“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.
A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”
~ Bill Vaughn

Hi all,

Welcome to the first JABB of 2009!  I hope ya had a great time ringing in the new year!  I know I did.  A busy time, though!  So this New Year's/TOTGA Day issue is a lil rushed and all over the place and short at points.  But don't worry.  If all goes as planned the next one will be loooooong...  And not entirely comical so get the laughs while ya can!  That sounds more ominous than it should...  Sorry!  Writing on a deadline makes one dramatic.  Even self-imposed deadlines.  ;-)

Oh, and before I forget, these are times we're going with for the annual Dye Day chat:

Friday January 30th- 7 PM Central
Saturday January 31st- noon Central

As in previous years, the chat will be held here:

If you don't yet have an account, you may want to set one up so you're not scrambling on the day of the chat.  If you do intend to come to one or both, it may not be a bad idea to let me know.  If we have to postpone for some reason then I'll know to contact you and let you know.  Thanks!

God bless,


New Year's Resolutions for JABBers

I know I speak for at least a few other JABBers when I say that 2008 wasn't exactly our favorite year and we have great hope that 2009 will be better.  I'm sure everyone's devising ways to help make that so.  Below I have a few resolutions that are specifically JABB related that, I think, might make 2009 a better year than its predecessor!  Here goes...

1.  Keep sending out those emails about getting TBAA Season 5.  No matter what 2009 brings, I imagine we'll all have times when a TBAA episode that we haven't seen for years will be just the mood brightener we need!

2.  Don't get totally upset about shipper stories.  Yes, I know it's hard but try to limit the time you spend stewing about it since it can't really be helped.  Instead, devote some of that time to staring at photos of the AODs.  Cause while Monica shouldn't be acting swoony, the same does NOT apply to you.  Yay humanity!

3.  Purchase Kleenex.  Just trust me on this.  Or new running shoes.  Or a blankie.  Just something that will make your typical reaction to Andrew-inspired angst a lil easier to deal with.

4. Think up new adjectives to describe Andrew.  Because "lovely" wants some company! 

5.  Have a great time, enjoy the ride, and try not to get too upset when your mother, sister, best friend, etc. shakes their head and says "You're *still* obsessing over that guy???"  Yes, yes you are!  And proud of it!  Andrew forever!


Well, the beginning of the year seems like as good a time as any to take a census.  Dyeland has actually never had a census taken but it was something we were joking around about on the JABB YG.  So I made the following up.  Those with Dyeland characters might enjoy filling it out and returning it to me to post here.  Also a good way to get started if you're looking to create a character.  And for everyone else... hopefully you'll enjoy the one Andrew filled out.   Thanks to Jennifer for the pet addition.  :-)

The Official Dyeland Census

Happy New Year and welcome to Dyeland's 2009 (and thus far only) census!  Please fill out the following in a true and complete fashion.  Should you have additional comments, please state them in the provided space.  Thank you!

-The Dyeland Council

1.  Full name:

2.  Date of birth:

3.  Place(s) of residence:

4.  Number of individuals residing at primary residence:

5.  Pets:

6.  Marital status- please check all that apply:
O Single, never married
O Single, divorced
O Married
O Single but in a relationship
O Angel, definitely not looking
O Ungether aka in love with Andrew

6.  Role in Dyeland or Sibling City:

8.  Median income (please state type of currency):

9.  Measurements (need only fill out if you are male and regularly have ladies swooning over you and "borrowing" your clothing items and thus may feel the need to replace clothing items):

10.  Emergency contact(s):

11.  Additional comments:

Now Andrew's form...

1.  Full name: Andrew.  I don't have a last name and as everyone knows I really don't like being called Andy.  Although there are several other nicknames I will answer to.  0;-)

2.  Date of birth: Did you really expect me to fall for that?  Did Rose write this one?  ::chuckles::

3.  Place(s) of residence: Heaven and Serendipity, Dyeland City

4.  Number of individuals residing at primary residence: I'll just go with Serendipity since I don't think I have enough time to type up all the numbers for Heaven.  0;-)  Just two in Serendipity.  Lulu and me.

5.  Pets: Lulu- my basset hound.  She's 5.  I *can* tell you her age.  0:-)

6.  Marital status- please check all that apply:
X  Single, never married
O Single, divorced
O Married
O Single but in a relationship
X  Angel, definitely not looking
O Ungether aka in love with Andrew
(::blushes::  Thanks... although I did not realize that was an official status now.)

