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Hi everyone! Firstly, we'd like to wish all of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not we hope each of you has been blessed with many things to be grateful for.




Hi im Janet and I live in Wa State...I collect angels and teddybears... I am 28 yrs old and i am a medical biller.... I absolutely love touched by an angel the show.... John is so adoreable and Roma and Della are great too.... I have Roma's healing heart cd and the show's cd... and I am getting the christmas cd also.... I also like the show 7th Heaven too... but tbaa is my fave thanks

Top Ten Reasons Andrew Loves Thanksgiving

10. All he can eat yams.

9. After he takes the turkey "home," he gets to watch Monica and Tess eat it.

8. He can dress Monica as a Pilgrim.

7. As the weather gets colder Monica will of course be frequenting the cappachino machine. It can be really fun to watch a friend under the effects of way too much caffeine.......

6. It's NOT Halloween!

5. He can wear that leather jacket and not burn up.

4. Androolers will be too busy enjoying a hardy Thanksgiving meal with their own families, they will not be so ready to exploit Andrew. (not to mention too full!)

3. Since there are no official Thanksgiving carols Monica won't feel the need to sing.

2. Instead of evil, taunting, smiling jack-o-lanterns the only pumpkins in sight have been turned into pies.

1. With a little skill and time cranberry sauce can bear a striking resemblance the Eiffel Tower of his beloved France.

Dye Scouts

Okay, after the feedback we got about the Dye School issue we decided JABB would start another program. In a way reminiscent of Girl Scouts JABB will present cyber badges to those who participate in the following activities. If interest is evident we will continue to add more badges to the list. Those who earn a badge may either put it on their own personal homepages or Jenni will be setting up very simple webpages that will list your name and what you've earned. If you would like any more information on this please email JenniHere we go.......

To receive the badge you must complete 2 of the 3 activities listed.  [Update: Now only 1 activity is required.  Click on Dye Scouts for more information.]

1. History:

A: Write a fanfic set in a historical period featuring Andrew.

B. Find 3 historical figures with the names Andrew or John in theirs. For instance a name like Johnson or Andrews is okay. Then give us a three or four sentence paragraph of information on these people.

C. Find three historical events that occurred on January 31st. John's birth cannot be one of them.

2. Perceptions

A. Find three poems (not written by you cause that'll be something else) or 3 songs' lyrics that deal with death. Send the poems or lyrics to us and show us how each views death.

B. Find a movie in which the AOD is mentioned or depicted. Give us a brief summary of the movie and how it views death.

C. Write us and tell us how you viewed death or the Angel of Death before John began playing Andrew and contrast it with your current thoughts (that is your post-Andrew thoughts).

3. Holidays

A. So we know Andrew hates Halloween. But what's his take on other holidays? Write a fanfic about Andrew set on any holiday. If the holiday is a bit misunderstood or not well known please give us a little information on it, too.

B. Invent your own holiday for John or Andrew. Give us the date you pick, its name, and the traditions and activities for that day.

C. The days of the week are named after gods. July is for Julius Caesar and August is for Caesar Augustus. Now it's your turn to make up a calendar! Come up with names of months and days dealing with John, Andrew, or TBAA.

4. Architecture*

A. Design headquarters for JABB.

B. Andrew's latest assignment has landed him on earth for an extended period of time. He needs a house! Design it for him.

C. Make a deluxe dog house for Chiwawa.

* If you have access to a scanner draw the structure and send us the picture. If not just describe it in vivid detail (we're talking details down to the carpet texture and the color schemes).

5. Spreading the Word

A. Think up 3 or more pro-Andrew slogans that would make people want to watch the show.

B. Imagine you have a limitless budget and have been given the task of getting John publicity. How would you do it?

C. Okay this one's gonna take a little activism. Write to talk shows, entertainment magazines, and columnists requesting that they feature John. You can also write to TBAA or a message board on the Internet telling how much you enjoy the show. You must write to at least 2 different places. As proof give us the address, email, or URL you used and either a copy of what you sent or a brief description.

6. Visions of Andrew

A. Take the lyrics or a song or a poem and dissect it and explain how it reminds you of Andrew or John.

B. Take 3 images and explain how they remind you of John or Andrew. Preferably we would like to see them but if that's not possible just explain them. The images can be abstract or concrete.

C. Answer these questions and explain your answers:

1. In John or Andrew were an animal what would he be?

2. What color comes to mind when you think of him?

3. If all you were to remember of Andrew were 5 snapshots from TBAA which would they be?

7. Clothes Make the Fan**

A. Imagine you wanted to show the world how much you loved John. Design the most outrageous outfit that just screams "obsessed fan."

B. Design a T-shirt for us JABB members.

C. Plot out Andrew's wardrobe for about 4 episodes. If you'd like add lil tidbits of info on what the storyline might be for the episodes.

**Like 4 these can be described or scanned.

Those are the first 7 badges of the Dye Scouts. Many more are on their way if interest is shown! Questions? Comments? Email Jenni.


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