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Hi everyone! Welcome to the 27th JABB. We hope you get a lot of laughs out of this newsletter but first we have a very important request for all of our members. One of our members, Suzann, has a daughter who is living with cancer. We hope that you will keep both Suzann and Angel in your prayers. Especially this coming week as they are heading to SLC to meet our favorite angels thanks to the Make-a-Wish foundation. Thank you and God bless you all!

Audrey and Jenni


Hi. My name is Javaneh and I'm 14 years old. I have been a HOPELESS Androoler ever since he first appeared on the show. I thought I was the only one in the world who worshipped him but I guess not! I will be in ninth grade this year. I don't know if you are still doing intros but here's mine. I enjoy reading, writing stories and poetry, and, of course, watching TBAA and drooling! My birthday is 3/21/85. Thanx. HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH JOHN DYE

My name is Stephanie. I'm a 20 year old pre-med student transferring this fall to the College of William and Mary, and I've been an Androoler ever since I tuned in by chance during the third season and caught "The Journalist." (I'd say I was extremely lucky to have this one as my first. :-)) Let's see, some other stuff about me... I love reading, writing, surfing the net (Check out my web page, page no longer exists), and taking LOOONG walks. My favorite subjects are psychology, biology, philosophy, ethics, and American History- I have a very deep passion for early American History in particular. (the Revolution and the Federalist era) I'm a BIG Trekkie and, while we're on the subject of space, quite a NASA junky as well. (my dream is to live in a colony on Mars or the Moon or somewhere) Other shows I watch include Chicago Hope (though I'm not as big a fan as I was) and Early Edition. I am a founding member of the Adam Arkin Shoe Club (Chicago Hope's analogue to the Bucket Brigade :-)) and a proprietor of the Cave. My favorite eps of Touched By An Angel include "The Journalist," "The Violin Lesson," (so many emotions! this is what I like best about Andrew) "Beautiful Dreamer," (I'm very sentimental about American history, not to mention Andrew's back story :-)) the Passover ep (I'm a Jew-by-choice, and I thought this ep to be a well done treatment of the holiday- I also thought Andrew's role was especially effective) and, of course, "My Dinner With Andrew." (so cute! how could you resist??)

Top Ten ways to Reawaken the Androoler within You

It's summer and there's no TBAA. So it's understandable if some of us have drifted away from our usual Androoling. Here are some ways to beat the reruns and get back into Androoling mode before Season 6 starts!

10. Start out the day with a little affirmation: "John Dye is the best actor. John Dye is my hero. Andrew the AOD completes me." (I like Jerry Maguire, so sue me! lol)

9. Go read all the past JABB issues! Do you have any idea how long we slaved over a computer to write those for all of you!?!? LOL J/K While it is sometimes difficult we do enjoy writing them and getting your comments on them.

8. Come join us at the JABB YahooGroup: Where every Tuesday is John Dye Day!

7. Oh my, it's come to my attention that a few of the JABB members have gone so far as to form other obsessions! (You know who you are!!!!!) That must be stopped before the 26th of September! Say bye-bye Ben!

6. Spend plenty of time.. Hey! What?!?! Sara! No! This is my keyboard! sfdsdgfhgfgdsfgfghhh dcvgfvnhgjsgfdhhkfsgdfhgkjnxbvc sfh gfkjmgb zsdr

*slap* *slap*

Sheese, I had to pry her fingers off the keyboard, but NOW I HAVE COMPLETE AND UTTER POWER!!!!! Oh what to do, what to say...... Right, JD it is. Hmmmmmm, I could tell you about one of me glow worm sex fantasy, but Jenni would pack a fit and Audrey would be bored silly, and probably tell me a few that would put me to shame. LOL Write some more prose for dye man, but nah, been there done that! Dyecuss his hair, his screen time, his lack of personality, Nah, you all have heard about that.....the weather? Actually when I heard of the tornado in SLC I was kinda hoping that a certain cute fella would be picked up and blown half way round the world, I thought with those ears and large sail like lobes, he'd get to play Dumbo (the best offer he has had in a while is my bet) and fly to me, stranger things have happened, but alas, twas not to be! What? WHAT!?? Jenni says I gotta stop rambling and list 10 things to reawaken the androoler in you. HA!!! Like I ever lost it in the first place. I am not fickle like some others on this list, I don't change my obsessions at the mere wiff of another pretty face, a set of sharp fangs, a wee skinny plait and long shiny sword, or in one young lady's case, an older face with sticky out ears and weird chin! lol. No, I am rock steady in my affections, there is no other man for me, until I find a real one that is, the Glow Worm is it! So coming up with ways to reawaken the androoler within for you losers is not easy for me. But here (at Jenni's insistence) are some Sara ideas. (HEY! WAIT! Now Sara, I *know* you're a huge JD fan, but have you or have you not being trying to hide this fact from those you love most?! Perhaps you need to be working on ways to admit you have a problem instead of way to be reinvested!)

