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Newsletter 3

Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoy this third issue of J.A.B.B.! First off, I'd like to congratulate Kristin on winning the contest for making the most words out of "John Carroll Dye." Congratulations! We'd, also, like to ask you if there is anything you'd like to see in J.A.B.B. Please let us know. We'll see what we can do. Right now, Jenni is working on some wavs and such to possibly send. And we are still taking intros if you would like to send yours in.


Audrey Co-Prez 

Jenni Co-Prez 


My intro - Hello! My name is Catherine, and I am 25. Originally I am from Raleigh, NC, but I have been living in Burbank, CA for the past four years. I work for a TV/Film production company as an assistant in the area of TV development. Watching television is among my favorite activities, especially TBAA & PL. Homicide, The Practice, and Party of Five are some of my other favorites. I am actively involved in my church, in our singles group. I also like playing the piano, reading, and going to plays. My favorite episode of TBAA is "My Dinner With Andrew." I am the Keeper of Andrew's Gift of Eternity.

I'll soon be 18, a frosh at the U of New Mexico. Star Wars/Trek fan as well; hometown is Nashville, TN; one little sister (high school sophomore--'wise fool'); one dog, one cat; two parents. I collect giraffes and like writing fan fiction. I am majoring in Anthropology (the study of human society/culture, etc...) I'm also cyber engaged to a 17 year old boy in England--maybe we can meet someday (God willin', of course *L*) that about sums it up for me! =)


My name is Anna Karin, Anna for short for my English speaking friends. I live in Umea, that is a town on the East cost of Sweden rather high up north. I'm 45 soon 46, I'm a dentist, but I have specialised in dental materials science and I work at the university here in Umea teaching dental technicians. I'm married, but we have no children. In my spare time I like to, apart from watching TBAA that is, work in my garden, and my husband and I also collect minerals. I used to sing in a choir, but I have developed asthma, and it has sort of ruined my voice, I also play some piano and other keyboard instruments. I got hooked on TBAA after having seen 'Till We Meet Again'. I have been a confirmed Androoler ever since. Andrew - and the whole show mirrors what I believe so well, so I felt at home right from the start.



Keeper of Andrew/John's spheres and musical talents

Hi! My name is Jenni. I live in Nebraska and I'm a Junior in high school. In my free time I like to read, watch movies, baby-sit, talk to the Angelclan 0:-) on the Internet, and of course watch TBAA and PL! I have a dog named Molly, a parakeet named Chip, and a goldfish named......Andrew! A couple of my favorite TBAA episodes (there are so my good ones!) are "My Dinner with Andrew"and "The Journalist". I am the Keeper of John/Andrew's integrity and innocence. When I am older I think I may want to work with hospice in the spiritual counseling part. I hope you all enjoy J.A.B.B. its a lot of fun for us to work on! God Bless!

Hello! Since I am one of two primary sources of this letter (Jenni being the other) I figured I should give an intro too. So, for starts My name is Audrey and I'm 16. I live in Florida and am a Junior in high school! Yeah! Some of my favorite things are: play on computers (which is why BCA is my favorite class.), children (especially little babies), gymnastics, basketball, and playing the piano. My favorite Touched by an Angel episodes are "Something Blue" and "The Journalist" (off the top of my head) and anything with a lot of Andrew!! I have an adorable Australian Shepherd named Aussie. She is my little baby. Touched by an Angel is my favorite show. Next would be X-Files among others. So, if every now and again certain sections of J.A.B.B lean a wee bit toward The X-Files you know why! Hope you enjoy J.A.B.B as much as Jenni and I love writing it up for you all!

The Angel Of Death Through the Years

As many of you may know from TBAA's very first season they've always had an Angel of Death. First there was Adam, played by Charles Rocket, who remained on the show for season one. He then reappeared in season four in "My Dinner with Andrew", which received the show's highest ratings yet. After Adam, Henry (Bruce Altman) joined for two episodes during the second season. Then, of course, there was Andrew! :-) Before John Dye agreed to play Andrew he had to be reassured that this character would not be a Grim Reaper. After seeing how Andrew would be depicted John joined the show. The character of Andrew premiered on an episode called "The One that Got Away" (January 6, 1996). The first episode in which he became part of the permanent cast was "Dear God" which aired on March 3, 1996.

Now if you are anything like me before TBAA you never gave the Angel of Death much thought. First of all there is very little written about him. I know because after doing several web searches all I got was a bunch of (yikes!) Goth sites. Not good! So for this little article I'll have to draw as much as I can out of the little I do know about the AOD and my feelings about such a creature. My earliest memory of any mention of the AOD came from watching the 10 Commandments when I was younger. If you've seen the movie you may recall the Passover scene where a dark shadow passes over the houses, taking the first born. Well, that was not a comforting way to think of the AOD! Although I do think the movie is good. So anyway, up until TBAA began I wouldn't even consider such an angel existed and I still don't believe one like the creepy, shadowy guy exists nor do I want to! Just send me one like Andrew instead :-) It seems to me our image of the AOD has evolved over the years. I think the Passover story is one of the earliest accounts of him and none of the versions of the Bible I've seen even mention the AOD as being involved with that. Another old AOD-like figure is Charon who ferried the souls of the dead across the River Styx to Hades, the underworld, in Greek mythology. The Anglo-Saxons had a God called Woden in charge of poetry, magic, and death. Wednesday comes from his name. In Islamic religion the AOD is called Azrael or Azra'il. In Hinduism his name is Yama. Many Christians name Michael the Archangel as being the one to bring souls to heaven. The AOD figures into some folklore too. In fact in one story the AOD is even depicted as being female. There have been cases of dying patients claiming to see the Angel of Death. He usually stands behind the guardian angel or further away from the patient. However they never mention the AOD as being the slightest bit threatening. The AOD is even fitting into modern culture now too. Brad Pitt will be playing him in the movie Meet Joe Black. It comes out November 13th according to Entertainment Weekly. Its a remake of 1934s Death Takes a Holiday. Well, Brad's not exactly John but I think I may just have to go see that movie! Well, anyway enough with the history lesson! :-)

- Jenni

So how do you picture the AOD? Has your image of him/her changed since you started watching TBAA? Send any answers to Jenni
please. Thank you!

Signs you might be an Androoler

^ If your locker/desk is so full of pictures of John Dye and things that remind you of him that you cannot find a place for anything else.

^ If your mirror/car windshield is so full of pictures of John Dye that you cannot see yourself or the road.

^ If you have more doodles of Andrew by age three then every other person in the world accumulates in their lifetime.

^ If you follow people dressed up as the AOD on Halloween. . .

^ If you freak out at the very mention of any name beginning with J or A

^ If you have quadruplets named John, Andrew, John Jr., and Andrew Jr.

^ If you think banana split cake is a food group

^ If all your dreams are about Andrew

^ If your pillow case is a picture of Andrew

^ If you make a yearly pilgrimage to Amory

^ If you tried to get January 31st made into a national holiday called Dye Day

^ If you think John IS a great mechanic

^ If you have a near death experience and the only reason you came back is b/c John wasn't your AOD

^ If when Christmas rolls around, all you can think of to give John is yourself

^ If when asked to draw an angel with wings and a halo you reply, "What kinda angel is that?"

^ If you know more about Andrew then he does

Thanks to Jarrod for his help on the "Might be an Androoler"

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