band.  Best... late... show... EVER!!!!

-Despite their annoyance, everyone would still really love Andrew and Adam so "The REAAALLLY Late Show with Andrew Last Name Withheld" would become a hit!  All the Dyelanders and Andrew's angel friends would start downing coffee and tea in order to stay up to see it.  Soon the whole of Dyeland and half the angels in Heaven would be java fiends.  This would lead to...

od would introduce the 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not over indulge in caffeine.  I thought I made this clear with the whole gluttony being bad thing but apparently you didn't get that.  So there.  It's official now.  Also, I really do love you."

-The fact that Andrew becoming a caffeine addict led to a slew of humans doing the same would necessitate the creation of the Department for the Prevention of Co-Dependent Angel-Human Relationships.  The new department would be headed up by Tess who would spend the entire first week of her new job just giving Andrew and Co. the Look.  You know the one...  ::shudders:

-A caffeine-addicted Dyelander would wake up after an epic sleep upon finally giving up the brew for a few hours and realize she dreamed this all because, after all, Andrew is way too considerate, lovely, and responsible to get addicted to caffeine and make a nuisance of himself.  Although said Dyelander would probably take a few moments to reflect on how adorable a hyper Andrew would be.  He would be! 

The above was brought to you by three large cups of coffee, three cups of chai, and a cocoa.  Also a fudge brownie.

And now it's time for one of our annual traditions... 

Gingerbread Andrews!!!

Okay, so usually I put the gingerbread Andrews on an easter egg page and make people hunt for em.  But I know folks are busy so this time I'm just inserting em right into the newsletter and not doing an easter egg this time.  For those who don't know, for years now I've been creating gingerbread Andrews featuring the cookie-version of our favorite AOD in costumes from beloved TBAA scenes.  But then I started to throw in some Dyeland stuff, too, cause, well... it's fun to imagine.  So let's see what Andrew's been up to this holiday season when he's not been out on assignments...

Here's Andrew preparing to put up Christmas lights.  And he has his hair in a ponytail.  And is doing something funky with his bangs.  Also, he's contemplating growing a beard.  ;-)

Here's a gingerbread rendering of Andrew at Rose's ugly Christmas sweater party.  Ugly never looked so cute!:

And... yes!  Andrew did decide to grow a beard whilst on assignment.  So here's him making a bemused expression upon returning to Dyeland and hearing something excessively flattering said to his glorious self:

And finally... Andrew reading a Christmas story to a couple of the kids.  Awww!!!

I wanna be in Dyeland!  :-)

This newsletter is dedicated John's lighthearted influence in our lives.  While his life and his work held out many profound and serious lessons; this is the man without whom I wouldn't have flannel-clad gingerbread men nor this web site nor a map of a made-up world nor countless friends.  Thanks, John, for the smiles and the laughter.  I raise this mug of chai to you!


JABB 344

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