"In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy. 
~~William Blake

Hi all,

Welcome to our second installment of holiday memories/traditions!  I hope you enjoy reading about Cindy's and mine and that, in the midst of all the chaos, you can find some time to relax and enjoy your own holiday traditions!

God bless,

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

From Cindy:

I watch OUAC and TUAC and I also watch Christmas eps of TBAA every year. My favorite ep's are An Angel on the Roof, and the one with Mark Twain... It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (I think) ...but, I also like the two about 9-ll  A Winter Carol and The Christmas Watch.  I make sure I watch some of those if not all of them.  I also really do like the Roma Downey Christmas movie, Borrowed Hearts...and I watch it too.  And, I make Christmas ornaments every year for close friends and family...and they are round, and I always think of John and how he liked to "collect" spheres...altho I know that's not what he meant...still...

My new traditions will be making more of my "sphere" ornaments, and lighting a candle for John. 

But the biggest thing is, I'm definitely going to be more aware of ways to pay it forward and do random acts of kindness. And, I'm going to do more volunteer work.

Celebrating John's life and his impact on us.

From Jenni:

As with much of my life post-1996, John has certainly worked his way into my holiday traditions.

Every year I watch as many of the TBAA Christmas episodes as possible.  Due to my made-up "TBAA viewing rules" in which I can't watch past the episode most recently covered in the Episode Guide, I haven't been able to watch all 9 for quite some time.  But this year... finally... I can watch from "Fear Not!" to "The Christmas Watch."  Bu
t my John-starring holiday TV viewing doesn't end there.  Inevitably, I will find myself watching OUAC and sometimes TUAC, too.  And this year I think I'm gonna have to throw ToD's "Green Christmas" into the mix just so I can strain to hear John sing.  Already for Thanksgiving I made sure to watch "Thanks for the Memories."  It's just not Thanksgiving til Doc Hock does his turkey impression!  It doesn't stop with Christmas, either.  I'll watch "Millennium" for New Year's and then end the holiday season on January 6th with the "One That Got Away."  January 6th, 2012 will mark 16 years since Andrew first showed up in our living rooms.  I know I'll cry when I watch.  But the whole time I'm gonna be thanking God for the 16 years I was aware of John, for the 28 years I got to share the planet with him, and for the nearly 48 years he spent on Earth.  As I watch each of these projects this year, I intend to work on my "Pay It Forward" projects.

Of course, my traditions don't stop with TV viewing!  Every year I put up the "Dyeland Christmas tree" which by now has morphed more into the "Dyeland/JABB/John/TBAA Christmas tree."  From its branches hang doves, gingerbread Andrews, ornaments given to me by JABBers, and all sorts of decorations that remind me of John and what it's meant to be his fan.  It was bittersweet when I put it up this year, of course.  But there was more joy than tears.  By chance, the first ornament I opened was a violin to represent "The Violin Lesson"... the first episode in which I truly began to love John's portrayal of Andrew.  Also coincidentally (and you know what they say about coincidences...), the last ornament I opened was a gingerbread Andrew dressed to look like he did in TVL.  I like to think it was a sign that what began 15 Christmases ago continues still.  John's still with us: inspiring us to treat everyone with respect and love.

Finally, every Christmas for a number of years I've written a special story for JABB.  Usually I pepper them with references to famous holiday carols, films, stories, etc.  This year there will still be some of that.  However, I'm taking a bit more serious route... but one I hope brings comfort and joy to you all.  Sometimes... when Christmas can seem a little difficult... it helps to go back to the story that started it all and rest in the peace and love of the Storyteller.  So that is what I intend to do. 

Peace and joy to you all,

This newsl
etter is dedicated to John's ability to make us giggle as Doc Hock does his lil "Jingle Bells" jig and to make us smile as Bills woos Santa's daughter and to bring us peace and hope as Andrew leads a young man Home.  From Tour of Duty to Once/Twice Upon a Christmas to "The Violin Lesson" and beyond, John gave us all treasured holiday memories.


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