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Newsletter 26

Hello and welcome to JABB 26! I hope you've enjoyed JABB so far. This should be an interesting issue. It's definitely a bit different from the rest, but not much. Anyway, ENJOY! And let us know what you think!

Audrey and Jenni Co-presidents

Top Ten Names Martha Fiddled with Before Settling with Andrew

10. Cal the Crossover Angel

9. Ah! Go away!

8. Hey you! The 'Do you feel lucky' angel

7. The Angel formerly known as Death

6. Adam III

5. The Groovy Blonde Dude

4. Andy, the agent of death (Quick! Name that episode!)

3. The BFK -- Big Friendly Killer

2. The Glad Reaper

1. Hey, he ain't blue yet ... the 'So take him anyway' angel

The Guest Stars Revenge.

Here's a story about a man named Andrew, who had 2 costarring angels of his own.

Each of them were very heavenly and all had halos made of gold.

Here's a story, about a man named Sam, who had 2 guest starring angels and himself.

They all appeared just when needed and then went back to their own shows.

Then one day the guest-stars rammed the CO-stars, and that's how Celeste came to run the show -- to run the show, to run the show, that's how Celeste came to run the show!

Episode one: The Capture

Calisto walks into a large cave. She turns just in time to see Xena enter with her annoying sidekick by her side. Xena pulls her sword and stabs Calisto in the chest.

"UHH! Immortality is such a pain!" she said with a look of disgust removing herself from the blade.

"Are you going to listen," inquired Xena, "or do you want another hole in your body?"

"Oh, I'm sick of this gig! I quit! I'm going back to guest star on Touched by an Angel. Tess never stabbed any of her guest stars!" With that she disappeared.

Calisto is now seated at a large table with two other people. Only she is no longer Calisto.

"Celeste, we've been waiting for you."

"Sam?" she inquired.

"I remember you. But who's the other guy?"

"That's Rafael. He's another guest angel who's unhappy at his usual gig."

An enlightened look appeared on her face.

"We've been concocting a plan to take over the show. The guest stars will rule! Here's my plan." They all put their heads together, discussed the plan, and went about their ways.

Rafael decided to take out Monica. This was an easy task. A few mocha lattes and Rafael had her locked away! Tess was next.

"I'll handle this," Sam had said. "I know you're afraid of her."

"I thought everyone was scared of Tess!" Celeste had answered. So she was in charge of taking care of Andrew while Sam handled Tess.

No one knows what exactly Sam did to Tess to get her to surrender, but they seem to assume it was a messy fight. Tess wasn't the kind of angel to go down with ease. What ever Sam had done, it was done quickly and successfully. After only a few days, Sam came back to report the task was done. It was now Celeste's turn. But it wouldn't be so easy to get Andrew, she knew. He was quite a match for her, but she could do it. She knew she could!

Celeste walked slowly up to our beloved Angelboy, looking at him with pitiful eyes.

"Celeste?" Andrew asked. "Is that you?! How have you been? I haven't seen you since the delivery some time ago."

"Oh, I've been doing quite well. I've got quite a case to handle now. I was wondering if you could be of assistance?"

"Well, I don't know. I've got my own duties right here. Why not ask Tess?"

"Oh, she scares me so! And I haven't seen Monica around here. I was so hoping to have a little help here. I'm still pretty new at this angel stuff you know," Celeste spit out.

"I know how that is. Sure, I'll help you. So what's this case about?"

Celeste and Andrew walked down the road and disappeared. Celeste was telling Andrew about a dying boy who needed hope and something or other about a hopeless mom. She didn't recall the story too well. All she could remember was the look on Andrew face when he appeared in the very room Tess and Monica were being held captive in.

"What's going on here?" Tess demanded.

"Chill out," answered Sam. "Us guest starts are going to take over for a bit. It is us you will answer to and us you will fear."

"Wait'll I get my hands on you, Sam!" Tess screamed.

"What's the idea here? I don't see why you have to do this. If you wanted more screen time, or to be in more episodes, you should have just asked," Monica said, trying to help settle the situation a bit.

"I don't think they're will to negotiate, Monica," Andrew blurted out. "I think they want total control and for us to be the "guest stars". They seem to forget we started out as guest stars ourselves.

"You are wise, Angelboy," smirked Celeste. "I have plans for you, young man. Oh I have some great plans for you."

The three new costarring angels left the three new guest starring angels to wallow in their own misery and went to film their very first episode!

What happens to Tess, Andrew, and Monica? And just what do Sam, Rafael, and Celeste plan to do with their new captives? And what exactly does Celeste have in mind for Angelboy?!

Good question! You tell me! E-mail Audrey. All ideas will be put to use in the best way possible.


Newsletter 27