“Do all the good you can,  by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can, in all the places you can,
at all the times you can, to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can.”
~John Wesley

Hi all,

Welcome to JABB 291!  I can't believe how close to 300 we are!  As I write this, work has begun on the annual Dyeland Valentine's story.  So this is another short issue as my attention is already devoted to the story and, of course, Dye Day!  I hope you enjoy!

Before I move into the content of this newsletter which is pretty goofy, I have a serious message.  If you've been to our index page lately, you'll have noticed this message:
"We at JABB offer our prayers and thoughts to the victims and survivors of the earthquake in Haiti.  We encourage our fellow TBAA fans to reach out in prayer and other means of support.  We've chosen to support the Red Cross and UNICEF and hope you'll consider supporting any of the organizations listed here."

Donations were made in the group's name to both organizations listed.  I'd like to encourage members to reach out however they can.  TBAA always reminded us that no matter how desperate and terrifying a situation, God is with us and loves us.  I believe we can also send a message by reaching out with love to the people of Haiti so they know we stand with them, too.  Thank you for your consideration.

God bless,


So if you've been following our stories, you know that Andrew's arm was recently broken by some guy who should be glad the Dyelanders are largely anti-retaliation.  While his arm was healing, Andrew was given a lot of time off.  Happily, he is now cast free which means it's back to assignments for him!  As his writer on the YG, making up assignments for him there and here in these newsletters largely falls to me.  Right now I have him as a school librarian (sweater vest... glasses...).  But there are just some jobs I would never expose poor Andrew to.  Here's my list of...

Top Ten Jobs Andrew Will NOT Have on JABB

10.  Crew member on the set of a horror film or any film featuring murderous angels.  Sad, so sad. 

9.  Divorce attorney.  Given Andrew's record with anger towards adulterers and men who don't value their wives... I think he should sit this out.

8.  Heavily costumed character at a child's birthday party.  Andrew interacting with children is lovely.  But let's keep his face uncovered.  (How Freudian is it that I originally typed "Heavily" as "Heavinly"?  Not spelled right, of course, but true!)

7.  Bookseller.  Sure, it sounds harmless.  And who doesn't like Andrew looking bookish?  But with the resurgence of romance novels featuring angels (they're the "new" vampires, apparently), do we really want him developing a complex?

6.  Teacher or coach at an all girls high school.  Oh, Andrew would be fine.  He does awesome work as a teacher and coach.  But I just know... having been a student at an all girls high school... how completely and utterly and heartbreakingly smitten some of his students would be.  I heard about one girl who didn't even meet him, just watched him on TV, and she's still obsessed with him 13 years later!  Oh wait...

5.  Government aide to anyone involved in the U.S. health care debate.  I'd rather not have our boy screamed at. 

4.  Actor in a pharmaceutical commercial.  No.  Just no.

3.  Speaking of actors...  Andrew will not be any actor who appears in the first two minutes of an episode in any part of the Law and Order franchise.  Why?  Because that person has a good chance of ending up getting loads of attention from the coroner.  Approximately six weeks after he filmed it, some Dyelander or another would be found shrieking in their TV room.

2.  Host of The Tonight Show.  Stay the heck away from our Angel Boy, NBC!  You completely messed with Coco and there's no way we're letting you near Andand (and, no, I am not recommending that really be a nickname for Andrew.)

1.  Model.  Don't get me wrong.  He's definitely handsome enough!  But you just know they'd airbrush something and he'd probly shrug it off.  However, his cohorts would be apoplectic and I don't want Andrew dealing with friends screaming into their phones at editors and photographers about various of his traits.  How awkward would you feel asking your friend to please stop loudly protesting the digital manipulation of your chest hair?


TBAA DVD Collections...
if they were produced by JABBers

So...  Seasons 5 and beyond of TBAA continue to get the shaft as far as a full-season DVD.  However, they have started releasing episodes in special "collections."  My feelings about this are highly ambivalent.  But it did make me think... TPTB have put together "Hope" and "Holiday" collections.  Two more ("Love" and "Faith") will be released next week.  But if we were arranging these... what sets might we offer?  Here are a couple of my guesses:

Touched by an Angel: Flannel

Featured episodes: "The Journalist," "Lady of the Lake," "The Root of All Evil" (cause Adam's flannel counts, too!), and some other S5 or beyond episode that probly features Andrew in flannel but I've forgotten because *some body* is keeping those episodes from us...

Extras: Photo Gallery of Andrew in flannel, Martha Williamson's introductions are replaced by flannel-clad JABBers gushing about Andrew's flannel shirts, and if you pop the disk into your CD drive on your computer, you can print your very own Andrew and Adam paper dolls with a variety of flannel shirts to match their truly awesome jeans.  In addition, you can print a 20% off coupon for use on a men's flannel shirt so you can stare dreamily at it and imagine...  Okay, maybe we scratch that last bit?  It sounds potentially mentally unstable.  Speaking of unstable, the next set would be...

Touched by an Angel: Call 911

Featured episodes: "Til Death Do Us Part," "The Pact," "Two Sides to Every Angel," and the finale.

Extras: This set will come packaged with bandages, an ice pack, and other first aid you may need when you bash your head into the TV while trying to get to a crying, overly troubled looking Andrew (i.e. have a concussion moment).  It also comes with a wrap for the sprained ankle you will likely acquire when you watch the final episode, proceed to the nearest field, run around blinded by your tears, and trip over a root while screaming "Come back, Andrew!!!  I won't ever leave you!!!"  Before playing this special DVD, you must put it into your CD drive and complete the medical waiver that pops up, legally prohibited you from suing us for the emotional or physical damage caused by watching these four episodes in quick succession.

Got any other mini-boxed set ideas?  Let us know! 


JABB 292

(Photo Credits: The photographs used on this page are from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  They are not being used to seek profit.)