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something to love, and something to hope for."
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Hi all!

Welcome to our celebration of John Dye's 46th birthday!  We hope he's having a wonderful time on his special day!  I also pray he knows what an amazing impact his career has had on our lives.  :-)

In honor of that career, I've put together a quiz that features questions about several of Mr. Dye's roles.  I hope you enjoy!  In addition, we're reprising a feature from last year.  Join us in rocking out and getting teary eyed with the Ultimate Dye Day Playlist Volume II!

Happy birthday, John Dye!  And a happy day to everyone else!

God bless,

A Dye Day Quiz

1.  How does Andrew take his coffee according to "Last Call"?
A.  Cream, no sugar      B.  Sugar, no cream      C.  Black      D.  He doesn't drink coffee.      E.  With hazelnut

2.  In what episode of "Tour of Duty" does Doc Hock shave his moustache?
A.  "A Bodyguard of Lies"      B.  "Doc Hock"      C.  "I Am What I Am"      D.  "A Necessary End"      E.  "World in Changes"

3.  In Mother, Mother, Jeff talks about a teddy bear he wanted.  What colors was it?
A.  Blue and white      B.  Yellow and green      C.  Purple and pink      D.  Red and black     
E.  Green and blue

4.  What is the name of Bill Morgan's son?
A.  Clint      B.  Eddie      C.  Kyle      D.  Jason      E.  Kevin

5.  What school does Todd from Campus Man attend?
A.  Arizona State University      B.  Mesa Community College      C.  Arizona School of Business      D.  ITT Tech      E.  University of Phoenix

6.  What religion does Virgil practice?
A.  Hinduism      B.  Sikhism      C.  Buddhism      D.  Taoism      E.  Confucianism

7.  According to the ever-modest Doc Hock, he is "the best lover ever to come out of..."
A.  Tupelo      B.  Memphis      C.  Charleston      D.  the South      E.  Vietnam

8.  What Shakespeare play does Andrew appear on stage in at the end of "The Quality of Mercy"?
A.  "Hamlet"      B.  "Romeo and Juliet"      C.  "King Lear"      D.  "Macbeth"      E.  "Henry V"

9.  What's Eric Manion's job in Heart of the Beholder?
A.  Sheriff      B.  Defense attorney      C.  Mayor      D.  District attorney      E.  Judge

10.  What character does not wear glasses at any point?
A.  Todd      B.  Bill      C.  Andrew      D.  Doc Hock      E.  Virgil

11.  What poet does Andrew recite in "Stealing Hope"?
A.  William Wordsworth      B.  Robert Frost      C.  Maya Angelou      D.  Walt Whitman      E.  William Shakespeare

12.  What is the name of the nun whose orphanage Doc Hock visits?
A.  Sister Mary Maureen      B.  Sister Alexandria      C.  Sister Bernadette      D.  Sister Virginia      E.  Sister Francine

13.  How many men, including Virgil, compete for his team in Best of the Best?
A.  Three      B.  Four      C.  Five      D.  Six      E.  Seven

14.  The actress who plays the mother of Jeff's deceased life partner in Mother, Mother later appeared in an episode of "Touched by an Angel."  Which episode was it?
A.  "Birthmarks"      B.  "Venice"      C.  "Deconstructing Harry"      D.  "The Grudge"      E.  "Hello, I Love You"

15.  What Brat Pack member starred in two movies with John Dye?
A.  Andrew McCarthy      B.  Rob Lowe      C.  Anthony Michael Hall      D.  Emilio Estevez      E.  Judd Nelson

16.  What event are they celebrating when Bill proposes in Twice Upon a Christmas?
A.  Bill getting a promotion      B.  The anniversary of Kristin's arrival      C.  The kids getting all A's      D.  Bill's birthday      E.  Christmas

17.  What's the name of the questionable fellow Todd borrows money from in Campus Man?
A.  Desert Ed      B.  Rick Rattler      C.  John Fierce      D.  Crazy Mack     E.  Cactus Jack

18.  Which of the following is not a member of Doc Hock's platoon?
A.  Lt. Goldman      B.  Cpl. Percell      C.  Lt. Edwards      D.  Sgt. Anderson        E.  Pvt. Ruiz

19.  John appeared in two "Murder, She Wrote" episodes.  What was his character's name in the episode in which he was an aspiring author?
A.  Ray Stevenson      B.  Andrew Smith      C.  Andy Broom      D.  Ray Stinson      E.  Andy Brock

20.  Finally, what song does Andrew claim to sing really well in a Season 4 episode?
A.  "Danny Boy"      B.  "Beautiful Dreamer"      C.  "Take On Me"      D.  "Greensleeves"      E.  "I Am the Walrus"

See the bottom of the page for answers!

The Ultimate Dye Day Playlist Vol. II

Not much has changed since last year.  It's still pretty unlikely that you're going to get your radio station to play John Dye-related songs on January 31st.  So feel free to use the guide below to mix your second Dye Day Playlist!

