"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,
but the parent of all others." ~ Cicero

Hi all,

Things are really crazy right now.  So I wrote this newsletter in countless five minute bursts in between dealing with stuff.  If it's at all amusing... yay!  If it's not, well, at least there are another 259 JABBs plus 9 CABBs you can look back on!  :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating!  To everyone else, happy Thursday!  It's almost the weekend!

God bless,

I had considered having this issue be written as if by Andrew.  But the thing is it's a lil hard to write as Andrew when one's feeling very fondly about Andrew.  Unless one wants to make Andrew sound narcissistic.  That would be bad.  But I did at least pull my head outta the clouds and get the stars outta my eyes long enough to write this:

Top Ten Things Andrew is Grateful for that He Won't Admit To... Except Here

10.  Life cereal-  He likes it.  He really likes it.

9.  The remote control- Andrew's not generally the type to jeopardize the channel changer but he does enjoy a feeling of empowerment when, with one touch of a button, POOF! those dratted "Scream" and "Final Destination" movies disappear. 

8.  November 1st- 364 days until he has to deal with Grim Reapers again!

7.  Boxers- Turns out Andrew wasn't a huge fan of loin cloths. 

6.  Bleach and super strength laundry detergent- They're great for getting all that mascara, eye shadow, foundation, and blush off of his shirts after being cried on by certain emotional Dyelanders. 

5.  Lame TV- Between reality show crud, copycat dramas, and the networks' tendency to cancel actually enjoyable shows, Andrew can rest assured no other lovely TV man will steal away the Dyelanders' affection.  Andrew can live with being replaced by actual, decent boyfriends and husbands.  But he's just not sure he can handle his place being usurped by Detective Ted of the Hot, New Crime Procedural.

4.  His flannel shirts- Oops.  No, that goes on the list of things *Dyelanders* are grateful for.  Love the lovely flannel clad angel...

3.  Shippers- If Andrew ever had fantasized about being human a la Monica in "The Netherlands," a few glimpses of the shippers' stories have definitely cured him of it! 

2.  His stress ball collection- Some kind soul left some of these beauties on his desk.  They've come in real handy when glimpsing aforementioned stories.  Although he did destroy one when he inadvertently read a fic in which he's pretty sure he killed a guy over Monica.  Oops.

1.  Della Reese CDs- He plays them and pretends Tess is singing especially to him... like she used to.  Oh c'mon!  You can't have thought I'd write a top ten without something sappy!

And now for something we haven't done for a very long time here at JABB... An acrostic poem!  I feel like I'm in grade school again!  Except 26 and crushing on a TV character.  Seriously, can someone think up another word?  I feel that after 12 years I deserve to use something more dignified than "crush."  Oh well, moving on...

That Andrew is much appreciated by JABB is no surprise, I'm sure.
However, some might be wondering how this feeling did endure.
Any time I get to pondering this, I think of what, in him, I'm thankful for.
Now I hope you'll give a listen as I explain why our Andrew I still adore.
Kay, there's the flannels shirts and that darling, lone raised eye brow.
Such gentleness I've seldom seen, such charm as only God could endow.
Great hair, enchanting olive eyes and an awesome jacket of black leather,
Inside and out he's got the loveliest qualities that could ever come together.
Vexing tasseled shoes and reticence and occasional issues with pride,
Instead of turning me against him they've all just left me more on his side!
Never will I be the same, in fact, I think the angel's made me quite insane.
Gah!  I miss him so and hope I'll dream of him after my dose of tryptophane!

Yep, definitely insane.  Hey, ya'll think turkey-like substance has tryptophane?  Just curious.  Anyhow, part of why this newsletter is so rushed is cause here in the States, Thanksgiving comes less than a full month before Christmas.  So I've been spending lotsa time decorating, even before today's holiday, for Christmas. I enjoy it but it can get overwhelming so I rely on helpful hints like "Photograph decorations after they're up and use them as a guide the following year" and "Box the decorations up by room."  No doubt the same advice would be helpful in Dyeland.  But I bet they have their own helpful tips.  Maybe some like...

- Get creative with your Nativity display.  While it's probably a good idea to keep baby Jesus and family together, consider putting a wiseman on the roof of the stable.  Throw in an American bison and a kangaroo for good measure.  Why you might ask?  Cause these obvious goofs are sure to get Tess' attention.  She'll no doubt insist upon getting your three kings and cadre of cuddly animals in a historically accurate arrangement.  While she's doing that you can quiz her about why she's not more attentive to Andrew.  This is especially effective if you can manage to start crying.

- Ban mistletoe.  It's just too risky given the number of angels running around Dyeland.  Instead, hang boughs of holly from the ceiling and say that whomever steps under them has to hug.  Andrew's infinitely more comfortable with this arrangement.  And he needs hugs.  Aww.  Ditto for all the lovely, lovely AODs.

- Invite friends over to help.  Start the day with breakfast and a cappuccino bar.  You'd be surprised how much hyped up angels and humans can get done.  And it may even bring a certain coffee-loving angel named Monica outta the woodwork.  You can ask her to help you bring up boxes from the basement, corner her, and then demand to know why she's not more attentive to Andrew.  You sensing a theme here yet?

- Sabotage a string of Christmas lights and then ask Andrew to fix them for you.  It's time consuming and as he struggles to figure out which bulb is the culprit, you can sit with him and keep him company.  And ask him if he needs a hug.  Or a talk?  A blankie?  Does he need you to talk to someone for him?   How about undying and possibly maladaptive eternal love and devotion?  Cookies and milk?

Happy Thanksgiving! 

May John Dye, wherever he is, know that we're thankful for all his career has inspired!


JABB 261

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