"A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out."
~~ George Bernard Shaw

Hi all,

Welcome  to Spring!!!  I hope you're all enjoying lovely weather.  If not, maybe you can read this newsletter and at least focus on something pleasant: Andrew's gentlemanly qualities.  :-)

I'm afraid I'm in for a crazy weekend, hence sending this now.  And it's short which is a welcome change.  :-)


God bless,

On the YG, we got to discussing how much of a gentleman Andrew generally was (brattiness in "The Sign of the Dove" aside :-).  This kindness and respect was exhibited so often, in so many ways on TBAA but we wondered how else Andrew might show his chivalric awesomeness.  Some of the following are based on actual experiences.  Names have been withheld to protect the not-so-gentlemanly.  ;-)

Ways Andrew Would Forever and
Always Exhibit Gentlemanly Behavior

From Jenni:

1.  If Andrew were driving someone around, he would NOT unlock the driver's door, get in, buckle up, and only *then* let the passenger in.  Andrew would, instead, likely open the passenger's door if they were a lady or a fellow who needed assistance, close the door only when he was sure all their bits and pieces were inside, and only then get himself situated.
2.  If Andrew were picking someone up, he would pull into a parking stall so they could get in calmly and comfortably... not make them run across traffic to dash into his car because he doesn't want to take the extra 20 seconds to pull in and pull back out.
3.  If Andrew were out walking with a lady and someone approached proselytizing, he would kindly listen to the person while also focused on the lady's comfort or lack thereof.  He would NOT dart into the nearest store and hide, leaving the lady on her own on the street.

4.  Though Andrew now owns a cell phone, he would always be polite when using it.  He would not yammer away on it while in a check-out lane, completely ignoring the cashier.  He would absolutely never use it in a restroom.  (I totally cringe when people do that.)  And he would never, ever use it while driving.  If an urgent call came in, he would pull over and *then* answer.

5.  Andrew would never start putting his hands all over a pregnant woman's stomach unless expressly given permission to do so.  Yes, feeling a baby kick is cool.  But Andrew would always put respect for the woman above that.

6.  Along those same lines, Andrew would never inundate people with personal questions like "When are you going to get married?!?!" or "When are you going to have a baby!?!"  Andrew, so often misunderstood himself, would have the utmost compassion for the poor souls being inundated with these questions and, when possible, likely find a way to remove them from the conversation if it got too troublesome and they looked wearied/sad.

7.  Andrew would always call folks by the name he was instructed to call them.  Detesting being called "Andy," Andrew would never further the sting by dubbing an Elizabeth as Liz or a Robert as Bob just cause he felt like it.

From Rebecca:

8.  Instead of rushing to get ahead of a lady going into a cafeteria type restaurant he would open the door for her and motion her in first.   Always a gentleman.
9.  If someone needed help in traffic (say needed to get in front of him in a heavy traffic), he would slow down, motion them over, wave, and not fuss about them being pushy.

From Cindy:

10.  Andrew would stand between a lady and anyone who could possibly be a threat to her...or who would make her uncomfortable.  He would also stand between her and the road or other dangerous area.

11.  Andrew would keep a hand on a lady's arm or back to help and guide her if she needed it while walking together. He would also give her his hand to help her up or down.

12.  Andrew opens doors, kisses hands or cheeks only, and does not touch in "the bikini zone"(-as we refer to good touch bad touch when teaching children at school about sexual abuse.)

13.  Andrew allows his date to order her own food, or he asks her what she'd like then places the order for her (the only date I ever walked out on chose my meal for me without asking me first).

Jenni again:

14.  I didn't want to end on 13.  :-)  So... Andrew would never, ever comment on what a lady was eating.  For example, he would never say "Do you know how many calories are in that?" or "Are you sure you maybe shouldn't get the half order instead?"  Because Andrew is a kind, considerate, loving gentleman... not some macho, superficial, Gaston-type.  Love the lovely angel...


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