1.  I've Been Touched by an Angel- Della Reese
I think this is one of the most beautiful songs Della Reese sang on the show.  So it only seems right to include it here.  If you cry... that's okay.  I tear up every time I hear it.

2.  Time Has Come Today- The Chambers Brothers
This was a track on one of the old "Tour of Duty" soundtracks.  It sounds like something Doc would appreciate.  And relate to.  Maybe not in the best ways...

3.  Kung Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas
Cause this playlist needs something upbeat right about now.  So here's one for Virgil and the team!

4.  Never Surrender- Corey Hart
So according to IMDB.com, Campus Man has a Corey Hart song in the soundtrack that I could not find.  So I was really tempted to just swap in the awesomely 80s "Sunglasses at Night" but this makes more sense for the ever-persistent, nearly ditched by his friends Todd. 

5.  You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)- Dean Martin
I'm gonna give this one to Kristin and Bill from those Christmas movies cause I don't know what else to!  And Bill wasn't really looking to fall in love.  It works!!!

6.  He´s So Fine- The Chiffons
I thought it'd be fun to throw in a couple of the top songs from 1963.  This seemed appropriate!  He *is* fine.  :-)

7.  By the Rivers Dark- Leonard Cohen
In the tradition of Nina Simone's "Sinnerman," this is another song that reminds me of Manion although it's too good for him.  He doesn't deserve to have this song attached to him.  Oh well.  The only other thing I could think of was a track from The Last Temptation of Christ but that's also too good for him.  It wouldn't be fair to Peter Gabriel. 

8.  I Grieve- Peter Gabriel
Speaking of Mr. Gabriel...  This song is for Jeff from Mother, Mother.  Although it would also work for Bill as the other widowed JD character.  But I like Jeff better.

9.  Let Me Show You The Way- Michael W. Smith
Nicole suggested this one.  A rather somber take on Andrew and the Dyelanders.  Sigh...  Get some Kleenex.

10.   Reach Out I'll Be There- Four Tops
Another from the old "ToD" soundtracks.  It makes me think of Doc Hock who needed some support desperately.  But also Andrew.  Sigh...

11.  One Song Glory- RENT Cast
I don't make play lists that don't include at least one RENT song.  Just kidding.  But this song reminds me of Jeff.  I know Jeff wasn't a singer but just that drive to make an impact before time runs out... that reminds me of him.  I also think it's appropriate because RENT was born of Jonathan Larson's emotions as some of his friends dealt with AIDS much like Mother, Mother must have been for those involved.

12.  Fast Car- Tracy Chapman
I've loved this song for a long time, long before I think I could have possibly understood it.  Much like my feelings towards Andrew.  ;-)  So I'm putting it in here in honor of Andrew's mini-van.  It's not that the whole song in any way reminds me of Andrew (his assignments maybe) but this part:
"I remember we were driving, driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone."

Cause I think those words pretty well say what it'd be like to go riding with Andrew.  And unlike the person in the song... he wouldn't consider ditching.

13.  School Days- Chuck Barry
This one's for Todd and Skip (Making the Grade)... because they go to school.  And at this point we reaaaaallllyyyy need something upbeat!

14.  White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
Unfortunately, this seems a lil too appropriate for Doc Hock based on the last we saw of him...

15.  Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me- Elton John
There's a scene in Mother, Mother in which Jeff tells his friend that, once he's died, he's going to miss his sunsets.  So that's what this song reminds me of.

16.  Winter Light- Tim Finn
First heard this on the Narnia soundtrack.  It never made sense to me in that context but I love the song.  So this is for Bill and Kristin cause a wintery love song totally works for them!  Plus she did light up his life... 

17.  I Will Follow Him- Little Peggy March
Another 1963 hit.  And I would follow Andrew...

18.  I'll Stand By You- The Pretenders
I thought of this one while conversing about the need to stand up for Andrew against shippers and such.  But really it's just an all around good Andrew song.  And it makes me think of the Dyeland gang.

19.  You Make Me Feel Brand New- Simply Red
Angelica mentioned this in last night's Dye Day chat when we were trying to describe Andrew.  And then realizing we couldn't find the words.  I think it's perfect!

Answers to the quiz:

1.  C.  Black,   2.  A.  "A Bodyguard of Lies",   3.     D.  Red and black,   4.  C.  Kyle,   5.  A.  Arizona State University,   6.  C.  Buddhism,   7.  B.  Memphis,   8.  E.  "Henry V",   9.  D.  District attorney,   10.  B.  Bill,   11.  A.  William Wordsworth,   12.  C.  Sister Bernadette,   13.  C.  Five,   14.  B.  "Venice",   15.  E.  Judd Nelson,   16.  D.  Bill's birthday,   17.  E.  Cactus Jack,   18.  C.  Lt. Edwards,   19.  C.  Andy Broom,   20.  A.  "Danny Boy"

Happy birthday and thank you!!!


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