“Wherever there is a human being,
there is an opportunity for a kindness.”
~~Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Hi all,

Welcome to what I'm sure must be the shortest JABB newsletter ever!  I'll explain why in a bit.

God bless,


Many of you probably already know but for those who don't I am very excited to report that the Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye site went live yesterday morning!  Please click here to access the site

This has been a truly wonderful experience for me and I know we're only just getting started!  Which is why I need to rest up.  Your nervous, excited, swoony, insomniac co-founder is going to take it easy for a bit so I can be ready to give my all to this endeavor.  Hence the shortness of this newsletter.  Things should be back on track with the newsletters by Halloween.  :-)

Before I go crash, though, I just wanted to say a special thank you to JABB.  Before JABB started, I didn't know HTML from MLA.  I didn't know the difference between a .bmp and a .jpg.  And I certainly didn't know what FTP was!  (Confession... I still don't know what an
y of those abbreviations stand for!)  But because we wanted a place to share our admiration for John Dye, I learned how to create web sites.  If not for that... well, I'd like to think Pay It Forward would still have come about cause so many, many people care deeply about John and furthering his legacy.  But without JABB I likely would not have been involved with the creation of the site.  And of all the things I've done in my life... PIF is one of the things I'm most proud to have had a hand in.  I don't have my college diploma hanging any where but you better believe I have stuff tied to the web site proudly displayed.

I feel so very blessed to be sharing this journey with all of you since it was JABB that started me on the path.  I feel blessed, too, to have had the opportunity to work with Tracey, Cindy, all of our helpers, and Mr. and Mrs. Dye.  There are so many amazing people in the world.  PIF happens to contain a strong group of em!

John, you mean the world to us.  This newsletter is dedicated to your ambition and dedication to change this world for the better.  We'll take up your mission and pray that our efforts make you smile.  May God, who holds us in His hands whether we live on this side or the Other, bless our efforts.



JABB 340

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