"The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another,
until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt."

~ Frederick Buechner

Hi all,

As usual, the "State of..." addresses follow the Valentine's issue.  So since you're gonna be hearing from me again in just a moment, this intro is short.  :-)

God bless,

The State of the JABBers Address
by Jenni

Hello, everyone.  Often, before I can write these, I need to look back over the web pages and try to remember what was "newsworthy" from the prior twelve months.  Sadly, that wasn't necessary this time.  JABB changed forever on January 11th, 2011 when we found out that John Dye had passed away the previous day.  I'll be honest, during those first few days, even as I insisted that JABB would go on, the future felt pretty bleak for it.  Thankfully, I now feel like I was very wrong.  When we eventually relaunched the web site, you may have noticed that our logo changed.  It now reads "Remembering and celebrating the life and career of John Dye..."  With that now as our motto, I actually think JABB's future is more assured than it was even a year ago.  I'm not sure there was much longevity in top tens and goofy questions and answers.  But I know there's an endless list of ways to remember and celebrate John's life.  So that's what we're doing now.  We'll still have fun.  We'll still be goofy.  We'll still check in on the antics and agonies of Andrew and his many, many friends.  But every so often maybe we'll just pause and reflect.  Or maybe we'll highlight the causes that were important to John.  Please, bear with us as we find our way.  Because I know we will if we work together.  If there's something that would be helpful or meaningful to you to see here, don't be shy.  Let your fellow JABBers know.

I firmly believe God brought us here and kept us here for a reason.  There were so many, many times I nearly gave this all up but a seeming whisper from Heaven kept me from it.  I believe we have a purpose: to support each other, to enjoy creating and communicating with each other, and to continue the legacy of compassion and love that John left behind.  We so often wondered if he knew we were here and if he knew how much we appreciated him.  He does now.  He's with God and I believe that the God who created us in love would make sure His child knew how loved he was, is, and will always be by people who were blessed to spend some time on earth with him.  So let's go forward, trying to make John proud... and maybe make him chuckle a bit.  I'm sure they love to hear him laugh in Heaven just as much as we did on Earth!

While these past seven weeks have been alternately heartbreaking, inspiring, love-soaked, tear-drenched, shattering, and faith-building; I don't want to forget the months that proceeded.  There have been some really great things that came our way.  The JABB YG continues to have a lot of fun playing JABB Jeopardy.  I kinda thought that was a fad that would die out in a few weeks.  Not so much.  :-)  Now we're also enjoying the occasional round of 20 Questions.  All that on top of discussing such earth-shattering questions as "Does Andrew shave?," "Why is my dog so crazy?," "What's the deal with Monica in 'The Journalist'?", and "What do you think happened to Doc Hock?"  I have a really great time there and hope the rest of ya do, too!  Thank you for being such an amazing support and sounding board.  Those beloved lyrics "When you walk down the road, heavy burden, heavy load, I will rise and I will walk with you" apply to all of you as they do to our favorite angels.  I think God has really blessed us with something special!

As far as the web page, we've added a few new little pages including the Dyeland FAQ and Andrew's Historical Timeline.  I've expanded the Photo Gallery to include all of TBAA's Sixth Season, some photos from related specials, and I'm about halfway through the Seventh Season.  But, of course, our most important addition has been JABB Remembers and Celebrates the Life of John Dye.  That section of the site will not only serve as a permanent home to our tributes but also alert people to ways we are continuing John's charitable legacy.  Right now we're collecting food and other goods for the homeless.  You can access the tribute page at any time by clicking the dove on the top of many JABB pages.

And this month also brought us some much needed happy news: TBAA is back on the Hallmark Channel.  While it's not as good as having the show entirely on DVD, this gives many of us the chance to revisit favorite episodes and maybe even introduce new folks to the show.  While I have my qualms about THC's tendency to cut scenes, having the message of "God loves you" on TV in any form is a good thing. 

Finally, I've mentioned before how every year JABB seems to center around a particular theme.  This year, especially these past couple months, interconnectedness has been our theme.  Who, other than God, could have ever imagined that one man's life would touch so many people, bring hope to so many, and create friendships among people who are spread out all over the world?  Appreciation for John Dye is what initially connected us all.  I hope a joint commitment to remembering him and spreading the message of "God loves you" keeps us connected.  I also hope we always remember that connections made in love are not severed by death.  Andrew taught some of us that and reminded others of us.  Now, I hope the memory of the man who brought him to life will renew our hope that one day we will all come to a Home where we will always be connected to each other and the One who created us, sustains us, and loves us.  May God's peace be with you all and with the Dye family.

Thank you and God bless you all. 

The State of the Dyelanders Address
by Andrew

I'm especially grateful this year that I have the opportunity to speak to you all.  I know these past two months have been difficult ones for us.  But I want you all to know that I have never been more proud to consider each of you my friends.  The way you have reached out to each other and the things you have done to honor John inspire me and touch me.  I've often stood in amazement as I watched humans not only cope with loss but do so much to honor the memory of their loved one.  You've done that.  John inspired us all and I think it would make him very happy to know that inspiration has led to generosity and compassion.

I'm impressed by what you've all done and I feel blessed to be counted as the friend of people with such amazing dedication.  But I'm not surprised.  In the nearly eleven years I have been here in Dyeland, I have witnessed so many acts of kindness and love.  Beyond what I've recently witnessed, 2010 gave me several reasons to be glad the Father brought me to Dyeland.  When I last gave this address, I was still enjoying the warmth and joy I felt interviewing many of you for Valentine's.  Your support and unfailing love when I told you about my decision will never, ever be forgotten.  That you didn't cast me out after you all caught me in a sci-fi B movie back in April speaks very highly of each of you, you know.  Ribbit.  Then August found us sailing the Caribbean and celebrating Raquel's marriage to Nico.  That trip... wow.  I know we all had a wonderful time and I know I'm not the only one who feels like it really strengthened our friendships.  From the dancing to the dreadlocks to the sunsets to the iguanas to my fake tattoo; none of it would have been near as much fun with out you.

And then there was October and our time in West Hollow, Iowa.  Your encouraging words, your hugs, and simply knowing you were there for me made a very difficult assignment one that I can look back on with gratitude and immense love.  Each and every one of you are amazing,
wonderful people.  I thank the Father every day for you.  You're not only beloved friends to me but to each other.  Wherever I go, I carry that love with me.

Those were just a few of the bigger events in our lives together these past twelve months.  But there have also been the holiday celebrations, the games, the cooking lessons, the musical performances, the moments of much-needed conversation, a bunch of red velvet cakes and cookies, heartfelt letters that arrived just when this angel of death needed a kind word, and so much more.  I hope we all continue to fill each others' lives with laughter, affection, counsel, and love. 

I love each and every one of you.  God loves you.  I thank Him for His love and such loving friends.  Thank you.


JABB 322

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