“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy,
even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.”
~ E.B. White

Hi all,

Here's another short newsletter for you!  BIG thanks to Nicole for sending these questions.  I am *still* working on the next story and so didn't have much time for this one.  On top of that, we have CABB coming up to celebrate Charles Rocket's birthday.  So without these from Nicole, I'm not sure what this newsletter woulda been!  Thanks, Nicole!

God bless,

Dear Annie Dru
Dear Annie Dru,
My Magic 8 Ball told me that Andrew was coming over tonight at 5 o'clock, but he never showed up!  Was the 8 Ball wrong or was it lying to me or was it just simply a bit confused?  I am so heartbroken right now.  What actions should I take?
Bummed & Blue

Dear Bummed & Blue,
Andrew takes his orders from God, not from a chunk of plastic with suspicious looking blue liquid inside it.  Seriously, what is that???

But I digress...  Your 8 Ball was neither lying nor confused.  It is an inanimate object which lacks the capacity for confusion and the intellect necessary for lying.  Why didn't you check with Andrew about your plans?  I'm sure if he made plans with you directly, and not through your toy, he would have come or at least sent an excuse if his work prevented him from being with you.

What actions should you take?  Well, first, don't take your 8 Ball so seriously.  Maybe spend your time accustoming yourself to an actual 8 Ball, and all the other solids and stripes, and learn to play pool.  I understand Andrew's quite good at it and wouldn't mind having someone new to play with.  I hope you'll take this cue (ha ha) from me.

Annie Dru

Dear Annie Dru,

This really scary movie came on TV tonight and I made the mistake of watching it... the whole thing (with popcorn, of course).  But now I can't sleep at all.  Is there anyway I can get Andrew to come over here and just stay and keep me awake and talk with  me?  I know his lovely green eyes and most wonderful voice would keep any and all nightmares faraway from my mind.  How do I make this happen?  And please respond quickly because I'm afraid to get off my couch.
Thanks in advance,
Oops, Bad Idea

Dear Oops, Bad Idea,

First, I'm glad you realize your mistake. 

Second, I'm left to wonder how Andrew feels about being the knight in the shining armor for all of you as the result of: scary movies, storms, snakes in the lawn, Victoria's Secret commercials, spam, R-rated movies starring John Dye, match-making grandmothers, zealous sales associates, and the Father only knows what else.  Also, I wonder what Andrew would look like in shining armor... but then it would cover his face.  And his hair.  And he wouldn't be fun to hug.  He wouldn't feel it.  Oh...  Poor metallic Andrew.

Andrew is our knight in cuddly flannel.  And denim.  Much better.  Moving on...

Well, obviously Andrew doesn't mind because he keeps coming back.  So just give him a call with your plea and I'm sure he'll stop over as soon as he can.  But be prepared to explain your behavior.  If he thinks Halloween gives death a bad reputation, he may not be too keen on scary movies.  But I'm sure he'll accept a hug and some of that popcorn as apology.

Annie Dru
Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer
Question: Someone told me that Andrew had a constellation named after him.  Is this true?  Cause my constellation app on my phone can't seem to find it and I really wanna see it.  Any help?

Answer: Yes, he does.  It's called Loveliusangelusandrewcus.  But it won't show up on your app because your phone secretly hates Andrew.  You must destroy it.
Question: Hi, is this Anthony's website?  I'm trying to find Anthony... this long haired hippie guy looks nothing like Anthony.  Do you know where I can find Anthony?

Answer:  My long hair hippie guy can beat up your Anthony.  Ha!  Okay, no.  No, no he can't.  Because he's lovely and sweet and an angel.  And I don't know where he is...  ::sobs::  Do you know where I can find Andrew?  OMG.  Maybe he and Anthony are on the Starship Enterprise with Elvis!  Let's go find them! 

Question:  Who has bigger feet?  Andrew or Adam?

Answer:  Don't know.  The dog ate their shoes so now I can't tell.  But apparently their shoes are yummy if you're a dog.
Question:  OMG, I could just swear that I saw Adam whizzing by in a leather jacket on a Harley Davidson!!!!  Was that him???  Soooo cool! :D

Answer:  No, that's his twin: Aden.  Adam is God's
angel.  Aden is a Hell's Angel.  You should be at their place on Thanksgiving.  Awkward...



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