"He looked like the love thoughts of women.
He could be a bee to a blossom-- a pear tree blossom in the spring.
He seemed to be crushing scent out of the world with his footsteps...
He was a glance from God."
from Zora Neale Hurston's
Their Eyes Were Watching God

Hi all,

Welcome to the fifth observance of Andrew's unofficial birthday!  We may not know how old he is but I think we all agree he deserves a birthday celebration!  Of course, it's kind of tricky throwing a birthday party for an angel of death.  So many of our usual birthday customs don't really work.  I mean if you put the appropriate number of candles on a cake for him, that cake may need to be the size of several football fields.  The candles might be viewable from space even!  And the whole pinata thing doesn't really work.  Andrew might get confused when handed the bat and try to find a computer to bash.  I'm just kidding!  But I hope this newsletter contains enough to get you into a celebratory mood whether you reside on Earth or in Dyeland.  Enjoy!

God bless,

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Andrew's Birthday in the Real World

10.  Make Andrew your very favorite dessert.  If he doesn't show up to claim it, eat it yourself.  Might as well be full when you bemoan his absence.

9.  If you have a bit of extra spending money, go ahead and buy Andrew a gift and then donate it to someone who needs it or would appreciate it.  Just be careful.  I bought a tie with the intention of donating it but then my brother took a liking to it.  Now I get depressed every time he wears it.  Sigh...

8.  Have a TBAA marathon!  Watch all your favorite Andrew episodes!  Or at least your favorite Seasons 2-4 ones since someone seems to be holding back the other seasons.  Grrr.

7.  I think I speak for more than myself when I say that it would have been much-appreciated to see Monica and Tess celebrate a special event for Andrew.  Monica got her 100th assignment party, Andrew and Monica threw that surprise party for Tess.  Andrew, well, he got nothing.  Rather than spend his birthday sitting around and stewing over the obvious discrepancies in that friendship, take the time to let *your* friends know how much they're appreciated.  Maybe invite some over for lunch.  You don't need to tell them it's cause it's Andrew's birthday.  ;-)

6.  Try and figure out how many different ways you can consume orange juice and ginger ale.  Make it into a popsicle, smoothie or ice cream float.  If you're especially adventurous, you might try to turn it into a cake!

5.  Get yourself a gift.  Doesn't have to be anything big.  I just have a feeling that Andrew is the type to want to share his special day so go ahead and do something for yourself! 

4.  Meditate.  Being an Andrew fan is sometimes stressful and you might feel it even more on this special day.  So breathe in, breathe out and try to forget about Monica leaving Andrew to cry alone in "The Journalist" or Tess mentioning him only as an afterthought in "Clipped Wings" or that super-annoying DVD delay.  I think I'm gonna need lotsa Enya and lotsa incense...

3.  If you're extroverted enough, buy Andrew a bouquet or a bunch of balloons.  Pass them out to strangers you run into.  Use his special day to brighten someone else's!  If you're too shy for that, try to think of other random acts of kindness you could perform in his honor.

2.  Play Andrew themed party games!  Print photos of Andrew in identical pairs.  Make each photo of uniform size.  Then play an Andrew memory game!  Play Pin the Pocket Watch into Andrew's Hand!  Get a pinata shaped like a computer and go to town!  If you're lucky enough to have fannish friends around, you could play Pass the Story and make up an exciting new adventure for Andrew!

1.  Do Andrew-like things all day long.  Play football with friends.  Make yourself a tool belt and fix things around the house.  Dance with an umbrella in your yard.  Call people "babe" and "baby" and then suddenly stop doing that and get really serious and run your hands through your hair.  Maybe it will make you miss him less!  Or more...

Birthday Wishes for Andrew from Dyeland

I think, no matter how many inventive ways we can find to celebrate Andrew's birthday, many of us wish we were in Dyeland to actually celebrate with him.  Unfortunately, the best we can offer you are these messages from our Dyelander counterparts.

From Yva and Company:

My dear Andrewkins,

(gives time for the blush to wear off)

Just a quick note to wish you all the best for your (observed) birthday.  Here's hoping you have a gazillion more, but that you know that you are always aged to perfection.

Take care, dearest of lovely angel boys and have a great day.

Namasté & Love,

PS- Papa Willy wishes you a happy day and hopes you got the pound of gobstoppers he sent your way for the party.  He says don’t bite into them, or else you’ll need dentures because they are that hard.

PPS- Adam sent me a message saying that he will be there for the party, but if there’s food you can bet on it.

PPPS- Nigel sends his love.  He’s very busy and still away from Dyeland, but is thinking about you.

Hugs from all.

From Lady JenniAnn:

Dearest and loveliest of all Andrews,

Birthday greetings from your sappy friend!  Well, one of your sappy friends.  ;-) 

I hope you know that each and every one of us here in Dyeland and the Sibling Cities are so glad you were born.  Thinking back on our 8+ years as a group, I'm reminded of all the times you inspired us, comforted us, and loved us.  As you go through life remember this: God loves you and so do we.  We ladies may joke about how much we adore your flannel shirts or your tool belt or the way your eye brows speak even when you're silent or the way the light hits your hair.  But the truth is we love you for the sum of all these things and so much more.  We love *you* and I know we all hope you have a wonderful, love-filled day that will make it clear to you how special you are.

With love,

From Vincent:

Dear Andrew,

I wish you a happy birthday.  You have proven yourself to be a true friend to us all.  I have noted the care you take with everyone from infants to the elderly, those who are kind to you and those who are not, friends and strangers.  I am proud to consider you a friend.

Be well,

From Mick:

Dear Andrew,

Happy birthday to a guy that makes me feel not quite so old.  ;)  How many years do you have on me?  A billion?  A million?  A few thousand?  I better stop before I sound too much like Rose.

Enjoy the doughnuts.  Krispy Kremes.  I hear they're great. 


Happy Birthday, Andrew!!!


JABB 256

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