“From small beginnings come great things.”

Hi all!

Welcome to the first JABB newsletter of 2011!  I hope you enjoy it and its shortness.  :-) 

But first... the Dye Day chat!  Right now I've not really thought much about it but I'm looking at Saturday, January 29th, at noon.  Typically we have one Friday night and one Saturday at noon but the Friday night one is typically not well attended.  So I'm thinking of just having the one on Saturday.  However, if anyone was really hoping to attend one on Friday night, let me know.  I'll have more specific details in JABB 318.

God bless,

So... we have a couple holidays to catch up on: New Year's and TOTGA Day!

To celebrate the first, Andrew was kind enough to provide us with his New Year's resolutions for the first time since 2008.  :-)

In 2011, Andrew resolves to...

1.  Have more fun.  Play more football, pull more pranks, laugh more.

2.  Convince Tess to give me my earring back.  I'm not going to wear it.  I'd just like to see it so I can remember my wilder and crazier days.  0;-)

3.  Get Eli to stop sending the Dyelanders photos of me with a mullet and/or wearing a leisure suit.  I was just trying to blend in, you know...

4.  Have more AOD Band and The Immortals concerts.  My drums are getting dusty and I miss the guys.

5.  Develop a greater tolerance to blush-inducing statements spoken by certain individuals.

6.  Always, always take advantage of the opportunity to tell my friends how much I care about them.

7.  Remember that being a friend means being there to listen to and support your friend when they need it *and* letting them help you.  Not just the first part.  And also that being a friend occasionally means turning a blind eye to flannel shirt theft. 

and finally...

8.  Continue to grow as an angel so I can do the best job possible of letting people know how much the Father loves them. 

And here's hoping he keeps em all!  Except maybe not that third one.  Or the fifth.  Those are just too much fun to let go!

And, as many of you know, January 6th is known as TOTGA Day around here.  It's the anniversary of the original air date for "The One that Got Away" which was Andrew's first episode.  To celebrate it, I put together this top ten list. 

As you may or may not know, the episode titles for Touched were not always clearly displayed after the opening credits.  That meant those of us who didn't have the Internet during the show's early days sometimes didn't know episode titles.  And if you were like me, that meant you made up your own titles.  For example, I still find myself thinking "Last Call" is actually named "A Single Miracle."  And for a while I knew "The One that Got Away" as "The Uninvited Guest."  My made up title for that momentous episode isn't particularly thrilling or inventive.  But what if I'd dubbed TOTGA something else... something a lil more original (and crazy long)???  Okay, so maybe they wound up more like tag lines...

Top Ten Alternate Titles/Tag Lines for "The One that Got Away"
10.  "Welcome, Andy!... er, We Mean Andrew"- Apparently Tess didn't get the "he doesn't like Andy" memo.

9.  "Wow.  Adam Really Had Some Work Done"- One would hope teenage me wasn't that stupid... 

8.  "Good Freaking Gosh, They Have a New AOD... Again!"- They did go through em pretty quickly...

7.  "The One with that Blonde Dude Who is Behaving Disturbingly Like Tess"- Friends-esque... and true, baby.  Also appropriate cause, in TOTGA, Andrew reminds me just a lil too much of Joey Tribiani.  How you doin'?  ;-)

6.  "TOTGA: The Episode TBAA Writers Will Forget in 4 Years"- I think at least one TBAA episode shoulda had a subtitle.  And why not this one which was so obviously forgotten by the time "Face on the Bar Room Floor" rolled around.  Grr.

5.  "The New Guy Has Sucky Shoes"- He does.  He really, really does.

4.  "Stay Tuned.  You Will Develop a Massive Crush on This Guy in a Year"- Truth in advertising, people!

3.  "Andrew's Last Scene is Way Too Prophetic"- Seriously.  The part where Monica looks out the train window and sees Andrew get smaller and smaller and further and further away...  Potent.

2.  "And You Thought Your High School Reunion was Bad..."- TBAA encouraged us to reflect on the blessings in life.  And surely "Well, my classmate didn't cause my best friend to commit suicide and then try to kill me..." is a real blessing.

1.  "Tess Sings, Monica Acts like a Sniveling Baby, Andrew Kisses Murderess"- A nice title/tag line that doubles as a synopsis... a very odd, concise synopsis.


JABB 318

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