7.  Roles in Dyeland or Sibling City: Child of God, occasional handyman, angel, ice skating and drum teacher, cooking student, AOD Band and Immortals drummer and singer, and, of course, friend.  0:-)

8.  Median income (please state type of currency): I guess that means what do I get while in Dyeland?  A lot of great times, love, laughter, and a replenished stock of flannel shirts.  Thanks for all of that.  0:-)

9.  Measurements (need only fill out if you are male and regularly have ladies swooning over you and "borrowing" your clothing items and thus may feel the need to replace clothing items): This isn't like any other census form I've ever seen!  But I guess that means me so...  Umm, I guess either medium or large shirts depending on the style.  I think I'll just let the Father continue to pick out my pants for me. 

10.  Emergency contact(s): Pray to God.  See Tess or Adam if you need to talk to someone face-to-face.

11.  Additional comments:  Great idea, ladies.  I hope I answered everything alright.  I don't think a census form has ever made me blush before. 


Okay and now onto the portion of the newsletter celebrating the 13th anniversary of the original air date of "The One that Got Away" aka when the world was introduced to the wonder and loveliness that is Andrew.  I'm trying to keep this issue light since the next one won't be as much.  But, gotta say, I'm not really feeling giddy about when Andrew met Monica.  Cause I think there are some deeply flawed elements in that relationship.  So... celebrating its beginning... not so easy.  This is the best I could do!  And I'd just like to thank Nicole for helping me with a huge chunk of this!

Top Thirteen Ways "The One That Got Away"
Would Be Different if a JABBer Had Monica's Role

13.  The JABBer would have gotten all indignant when Tess called Andrew "Andy."

12.  Instead of Tess urging her protege to be nice to Andrew, she would have to urge her to let go of him... and not ogle him.

11.  When Andrew greeted Susan and kissed her on the cheek, the JABBer would have started screeching and told Susan to get away from "my Lovely One."  Andrew would have been left stunned. 

10.  Once the JABBer had straightened up, they would have kindly explained to Andrew that talking like Tess and kissing strange women is borderline creepy.  But they love him anyway.

9.  Ain't no way a JABBer would have appeared in an episode with a wedding reception and NOT have asked Andrew to dance.

8.  However, said JABBer would not have been dancing with Andrew whilst Tess sang "The Rose" to him as she would have been too busy hanging all over him and crying at the time.

7.  Bothered by the concerned look Andrew made when things began to go south with the deadly Susan, the JABBer would have screamed "Susan set Doug up and caused his suicide and she's been hurting people since.  Arrest her!  And, Mark, you should get with Lisa.  Everyone got it?  Great!  Cause me and the AOD are hopping a plane to Paris.  Au revoir!"

6.  After Andrew blew Tess that kiss, the JABBer would have gotten all googly eyed and murmured "I want one of those..."  Andrew would have started to wonder what the Father was thinking with this arrangement...

5.  Andrew wouldn't have had to bring up his pride issues quite yet since Monica wouldn't have been there to apologize for her own.  But if he did the JABBer's reaction would have been to sigh dreamily and say "Yeah, I know... it's part of what makes you so perfectly imperfect!"

4.  We'd finally have some clue as to why Andrew's earring disappeared mysteriously.  It would have been for one of three reasons:
1.  It was stolen as a keepsake.
2.  It was taken out after the JABBer kept getting her hair caught in it whilst hanging on him.
3.  Said JABBer kept touching it and it was chafing his ear.  So he took it out.  (Thanks Bri for that!)

3.  At the end of the episode, instead of calmly waving to Andrew as he faded away, the JABBer woulda jumped off the train and tackled Andrew so he would never, ever leave.

2.  CBS woulda canceled the show after this episode because they just couldn't get behind that psychotic new character who seems to be unhealthily attached to the new angel of death.  ;-)

1.  Instead of hoping to get rid of Andrew, as Monica seemed to, the JABBer would have...  Okay, it's now almost 10:00 PM.  We're tired, we're swoony, we're angsty.  We all know that if we finish this we're going to say something inappropriate so let's just leave it at that.  It'll be our lil secret.

JABB 264

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