"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science."
~~ Albert Einstein

Hi all,

This week has been really crazy for me so we have another short issue.  But first I have a couple things I'd like to share with ya'll...

First, we're going to keep trying to think up ways to honor and emulate John's giving spirit.  And right now I think a really great way to do that is to support the American Red Cross in their relief efforts for those impacted by the myriad tornadoes and flooding conditions this season.  As a JABB member, if you give to the ARC, I would like to send you a lil token of thanks.  I don't need to know how much you gave.  I certainly don't need to see a receipt.  That's your business.  This is on the honor system.  So... if you've given, please feel free to contact me and I will send you this fleece bag filled with printed TBAA quotes:

It can be made in baby blue (pictured), dark green, or burgundy.  I thought it might be a nice way to remember how John has touched our lives and continues to inspire so much good.  For safety reasons, I must limit this to JABB members only.  Thank you. 

Second, I recently contacted the producer of one of John's earliest films, Mother, Mother.  Having seen it, I can say it's a wonderful, touching, beautifully done piece.  John is truly amazing in it.  Unfortunately, it is not available commercially.  However... I have exciting news!  Micki Dickoff, the producer, is trying to raise money to fund her current project, The Legacy: From Gary Graham to Shaka Sankofa.  If you give $50 or above, you can choose a DVD of Mother, Mother as your incentive.  There are a couple conditions:

1.  If their goal of $15,000 is not met; your money will be refunded.  You will be charged nothing at all.  However...
2.  The incentives will only be awarded *if* the goal is met.  So here's hoping they meet their goal by July 8th!

For more information, please visit the movie's fund raising website:

I think this is a really great way to support the arts, get an important story told, and, hopefully, get a chance to see a film that meant a lot to John Dye. 

And now simply...

God bless,

So... we all love Touched by an Angel.  Especially one certain angel...  Which got me thinking that if we'd somehow gotten access to the TBAA scripts... things mighta been a lot different.  Here are just a few ways episodes may have been altered...

Ways TBAA Would Be Different if We Were in Charge

1.  "My Dinner With Andrew" would have gone completely off track when we pooled our money, got the winning bid, and then tossed our lovely date on a plane to Paris so he could finally have that vacation.  We would, of course, join him.

2.  One of us (not saying who...) woulda socked Monica for snapping Andrew's suspenders (ouch!) in "Voice of an Angel."  Andrew then would have had to purchase an extra thermos due to needing to visit *two* jailed friends.

3.  The first act of "Angel of Death" would have found Eric in the hospital getting treated for a burst ear drum following one of Andrew's friends screeching "HE IS NOT CALLED ANDY AND IF YOU TOUCH HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE AGAIN YOU'LL BE SORRY, YOU CRETIN!" directly into his ear.

4.  "Stealing Hope" would have stretched on for 8 hours with our swoony selves, having infiltrated the poetry class, begging our studly professor to read poem after poem.

5.  "Venice" would have had a sequel which revolved entirely around Andrew spending time with the dogs and then adopting one... cause it still bugs certain individuals that he wanted one in "Random Acts" and never got one...  Andrew needed some puppy love! 
6.  "For Such a Time as This" would go on for many hours as we stretched the opening scene so we could watch Andrew taking pictures in the Sudan.  Very serious subject however he did look so fine with the camera in the desert.*

7.  "Holy of Holies" would definitely be extended as we watched Andrew in those awesome clothes and watched him prepare for his big adventure in the desert.*

8.  In "God Bless the Child," I believe we could make a whole movie out of Andrew, the very stunning piano player.  We would just have to watch and listen to him alone for several hours and while drinking orange juice with ginger ale!!!*

9.  In "Sign of the Dove" we would definitely be arrested for pushing Monica aside and all fighting to have our turn dancing off into oblivion with Andrew!*

10.  At some point during "The Journalist," Monica woulda gotten a stern lil talking to about not blowing off her friend's concern and letting his beautiful self flee a room crying.  But before that... we'd have all cuddled up to poor, weeping Andrew.

11.  We woulda taken the football away from Tess in "Til We Meet Again" and returned it to Andrew.  That boy looked cute and happy tossing it around.  No need to be a spoil sport, Tess! 

12.  "The Empty Chair" is set in Nebraska...  Therefore, a certain Nebraskan would have ever so calmly waited for Monica and Andrew to finish their assignment with the Baxters then enticed Monica to spend some time at Scooters (local coffee chain) and while she was distracted, ran off with Andrew to enjoy a lovely evening in the Old Market... dining at a candlelit table at the French Cafe... taking in the season-round Christmas decor at Tannenbaum... .watching Andrew light up with joy like a lil kid... then getting sucked into the neighboring fudge shoppe... jokingly trying on a buncha hippie garb at the antique shops... and sitting on the Gene Leahy Mall and watching the stars whilst reading poetry from a book we picked up at a second-hand bookstore...  Ahem.  Said Nebraskan would, of course, invite all of you along.  Promise.  ;-)

*Big thanks to Rebecca for supplying the starred ones!


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