6. Buy a SHEEP and call him John! Feel free to clip him often. Works for me! (Sara, you'd clip your own wings if those people from the human society hadn't already done so!!)

5. Force yourself, at gunpoint if necessary, to download all the JD pics you can possibly find and then make sure you look at them ALL twice a day, especially right before you go to bed. Boring but effective, trust me! (Please remember, if you do this and kill your hard drive in the process due to a JD overdose, JABB CANNOT be held responsible. Thank you)

4. Stop watching all those old JD movies, cause they sux! LOL, and a bad movie can turn on the bad vibes and eventually you will go off even the bestest cutest actor in the world if the movie suxs. Surround yourself with the Violin Lesson, The Journalist and Into the Light. Ultimate JD drooler stuff here. etc. (Now I know Little Miss I'm A Year Behind You NORMAL People isn't dissing John's movies! My guess is if Granny or whomever sends them to you, hasn't sent them yet, you ain't seen them and aren't one to talk! Besides, you don't actually have to *watch* the movies. Simply watch his movements and admire the view.)

3. Speak only to those that love John! Stuff everyone else! John is the best and the best should be spoken of on a regular basis. i.e. the name John should be heard in your conversations at least every 10 minutes. More if possible. (ps. and Jenni, this means you, change your ways girl, or I cant talk to you no more! lol) (I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to agree with Kiwi on this one! Jenni! YOU'RE A JABB CO-PRESIDENT for goodness sake! Speak of our forever honored guest with loving words and caring thoughts! Stop talkin' about this strange man with the old face with sticky out ears and weird chin!!)

2. If you come up against a TRUE Androoler, One who is loyal to the Chosen One, One who will dyefend her Angel to the death, One that speaks the Dyelish Dyealect better than English, One who will NEVER EVER turn and will harm those who do....... LIE!!!!!! (Lie? Now Kiwi, are you telling our honest and faithful readers to lie?! That's a bad idea. I must entertain the proposal that JABB can be held in NO WAY responsible for Kiwi. How her words got in here is beyond me. Jenni, you'd better have a reasonable explanation!)

1. Write letters, make calls, stalk the man and all those with any info on him. Find out his addresses, his phone numbers, his license plate number, social security number, his parents and brothers addresses, his mortgage and bank accounts nos., his old school records and childhood friends, doctors and dentists files and the FBI reports and write them, or record all dyetails of any info on John. If this doesn't keep you busy enough learning about John and his life to turn you back into a bonafide Androoler again by keeping you so busy you can't eat, think or sleep anything else, then my friend, you're stuffed. But the consolation is that you have put in good training for stalking your next obsession to the max! lol (Sara, if you want to stalk the man, do it on your own time! Don't go trying to get all JABB members to help you on your overzealous search for someone who will run at the very sound of your name! As for the rest of you reading this, I hope you're not silly enough to follow advice such as this. Especially from our most insane member! Sure, it's an interesting thought to contemplate, but it's not one to follow through. I mean, look at all the past incidents. Sure you may catch up to the stalkee at first, but soon you're locked away where your roommate will be hitting on you. {And I don't mean with her fists!} Oh, and if you do stalk him, and he actually enjoys it, be sure to share him with us! After all, we did give you the idea! lol)

Top Ten Ways to Spice up Andrew's Personality

10. Take him off of the baby-sitting detail.

9. Make him the cameraman more often! (Seeing him tease Tess with a camera can be fun!)

8. Make him get on Tess's bad side.

7. Teach him to control "Dawg" (Tess's wee mutt)

6. Give him his hair back. It may not help the personality, but he'll look good!!

5. Have him take lessons from Sam on how to "handle Tess"

4. Instead of just escorting people home, have him actually kill them.

3. Then put him on trial for murder in the first degree.

2. Have him guest on The View more often!

1. Create an evil twin

Also, I'm sure a lot of you remember the brilliant (Enough kissing up for ya Mr. D??) idea that a fellow list member had? Jennie suggested that we help Jenni with her obsession with the missed Murder Trial Ep. She wrote to all members at the time and asked for people to write any type of fanfic that they could. We had one person and myself concoct a special fic for Jenni. Feel free to read it. Sara was nice enough to post a web site for us! If you have any you'd like to write or short ones to post, let Kiwi know! ( Mean while, check out the page! Enjoy!


Newsletter 28