"One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place."
~Emily Dickinson

Hi all,

Hey... so I'm *still* working on the next story that was supposed to make up this newsletter since it's set around Halloween.  But it's not done.  It's close but I didn't wanna rush it.  Thankfully, it's not sooo Halloween-centric that it'll seem stupid in two weeks.  At least I hope not!  Plus, it's quite serious.  And I think Halloween should be light and cheery!  Or at least goofily scary.  In any case, I threw this together instead.

I hope you all have a happy, fun, and safe Halloween! 

God bless,

So, Andrew's hatred of Halloween is pretty well documented.  But I happen to think that with the right influences, Andrew might come to see at least some fun in it!  Below are some costume ideas that I think even Andrew wouldn't mind having around!  If only we could really spend All Hallow's Eve with him...  Sigh...

Halloween Costumes that AODs Will Appreciate
10.  Be a glass of orange juice and get a friend to dress up as a bottle or can of ginger ale.  Or vice versa.  You'll definitely be popular with Andrew and Adam!
9.  The Four Seasons- Okay, so that's just what I'm being and I'd like to think the AODs would appreciate it...  And I needed 10 items for this list and ran outta ideas...  :-)
8.  Dress as yourself.  When an AOD asks what you're supposed to be say "Someone who thinks AODs are awesome."  Aww!  You made an AOD smile!  Yay you!
7.  A teddy bear- Cause they may need something cuddly to hug after putting up with all that "death is scary!" propaganda. 
6.  Andrew, Adam, or Henry- Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
5.  Angel- They will especially enjoy when you turn on your overhead flashlight and tell them "God loves you!"  Cause they need to hear it, too.
4.  Blue Oyster Cult- A group costume.  Sure, you could just dress up as rockers.  But why not be inventive?  Get yourself some blue oyster costumes and then be sure to stay in a tight, kinda creepy looking group.  Randomly burst into the chorus of "Don't Fear the Reaper."
3.  Anything that doesn't look like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen- If Adam was worried about Monica's strapless dress in "Fallen Angela," I'm pretty sure most of the women's Halloween costumes the stores are peddling will give him whatever the angelic equivalent of a coronary is.  So yay for fabric!
2.  A wall- If you wind up trick-or-treating with any of the AODs, you can just keep a few steps in front of them and run ahead to block their view with your wallness if a grim reaper is spotted.  For added fun, "tag" your costume with pro-AOD messages in a variety of spray paint colors.
1.  Dress up as a frostbitten demon.  Get a friend to dress up as a pig with wings.  Congratulations!  You're "Things More Likely to Happen Than Monica and Andrew Getting Together."  (Note: A personal fav of mine.  Maybe next year...)
And while we're at it... here are some costumes that I think Mr. Halo would look especially stunning in...  Or at least have a good time with!  And what's more stunning than a super-happy AOD?!?  I don't know!  If I did... I wouldn't still be here after 12 years.  :-)

Costumes We Approve for Andrew
11.  A teddy bear- It works for Andrew, too!  Because then it totally makes sense when you hug him repeatedly.  Teddy bears are meant to be hugged!
10.  A baseball player.  It's cute.  He likes sports.  And it's better than a football player cause the helmet with that one would block your view of his adorable face and gorgeous hair.

9.  Anyone in a uniform including but not limited to: a police officer, a firefighter, or a member of the armed services.  Sigh...

8.  A lumberjack- Sure, we see the jeans and flannel look a lot.  But you can never get too much of the jeans and flannel look...

7.  1940s/50s Era P.I.- There are at least two of us that totally dig the trench coat and fedora look on Andrew.  Swoon!

6.  A college literature professor.  Okay, okay.  So it's kinda a lame costume.  But I love that look!  And instead of saying "Trick or treat!" we could make him recite a poem instead!
5.  Doc Hock*

4. Himself in garb depicting the era in which he was born...  No reason not to use Halloween to try and solve the mystery of his age!  Of course, if he predates humanity then God only knows what he'd show up wearing.
3.  Babysitter- Andrew with a baby!  Andrew with a baby!!!  ANDREW WITH A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  Not Edward Cullen.  Really I don't care beyond that.  Oooh except not Lady Gaga, either.  Or anyone from "Jersey Shore."  ::shudders::

1.  Andrew- So maybe our Halloween-hating AOD wouldn't want to dress up.  It'd kinda be a let down.  But it's okay.  Because we love him just the way he is.  Aww.
*Costume should not depict Doc Hock in any of the following scenarios: in a hot tub with prostitutes, drunk, shaving in the rain, hauling a bed out of a hooch, being shot at, or wandering into an alley amid explosions.

And why are there eleven items on this "top ten" you may be asking yourselves?  Apparently I cannot count...  Not sure how that happened.  Oh well.


JABB 313

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