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This week, Me (Lisa) and Tara (aka Lab Rat) are writing JABB for Jen and Aud. We both hope you enjoy this as much as we was pretty fun, especially giving Jen and Aud heart attacks because we couldn't figure out what we wanted to do until the last minute! So enjoy this week's JABB!!!


My name is Amanda & I'm 15 years old, will be 16 January 26 (5 days b/4 John Dye's). I live in Wilmington, NC (aka "Hurricane Alley"). I have several pets: a cat named Jazzy, a turtle named Turtledove, & a hamster named Mocha (Roma/Monica would be proud). I'm really into acting. I'm in drama and yesterday I went and auditioned for a Christmas play, I should know if I got a part by tomorrow (Monday, the 1st). My favorite actor is of course John Dye, and actress would be a tie between Roma Downey and Della Reese. I listen to country music, my Touched By An Angel cd, and my Roma Downey cd (which I LOVE)! My favorite tv show is none other than Touched By An Angel. I have just about every episode recorded. I also have Larry King live with the cast recorded.

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Admin. notes:

Just a quick note from Jenni. As I mentioned a few issues back I got a new program with which to make the birthday cards. I really like the card I'm using but it doesn't seem to work for some people. So I'm going to devise a different more accessible card for those that can't get the original card. However, if you would like to find out if your computer will work with the original card please email me and I will send you a test card.

Also, this is a reminder that JABB does have an email list for its members. I wanted to bring this up again since people still seem to be surprised when they find out we have a list. It's sponsored by Yahoogroups and if you would like to join or want some information on it let me, Jenni, know. Okay now on to Lisa and Tara's issue!


We are missing some of our JABBers in arms. We are wondering if they are with our Angel Boy. We need help. We cannot figure out for the death....ok...whatever! Anyway, we cannot figure out what has happened to them. We are seriously wondering if the FBI would even help us to locate them. Hmmm...I can just hear the conversation now....

"FBI, how may we help you?" (Ok, I know you probably can't just call up the FBI but hey! This is all in fun, what are they going to do? Arrest us???? )

"Yes, we believe some of our JABBers in arms have been kidnapped....or maybe better yet Angelnapped...can you help us?"

"'am...did you just say 'Angelnapped'?"

"Yes, why?"

"Ma'am, how can someone be 'Angelnapped'?"

"Ok, have you ever seen the show Touched By An Angel?"


"Good. Do you know who the Angel of Death is?"

"Yes, the cute guy, blond, good-looking...nice voice..."

"Umm...ok (she was breathing heavy so I had to cut her off! Although maybe I can recruit her....) anyway, have you ever heard of JABB?"

", I haven't heard of them. Are they a club or something?"

"YES! We are the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade!"

"Ok...what do you people do?"

"Well...we talk, drool, swoon, drool, cry, drool, laugh, drool, shed tears of joy when our beloved Angel Boy speaks, drool....get the idea?"

"Yes, I think I do. How do you go about joining this group?"

"Well, we are on the net at Then you will be with our lovely group."

"How much does it cost to join?"

"Absolutely nothing! You will have the joy of knowing that you are not alone drooling over our beloved Angel Boy."


"Ummm, now back to my original question, can the FBI help us find out if our members have been Angelnapped?"

"Oh, sorry...just the mention of that adorable Angel made my mind wander."

"Oh that's ok, we all have that problem. The great thing is that we can all understand too!"

"Cool! Anyway, the information we will need is the names, addresses and possibly the phone numbers of these people you think have been Angelnapped, although if the Angelboy took them, do you really think that they want to be found?"

"Good question. I don't know, but we need to make sure they are ok and if they are with our Angelboy, we need to know why they didn't tell us right away that they were with him! We do have to uphold some sort of standard here."

"Well, here is my private number #$*-$#@-&*%$. (Deleted for this girl's privacy! Who knows what you people would say to her!) Call me when you have all the information."

"Thank you so much. What did you say your name was again?"

"I didn't, but it's Jennie."

