"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." 
~Eric Hoffer

Hi all,

I've recently returned from a short vacation so haven't had much time for this, especially since I'm already working on some future JABBs.  So this is a bit thrown together.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

God bless,

Top Ten Reasons Jenni is Super Excited About Season 5 Starting on Hallmark!!!

10.  Andrew holding a baby!!!
9.  New pics for the web site!  I know I'm not the only one looking forward to those!!!  Yes, we love S2-S4 Andrew.  But we need variety!  If I had to check one more time to see how many times I've used the same Prayer on the Stairs photo, I was gonna scream!
8.  I'll be able to watch S5 episodes without intrusions by overzealous local weather people talking about a storm occurring 50 miles away from me... 11 years ago.  G'bye VHSes!!!
7.  Andrew with a baby!!!!!!
6.  I'll be able to watch these episodes without seeing old CBS commercials that only make me sad about the other shows I loved and lost.  Not to mention how the general niceness of TV shows has seriously decreased...
5.  Two words: "Beautiful Dreamer"  Even if it does make me want to strangle Booth... for multiple reasons.
4.  Andrew AND a baby!!!!!!!!!!
3.  Having the ability to watch Andrew's hair grow.
2.  Having to make my own Season 5 DVDs will teach me self-reliance, technical skills, time management, planning, the importance of preserving memories for one's self, etc...  Oh, who am I kidding???  I still want the professionally done Season 5 and greater DVDs!!!  ::shakes fist at CBS and Paramount::  Oh well... it's better than nothing.
1.  Andrew cuddling baby Lily and looking super adorable and manly and... hey, does anyone wanna come over on October 7th when "Jagged Edges" airs?  I may need to be scraped off the floor.  Or physically restrained lest I storm the mall and go on a shopping blitz at Babies R Us and the men's wear sections of assorted department stores.

And now a few words from Dyeland's resident advice columnist, Annie Dru.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Recently, there has been much talk in the earthly media about the decline of manners in daily life.  Recent news stories have brought to us images of irate, poor sport athletes, breaches of decorum, and one completely off-his-rocker rapper.  Thankfully, such events are not a regular part of our life in Dyeland.  However, that does not mean matters of etiquette don't arise and so I have been asked to answer a couple manners-related questions that were sent to us. 

Dear Annie Dru,
Recently I was at the mall here in Dyeland purchasing flannel shirts for this wonderful, lovely, amazing person who recently had a birthday.  While I was checking out, the cashier kept talking on her cell phone!  By the time she'd run up the shirts and this absolutely fabulous dress I bought for myself that perfectly matches the aforementioned birthday boy's handsomely green eyes, I knew about her weekend plans, her medical conditions, and the success of her latest weight loss endeavor.  If this happens again, what should I do?  It was definitely TMI.

Lovin' the Flannel

Dear Flannel,
Yes, cell phones have caused quite a few etiquette infractions!  If they weren't so useful in keeping in contact with our far-flung AOD friends, I'd take a measure to the Council to have them banned.  But as that is not an option (distraught young ladies wailing like banshees not being the most attractive sight or sound), my suggestion would be to take your complaint to the lady's supervisor.  Or, speaking of supervisors, you might bring Tess with you next time you go shopping.  I have every confidence she would know exactly what to say to Ms. Talksalot.  However, I cannot predict Tess' reaction to your purchase of copious amounts of flannel shirts for her Angel Boy nor your penchant for basing your own wardrobe off of his eyes.  I would try the cashier's supervisor first. 

Before I close, I must say kudos on the shirt choices.  Your recipient recently stopped by wearing a very charming blue and brown one he said you had gifted him.  Stunning.

Annie Dru

Dear Annie Dru,
Some plans with friends fell through and I've found myself hosting a dinner for only a friend and myself.  Okay, so it was one of the AODs and I might have planned the dinner deliberately with just them but let on like I was expecting more people...  I know that was wrong so no need to give me a lecture on that.  But here's my question: how would table etiquette have me place the settings with just two people?  I would assume I should put the AOD at one head of the table and myself at the other.  But then he's so far away...  It's a ten person table.  Is it permissible to put him at the head of the table and myself at his right side???

Right Hand Woman

Dear Right,
So you invited an angel of death over for dinner under false pretenses and your concern is appropriate place settings?  Yes, yes, I know you've realized your error but you could not expect me not to comment.  Do not do this again.  But since you already have... find a smaller table.  Two people seated at opposite sides of a long table can look quite sad if not icy.  However, positioning yourself at his right side may make him feel awkward or crowded.  The weather is so lovely and the foliage so radiant, I would suggest an outdoor meal.  Or you might sit at a less formal and smaller table indoors.  I highly doubt any AOD who frequents Dyeland is likely to complain about place settings when he's being well-fed.

And next time?  Tell the truth.  I firmly believe your AOD friend would show up even if he knew he was chosen as the only guest.  Who knows?  It may even make him feel special and that's not a bad thing.  Just try not to swoon and land face down in your soup bowl, dear.  The AODs enjoy having a break from their work, not having to take Dyelanders home because they drowned in their chicken noodle soup with veggies. 

Annie Dru

Do you have an etiquette question or need some advice?  If yes, contact me, Annie Dru, at the email address listed here!  Until next time, live well and live happily and mind those manners! 



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