" Love is love.
All, everything that I understand,
I understand only because I love.
Everything is, everything exists, only because I love."
~ Leo Tolstoy

Hi all,

As promised, this newsletter is *much* shorter than some of the recent ones!  So hopefully that eye strain will go away!  ;-)

God bless,

The State of the Androolers Address
by Jenni

In years past I have begun this by listing off the recent John Dye related DVD releases.  When I wrote the 2008 address, I firmly believed that in this one we would be celebrating the release of Touched's Season 5.  That has not come to pass.  That's why, instead, I would like to remind everyone of our campaign to get the rest of the series released on DVD.  You can read about that campaign here.  Now I would like to expand it.  To add a little bit of fun, I will issue a challenge word every two weeks or so on that page.  Any JABB member who uses the challenge words in emails or notes to one or more of the companies listed on the campaign web page, will get a virtual prize.  Simply use the word in your email or letter, supply me with a copy of the note, and you will have your prize emailed to you.  It may not be a big thing but I hope it'll be a fun prize!  Of course, I know that the biggest prize of all will be getting those DVDs on the shelves.  So, please, help us make that happen. 

A visit to IMDB.com did reveal that one of the films listed on Mr. Dye's filmography has finally come to DVD.  At one point known as The Lesser of Three Evils, the now renamed Fist of the Warrior can be purchased at Amazon.com.  At this time we are unaware of the extent of John's role in the film.

Thankfully, JABB itself has not suffered the same sort of drought that related DVD releases have.  The past twelve months have been very active for us!  I'd like to thank the YahooGroup for continuing to be a relevant, interesting, loving, and occasionally crazed place that I'm thrilled to be a part of.  Whether it's discussing Andrew's hair and clothing or, most dangerously, his personality, the triumphs and travails of real life, or playing Dyeland; I hope everyone there knows how meaningful it's all been.

The web site continues to grow and offer new features.  The Photo Gallery now features screenshots from all available Doc Hock and AOD episodes of  Tour of Duty and Touched by an Angel, respectively.  We finally got ourselves a proper Calendar and Dictionary to help us keep things straight!  My favorite innovation this year was the creation of JABB's TBAA Episode Guide.  I've loved putting up my own thoughts about this show that means so much to us and I hope to continue to read others' takes on the episodes, too!

Finally, in preparing for this annual address, I was saddened to realize there wasn’t *as* much in the way of joyous news as previous years have boasted.  To be honest, I’m concerned about the lack of word on Touched Season 5 on DVD.  I hope, and I know others hope, that our current campaign will bring something about with that.  However, it is ultimately beyond our control.  That’s why I think it would be amazing if we took this opportunity to make the most of what we do have complete control over: our own creativity and ingenuity.  When TBAA went away, our group blossomed.  Faced with letting the stories and characters we love die, we took it upon ourselves to continue for them and to do our best to represent them as their original creators did.  We have carried those characters in our hearts and championed their celebration of a transcendent Love that embraces us all: just as we are.  Now we have another chance to do the same with renewed determination.  We never know when TBAA’s message will most need to be heard but I have a feeling it’s now.  We may be among the few remaining mediums of its message but I know we can be committed ones.  So I hope you’ll join me in expanding its message and our message: God loves everyone, there is Someone who hears you, there are friends who love you, and there is always, always hope.

Thank you and God bless you.

The State of the Dyelanders Address
by Andrew

First, I'm honored to be giving this address again.  I'd like to thank those who advised me on proper attire for it.  I never considered jeans, a T-shirt, and a flannel shirt to be appropriate for an annual address of this type but I'll take their word on it. 

While Dyeland has not expanded to the extent it did last year, I can't help but think that the spirit of Dyeland has reached further than it ever has before.  I've seen it warm hearts long grown cold in Los Angeles and New York and noted its power to heal while in London.  But this loving spirit has reached even beyond our Sibling Cities.  I felt its warmth in the deserts of Iraq, I was surrounded by its hope in Missouri, and I have felt it in my heart everywhere I've gone.  I know I'm not alone in feeling uplifted and encouraged by this amazing spirit and feeling of love.  Thank you to everyone whose own spirit is part of Dyeland's. 

Last year I bragged about your creativity and generosity.  You've all outdone yourselves this year!  I've noticed that some of you have really taken to that online T-shirt shop.  I never realized I had so many nicknames until I saw them all on some of your backs.  Your stories, music, and scrapbooks continue to amaze me and bring joy to your fellow Dyelanders.  And what can I say about the advancement of filming here in Dyeland?  Our ability to capture our moments together is a wonderful way to relive cherished memories.  I know the footage all of you took with Andrewcam 2000 continues to mean a lot to me and I hope we'll be looking back on our latest Valentine's documentary for years to come!

With complete seriousness and sincerity, I would like to thank everyone in Dyeland for another year full of blessings.  I'm afraid sometimes that my words can't fully express how much everyone here means to me but I'm going to try.  It's impossible for me to pick only a few moments in this past year to highlight in this address.  We've come together to help each other through grief, frustration, betrayal, and so much more.  And through all of that we've continued to find joy, peace, and love in each other's company. I've always known that my most important job as an angel is to help humans realize how much God loves them and to love them myself.  But I never imagined feeling so loved by them as I do when I'm with all of you.  Thank you for being a part of this loving community, this family.  Know that wherever you go, wherever the future takes you: you are loved.

Thank you from a very grateful friend.


JABB 268

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