"Really? Oh wow! We have a member by that name....sometimes we tend to think she is involved with the FBI given half the stuff she finds out about our beloved Angelboy." (Hugs to Jennie! ) (Lady is laughing on the phone...sounds kinda evil to me, but hey, I am just writing this! )

"Well, you get back to me and I will be sure to check out that site and sign up once I get home tonight."

"Cool. You have a good day now ok?"

"Thank you, you too." (We hang up) we need this information JABBers! Help us to find our lost comrades in arms! If they are with our beloved Angelboy... all I gotta say is they are going to be in a lot of pain because they didn't tell us right away!

*Note: We have lost some of our JABBers. We have not *really* called the FBI... well, not yet anyway! But if you know where they are, please tell them that we miss them and are hoping that they would come back! We just want to know of anyone who would like to join or if someone, somehow, someway got unsubbed! Please don't email Jen & Aud that you want to help find them and how we go about contacting the FBI. This is all done in jest. (The FBI part that is! )

Lisa and Tara

The Story of the Missing

Episode of Touched by An Angel

Well, Tara and I decided to do a little investigating regarding the missing episode from last week. Since there were so many complaints about it not being on and all. Anyway, our first suspect (actually our only suspect, because this is the only one devious enough to try and get away with something like this. ) is Kiwi. So we decided to start by questioning Sara.

Tara: Where were you on the night of November 7th around 8pm?

Sara: At home watching JD, er I mean TV! I was watching JD on TV! Yes that's right!

Tara: Did you know that TBAA was missing last Sunday? About the same time you were watching TV?

Sara: No, I had this funny wee idea that the glow worm may have been missing, but as to the whole show, NO I did not!

Tara: How did you know that the glow worm may be missing?

Sara: And I might add, had nothing to do with it either.

Tara: And not the whole show?

Sara: Um, er, arrrrh, I take the fifth on that question. And so does he!

Tara: So does who?

Sara: Arrhhh, my friend, that's who!

Tara: And what is your friend's name? Now don't be afraid, I am a perfectly harmless policeman. If you tell me the truth. You can go home.

Sara: Pricilla, she's the queen of the desert. But also known as Dr. Franknfurter. And also Andrew for some strange reason. He's an electrician, makes these loverly bright lights ya know, truly amazing it is. Am I free to go now officer Fanny? Have you had your wicked way with me enough yet?

Tara: Nope. Still need to get your confession.

Sara: What confession? I didn't do it!!! It wasn't me!!! I'd check the Kiwi's bedroom, not mine.

Tara: Did you know that someone had spotted you near the TBAA studio on the night the show was missing?

Sara: Well, they do say everyone has an accomplice, I mean twin! It was my evil twin.

Tara: Why did you kidnap this show?

Sara: I didn't, it was my evil twin, we were separated at birth, I don't even know her, it wasn't me I tell you! Just ask John if you don't believe me! Whoops.

Tara: Tell you what. If I gave you 1 million dollars would you confess to me that you kidnapped the show for your own pleasure?

Sara: Nope, money don't keep me warm in bed at night. (Other comments deleted because of rating of this newspaper! )

This is how the interrogation goes. She keeps denying any wrong doing and blaming it on Kiwi. So we go out to find this Kiwi and interrogate her next. Stay tuned......

*Note: This is purely fiction. We do not, I repeat, DO NOT, suspect that Kiwi and/or Sara had anything to do with the missing episode from last week. We just really like to pick on Sara and Kiwi so we have to do something!!!! Any comments on our story we would like to hear them. You can email Lisa or Tara.

Tara and I will be doing the another JABB also. If anyone wants to do an issue of JABB do contact Jenni or Audrey and let them know! I know we have some good writers out there, so come on... let's see what ya all can come up with and give our fearless leaders (ok, ok, So I don't include Aud in that but I am trying to be nice here! ) a break for the holidays!

Lisa and Tara

**Note to Lori, any typos are *for once* NOT MY FAULT!!!!**


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