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Hi all! Welcome to the final preseason 6 issue of JABB! Audrey and I have been really busy with the usual stuff (you know giant hurricanes, bouts of insanity, and pending prison visits....) So this is more a "thrown together to save our behinds" issue. Please keep our members residing along all East Coast areas in your prayers as they are trying to recover or are dealing with Hurricane Floyd.

Now onto some announcements.....

Due to the fact that even I, this is Jenni, can't remember the URL for the JABB sites I set up a virtual URL that's much easier to remember. You can now access the JABB TOC by going to From there you can get to any JABB page.

(Update: Actually, now you can't. That is an old link, please don't use it. :-)  Use instead.  Thanks!)

In other web related news I'd just like to remind everyone about the Odds and Ends and Reminders page. I've been updating it fairly regularly so you may want to check it out at:
You can also access it by using the TOC.

Sara suggested that we start trying to get more submissions from our members. Therefore, every so often JABB will email one of our members and ask them to help us. We will do this on a random basis. You then will have 2 weeks to come up with something. You can do whatever you want as long as it is John or Andrew related and kept at G or PG level. If you are asked and simply cannot do it please let us know ASAP so we can line up something else. No hard feelings we just love hearing from ya'll!

One more: It seems I somehow misplaced an introduction someone sent me. If you sent an intro in and have yet to see it feel free to send it again and I promise I won't lose it this time! In fact I have a nice little folder to store them in until the next JABB. My apologies! Also to any of our new members or our not-so-new members if you want to send in an intro feel free!

Now for a little fun......

TBAA Premieres on September 26th!

Now the top ten reasons this couldn't come at a better time for JABB.......

10. Our drool buckets have been sitting in the corner gathering dust and it's just not attractive! We need to use 'em!

9. If we don't get some John/Andrew news then you'll all be hearing a lot more about the adventures of our mascot, Chiwawa. (Note to Chiwawa: No! I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all! We just miss John...)

8. Jenni, who in a valiant effort, vowed to not watch TBAA all summer due to a belief in the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" theory has been seen wandering aimlessly about. We fear what she may do if the 26th doesn't just hurry up!

7. Our next big idea was to send ya'll "Romeo and Juliet" unabridged. The only thing we were gonna do was replace the name Romeo with John and scratch out the name Juliet which would enable you all to fill in your name. Also we'd planned on making a happily ever after ending.

6. We've already started our countdown until Season 6. (FYI: 1 week, 4 days, 1 hour, and 27 minutes left at the time at which this was written, oh and 23 seconds.) Sheesh, isn't that just pathetic?

5. There was consideration given to simply sending out a rerun JABB. I really think we could all stand to reread say issue 15 don't ya think?

4. Certain members of JABB were finding "other obligations" to commit themselves too.

3. Phantom Johns have been visiting my dreams and I'm scared they may be completely taking the place of the real John Dye.

2. Hurricane Floyd was looking pretty darn attractive!!!

And the number one reason it's come at the right time:

I was beginning to get a crush on that cute, new, blue, crunchy M&M

Top Ten Signs JABB CO-Presidents are Fighting

10. Chiwawa had gone back to Northern Ireland after getting sick of relaying messages between the feuding CO-presidents

9. Andrew is making that concerned look way too much anymore. (Especially at the mention of JABB, Audrey or Jenni)

8. A line has been drawn separating the castle. And Audrey! Don't your dare think of stepping over into my half!

7. You receive 2 JABBs at once and are instructed to reply back to only that which you think is better.

6. John now has split custody of the CO-Presidents. One goes for the summer, the other for the winter.

5. JABB comes out with top tens that have been slain to death, or commented on how stupid each one is.

4. There's vertical line down the JABBs on the web and we've each scribbled over the other's work.

3. Rumor has it; Andrew would rather endure Tess's wrath than our bickering.

2. John decides that JABB is getting too tense and actually suggests for Sara to take over.

1. John actually had Roma sing to him to cover up the sound of the two CO-presidents' voices.


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