“What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?”
~ Ursula K. LeGuin

Hi all,

I'm just gonna come right out and say that I have zero inspiration or ambition going into this newsletter.  I don't know if it's the heat or being really busy at work or what.  It may stem from spending a week with my creative impulses being directed to a drama-near-tragedy.  Since then I just haven't felt funny.  None of this is to say that I haven't been highly focused on Andrew.  Believe me, I've been having more than my share of day dreams.  The house next door to me has been empty for months and I have this whole elaborate daydream wherein Andrew moves in, Vincent builds a tunnel between the two houses, and Andrew and I spend our evenings watching sappy TV or reading aloud whilst the dogs sit adorably on the floor.  Sigh... if only.  And, for the record, you're all welcome house guests in my daydream.  But none of that really does much in the way of putting together a newsletter. 

Huh.  Apparently this must happen with some frequency during the summer cause looking back at last summer's newsletters, a lot of those featured material I'd had stashed for months.  That actually makes me feel better!  Still not inspired... but better.  Thankfully, Nicole stepped in and sent a list of questions to our sometimes-beloved, sometimes-despised 8 Ball.  Let's see how that went!

God bless,


It's been well over a year since I last wrote with a Magic 8 Ball as my partner!  In fact, the last time I did that was in JABB 230.  Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to buy myself a new Magic 8 Ball since my original one was drained (Mick?).  But I'll just go ahead and consult this one.  Same as last time.  Plus, it's so pretty!  Thanks again, Nicole, for all your help!

Me:  So, Virtual Magic 8 Ball, that's a pretty long name.  Can I call you something else?

Eight Ball:  Most likely.

Me:  Umm, okay.  Can I call you... Hezekiah?

Eight Ball:  It is decidedly so.

Me:  Awesome!  So, Hezekiah, do you think...  Oh, yay!  My friend, Nicole, is here!  She's never got to talk to you so I'm gonna hand this over to her.  Hezekiah, Nicole.  Nicole, Hezekiah.  Ya know, on second thought, let's just go with 8 Ball.

Nicole:  Hi, Jenni.  Hi, 8 Ball.  So...  8 Ball, would you mind if we discussed Andrew?

8 Ball:  Outlook not so good.

Jenni:  Actually, I find it a lot more reliable than some email programs but... hey!  But we wanna discuss Andrew!!!

Nicole:  Like that's going to stop me!  Andrew's really fantastic and lovely, isn't he?

8 Ball:  Most likely.

Nicole:  Not very enthusiastic, is it?

Jenni:  No, grrr.

Nicole:  8 Ball, do you think he'll ever actually show up?

8 Ball:  Very doubtful.

Jenni:  Must drain 8 Ball...

Nicole:  It's virtual, remember.  And I don't think Andrew would approve.  Let's give it a chance to redeem itself.  Okay?  Ouch.  Did you just run into a wall?  You really need to watch out.

Jenni:  Ouch.  I get stressed...  Andrew... angst...

Nicole:  Right...  So, 8 Ball, does Dyeland actually exist somewhere?

8 Ball:  It is unlikely.

Nicole:  You're right, Jenni!  This is a terrible 8 Ball!!! 

Jenni:  I think so!  But one more chance, maybe?

Nicole:  Okay.  If I bought the house next door, do ya think I could persuade Andrew to move in?

Jenni:  If it says yes then I'm totally moving in!

8 Ball:  Yes.

Nicole:  YAY!!!!

Jenni:  YAY!!!  Oooh, but what about...

Nicole:  Yes, how about Adam, 8 Ball?

8 Ball:  Yes.

Nicole:  AOD moving in party at the house next door!!!

Jenni:  I'll bring the ginger ale!

Nicole:  I got the orange juice.  ::sighs::  If only...

Jenni:  ::sighs::  Yeah...

Nicole:  Are you trained in psychology?

Jenni:  Umm, no.

Nicole:  I was asking the 8 Ball.

Jenni:  Oh right.  So...  8 Ball?  Trained in psych?

8 Ball:  Probably not.

Nicole:  Wouldn't it know?

Jenni:  I dunno.  Some people don't remember much of their college years. 

Nicole:  I wish Andrew was a professor at my college... reading poetry.

Jenni:  Looking all professorial... cuddly sweaters... vests...  ::singing::  If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters, that would soar a thousand feet high, to Sir, with love...

Nicole:  Which brings me right to...  8 Ball... well, would you consider it unhealthy to listen to sappy music and discuss Andrew multiple nights a week?

8 Ball:  My sources say no.

Nicole:  Good!  Cause, uh, some people do that...  Hey, do you know when S5 of "Touched by an Angel" is coming out on DVD?

Jenni:  Ooh, good one!!! 

Nicole:  Thanks.  So...

8 Ball:  It is unlikely.

Jenni:  So is it saying that it's unlikely it knows or unlikely it's going to happen?

Nicole:  I don't know...  I hope the first one.  They can't just stop the DVDs!!!

Jenni:  Must see Andrew get promoted!

Nicole:  Must see Andrew with baby Lily!!!

Jenni:  Bad DVD powers that be, bad!

Nicole:  Raising our hopes only to crush them and then ignore our many, many pleas!!!

8 Ball:  Must see Andrew all adorable and white shirt wearing in "Psalm 151"!!!

Jenni:  Oh my gosh...

Nicole:  8 Ball, are you an Andrew fan?!?!

8 Ball:  Sure.  I mean today I am.  You don't honestly think the same person answers this 8 Ball every day, do you?  I just drew the short straw today.  I'm really a waitress.

Nicole:  No kidding! 

8 Ball:  And every day I day dream that I'm going to be pouring coffee and I'll hear the bell ring at the door and I'll turn around and...

Jenni:  It'll be Andrew.

8 Ball:  Exactly... 

Nicole:  That would be great. 

8 Ball:  Definitely.  And I'm sorry about some of the cruddy answers earlier.  I don't have much control over them.

Jenni:  That's okay.  I'm sorry I called you Hezekiah.  And said I wanted to drain you.

8 Ball:  No problem.

Nicole:  And I'm sorry I kept calling you "it."  So what is your name?

8 Ball:  Mindy.

Jenni:  Good to meet you, Mindy.

Nicole:  Yeah, so what's your favorite Andrew memory?

Mindy:  Geez.  I'm not sure where to start.  I mean you've got the prayer on the stairs, TDDUP, him dancing with his umbrella...

Jenni:  Facing Jordan and defending Tony...

Nicole:  The "Ultimate Reality" speech in MDWA...  Mindy, do you think we're crazy?

Mindy:  Probably not.  Maybe just a lil eccentric.  But Andrew needs someone to be a lil crazy for him.  I mean after the way he sometimes gets pushed to the side on the show.

Jenni:  Oh my gosh!  Yes!

Nicole:  We totally discuss that all the time!

Jenni:  Literally all the time.

Mindy:  No one I know even knows who he is.

Jenni:  Poor you.

Nicole:  You can talk to us about Andrew any time you want, Mindy! 

Mindy:  Really?  So "Children of the Night" totally kills me!  Seeing him so sad and uncomfortable and...

Nicole:  Yeah...  He's lovely...

Jenni:  Love the lovely angel...

Mindy:  Yeah...

Nicole:  I heart Andrew...  Amish Boy...

Mindy:  Huh?

And so Jenni and Nicole spent hours long into the night telling Mindy all about Andrew as Amish Boy, Andrew's firstborn issues, and every adorable thing Andrew ever did either on TBAA or in their angsty, loyal, swoony minds. 

The End

"To Sir, with Love" lyrics written by Don Black and Mark London.


JABB 277

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