“One resolution I have made,
and try always to keep, is this:
to rise above the little things.”
~John Burroughs

Hi all,

Welcome to the first JABB of the new decade!  2010!!!  It still seems weird to type it!  And happy TOTGA Day, too!

Anyhow, I have officially given myself permission to make this a very short newsletter.  Cause I think it's safe to say that were JABB a job, I'd have racked up a lot of overtime since mid-October!  And whomever reads these is probly suffering from eye strain.  So below you'll find a lil something to celebrate both the new year and TOTGA Day.  Enjoy!

God bless,

New Year's Resolutions

So I'm not huge into making resolutions but I think this momentous year calls for some.  Below I've compiled a list of resolutions related to JABB.  I'm hoping that if I publicly tell ya'll, I'll be more apt to keep them!  If you'd like some of your own added (Andrew, TBAA, JABB, and related ones only, please!) then just drop me an email and I'll be happy to add it/them here.  Maybe we can be accountable together!

1.  I resolve to keep up with the Encyclopedia better.  I use it so, so often that I can't abandon it.  But suddenly finding myself 10 newsletters behind?  Not so much fun.  So from now on when one newsletter gets sent, one older one gets added to the Encyclopedia.  Don't wanna lose any of those vital apocryphal Andrew tidbits of info!

2.  I resolve to enjoy watching TBAA on Hallmark.  I won't dwell only on what scenes they chose to cut.  I will regularly send them thank you notes for airing the show.  Said notes shall not include phrases like "what the bleep
is wrong with your programmers?!?" or "You traitors to artistic integrity!!!"  Ahem.  I'll keep it nice... like a Hallmark card.

3.  No buying clothes for Andrew.  Seriously.  Or if I feel I must buy some flannel shirts, they shall immediately be turned over to a homeless shelter... not neatly stacked and folded and set in my bedroom where I will stare at them wistfully.

4.  So writing Andrew into dramatic situations is good.  He's an angel of death.  His life on earth IS a dramatic situation unto itself.  But I should not cause undue angst or concern with my writing.  Therefore, Andrew's activities in 2010 will be restricted to: watching TV (oh geez... but what if he sees a crime show and has a flashback?), playing with the AOD Band (but what if seeing Henry and Adam makes him miss the AOD gig... especially when it's right in the band's name???), and hanging out with friends (many of which will age and die...)

Okay, scratch that one.  Let's try this again...

4.  I will write Andrew into dramatic situations.  I realize that being an AOD isn't easy and angst happens.  I'll just make sure I always write him in a friend or two or several.  And God, too.  Because God loves him. 

5.  This will be the year I find, create, or commandeer a word to describe the relationship between Andrew and any Dyeland character who is in love with him while fully realizing he is NOT in love with them (or anyone).  I will find it!!!  It's gotta be something that doesn't give the wrong impression yet  suggests some sort of permanency (better to shut down unwanted set-up offers made to the ladies) and sounds better than "asexual lifemate."   Hmmm...  Well, I have over 350 days to figure it out.  

6.  I won't keep forgetting to refill the Kleenex box in the computer room since my subconscious seems to get amusement out of randomly foisting scenes like the following upon me:
7.  I'm gonna seriously try bringing the old JABB contests and prizes back.  Cause I miss those.

8.  I resolve to keep playing Jeopardy on the YG cause it's way fun and can be surprisingly chat-inspiring!  Thanks YG members for an awesome end to 2009!  Here's hoping 2010 is even better! ~Jenni

"The One that Got Away" Crossword Puzzle

Okay, so on January 6th, 1996 something wonderful happened.  "The One that Got Away" aired and the world was introduced to the loveliness that is Andrew!  To celebrate, I created a TOTGA-themed crossword puzzle.  And, yes, it is *actually* a crossword puzzle this time.  Look back on JABB 209.  Does that "crossword puzzle" not look suspiciously like a word search?  Apparently I was too distracted by the loveliness of Andrew to notice.  This time... maybe I can make it happen.

















1.  Andrew is this to Tess
2.  "Some say love, it is a ________"
3.  Possibly thrown at the wedding
4.  Susan is this
5.  Annoying classmate everyone tries to avoid
6.  Main male assignment
7.  Attribute of Andrew's shoes

1.  Pierced
2.  Metal worn by Andrew
4.  Setting of episode
5.  Article of clothing worn by Andrew
6.  What Tess calls Andrew, strangely
7.  Another singer famous for singing "The Rose"
8.  Doug's relationship to Lisa
9.  "It's the _______ afraid of breaking"

Click here for answers


JABB 291

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