"Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive."
~Anäis Nin

Hi all,

Today's the day we celebrate Andrew's birthday!  The date has no basis in TBAA.  We just simply decided a few years ago that he deserved a birthday and setting it around the time TBAA used to premiere for the season seemed like a good idea! 

During the past few days, I've been going through my old mixed CDs.  Shortly after TBAA left the air, a couple of us went on this kick where we mixed CDs but had to explain how each song we chose somehow related to Andrew or another JD character.  Andrew, naturally, got most of the songs with Doc Hock a distant second.  Makes sense given those two had the most screen time.  Anyhow, listening to them has made me notice lil ways in which my appreciation for the character of Andrew has changed.  But one thing hasn't: I still love watching this guy and thinking that maybe, somewhere, angels just like him are bringing comfort to people at their time of greatest need.  So... if there are those angels out there, I hope they know that all the love and care that goes into these newsletters shines on them, too.

Happy birthday, Andrew!

God bless,

Birthday Wishes to Andrew!

Dearest and loveliest of all Andrews,

Happy birthday!!!  When we all wished you a happy birthday last year, who could have guessed what the year ahead would bring?  I know, at times, it's been very difficult.  And other times very crazy.  And other times just plain fun.  This year we've made it through your homelessness, your broken arm, miscommunication and lack of communication all around, parental concern over your "Jesus Christ Superstar" costume, your heartbreakingly lovely decision which we all found out about at Valentine's, two dear friends' break-up... and the engagement that followed, lots of football games, lots of games of "Spin-the-Bottle: Dyeland Style," one very interesting sci-fi movie appearance (I heart Frog Guard #2 forever!), my religious crisis (which you handled so beautifully), a camping trip with the lil ones, an emotional but deeply fulfilling cruise with many of our friends, and so much more (including this ridiculously run-on sentence which is probly a crime against the English language... don't tell Vincent).  And every moment, every crisis, every joke, every game has only made me love and admire you more.

I hope we get to celebrate many, many more of your observed birthdays together, Andrew.  Because we'll need innumerable years to let you know how much you mean to us.

All my love,


My liege,

Lady JenniAnn of Willowveil said there's no reason I need to call you by any title since you're just Andrew.  But since you knighted me, I think it makes sense.  Right?  I don't think I'll have many other chances to be a knight.

Happy birthday!  I hope your day is awesome!  I'm glad I met you.  I don't get around much and I don't meet many new people.  And when I do I'm always afraid they won't care about me once they know the truth.  But you've never made me feel like I was just that vampire nerd who lives in a basement and plays video games all day.  Thanks, Andrew.  I'll see you at the party.

Your humble knight,


Dear Andrew,

My friend, I am so happy that we're back in touch.  I missed you a lot over these past years.  Friendships are among God's greatest gifts and I'm sorry that for so long I took one of my own for granted.  Andrew, I hope your special day brings you much happiness because you deserve it!  And you also deserve this very special Sundae a la Monica.  I happen to think french fries and coffee ice cream is a great combination of sweet and salty, don't you?

All my best,


Happy birthday, Andrew! You are a really wonderful, super fantastic friend and you deserve the very best birthday ever!

Though... who knows, with all the birthdays you've had, it may be hard to compete. You've probably had some pretty swell birthdays! How many birthdays have you had anyhow? 500? 3,000? More? Less?

Yeah, I know you're not saying. But hey, I had to try, didn't I? ;-)

Thanks for being you, Andrew. Have an awesome day. :-)

Take care,


Now that some of the Dyelanders have had their say, here are some ideas on birthday gifts some of Andrew's past assignments and others might want to send him!

Top Ten Birthday Gifts Andrew Should Get from Past Assignments and Other Angels

10.  From Eric ("Angel of Death"): Personalized stationery with a lovely "From the desk of Andrew" at the top.  Maybe some pens engraved with his proper name, too.  That's A-n-d-r-e-w, not A-n-d-y.

9.  From Rocky McCann ("The Journalist"): One big, fat apology.

8.  From George ("Missing in Action"): A ponytail holder.  Also some bell-bottoms and a Doors record.  So Andrew really can be a "pony tailed hippie."

7.  From John ("A House Divided"): A ticket to his college graduation.  I almost cried when I figured out Andrew's former charge and student would likely be graduating from college this school year!  Aww!!

6.  From Molly ("Til Death Do Us Part"): A fried chicken dinner.  And a chance to catch up.  It'd be nice to see.

5.  From Celeste ("Labor of Love"): A nice, new shirt made out of waterproof fabric.  Just in case she decides to use a glass of water as a deus ex machina during an assignment again.

4.  From Pete ("The Root of All Evil"): How about a nice "I'm sorry I plotted to kill you.  That was wrong," letter?

3.  From Monique ("The Man Upstairs"): A formal apology for insinuating that Andrew and Tess are dreary.  At least they're not retreads of another angel... 

2.  From Monica: Formal apologies for all of the following: ignoring him when he was crying in "The Journalist," a big ol' mea culpa for snapping his suspenders in "Voice of an Angel" and kicking dirt on him in "Only Connect," and some other incidents I won't mention here lest I get riled.  And several big hugs.

1.  From any of several Season 9 characters: A button.  It sure looks like Andrew lost a number of shirt buttons during that season so I'm sure some of them found some lying around.  His birthday is a great occasion for them to return them.  Which isn't to say Andrew should actually feel compelled to use those buttons...

Happy birthday,


JABB 310

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