“May God give you...
For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile,
for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share,
for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.”
~ an Irish blessing

Hi all,

First of all, pretty psyched that this is JABB 250!  Whoda thunk it!?

Second, I hope all those in the U.S. have a great and safe Independence Day!  To our friends in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!  And to everyone else, have a fantastic weekend!

When next you hear from me (and some others!), we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary!!!

God bless,

Top Ten Signs They're Taking Way Too Long with the TBAA Season 5 DVDs

10.  You consulted a lawyer to see if you can sue either or both CBS Home Video and Paramount for reckless abandonment. 

9.  You've realized that putting this DVD together has inexplicably taken about as much time as it took to actually film the entire season... if not longer.

8.  You have Paramount DVD's office number on speed dial and you call it multiple times a day screeching "Give us TBAA Season 5!!!  We need Andrew's sideburns!!!" or similar.

7.  You've burned up your VHSes of S5 episodes because you watched them so often while waiting for the DVDs.

6.  You've started buying the fifth season of other shows just because you don't know what else to do.  Now you're stuck with Season 5 of "M*A*S*H", "ER", "Seinfeld," and "Dawson's Creek" and you never watched any of those shows... 

5.  You've begun to consider that this delay is the result of a vast government conspiracy to hide the existence of aliens.  Aliens stole Season 5 but the UN doesn't want us to know so they're hoping we'll forget it existed.  Ya know, maybe you shouldn't have watched that 5th season DVD set of "The X-Files" after all...

4.  You're beginning to wonder if maybe TBAA was canceled after "The Spirit of Liberty Moon" and we all hallucinated Seasons 5-9.

3.  What's Season 5?

2.  You've printed off photos of Andrew from Season 5 and turned them into a flip book.  You flip the pages and supply your own voices.  Sadly, this makes Andrew sound really, really weird.

1.  You've gotten so desperate to see episodes like "Psalm 151" and "Beautiful Dreamer" that you've started sweding them with your friends and neighbors.  Bonus points to you if you've tried to get TBAA alum Jack Black to do this with you.  And who knew that Mike the Mailman made such a great Andrew? 

I think I may have stated before, if not here then at least on the YG, that many of the last few newsletters have been rushed.  Part of the reason is the Midwest USA, where I live, has experienced severe weather of varying types.  My prayers go out to those who have lost much during this time. 

Thankfully, except for a minor water intake problem in my basement and numerous evenings without the computer because I needed to shut it off lest it get fried by lightning, myself and my family have done well.  However, a few weeks ago Danika, Flick and I took to the basement during a tornado warning.  While waiting for the okay to go back upstairs, I began to brainstorm the following.  Obviously tornadoes are very serious and deadly things that shouldn't be taken lightly but if you're a lil creeped out by them like me, trying to make the best of it just may save your sanity!  These could no doubt work for other weather situations, too.

What to Do if You're an Androoler During a Tornado Warning
(just pretend you've never read JABB 226 ;-)

1.  We've mentioned drinking games but why not create and indulge in a few rounds of an Androoling game?  It works similar to a drinking game but instead of sipping something you indulge in an Andrew-themed activity.  For example, every time you hear the phrase "wall cloud," come up with something to add to JABB's Graffiti Wall.  Every time the weather person says "wind speed," imagine Andrew sitting on a beach or in a forest or somewhere lovely with a light breezing blowing through his lovely hair...  Just don't swoon cause you need to stay alert and listen to the weather person for your own safety.

2.  Write something for JABB.  Pretty please?  ;-)

3.  If you had some warning that severe weather was possible, print several Andrew photos and quotes in advance.  Spend the tornado putting together an Andrew collage.  Then scan it, if possible, so we can see!

4.  Make up some Andrew or Adam or Dyeland or TBAA themed filk songs.  Just don't sing so loud that you can't hear the weather person!

5.  Mentally select Andrew's wardrobe for a week... or a month... or a year, depending on how long the tornado risk lasts.

6.  Play an Andrewized version of "What Would Ya Do?"  Come up with answers to such questions as:

    - What would ya do if Andrew were arrested for murder?

    - What would ya do if Andrew got amnesia?

    - What would ya do if you'd been in the newsroom when Andrew started crying in "The             Journalist"?

What would ya do if Andrew got really discouraged during an assignment and threatened
    to go back to caseworking only?

What would ya do if Andrew just walked right into your work place or home?

7.  If you happen to have your CD or MP3 collection with you, start planning an Andrew mixed CD.  Or two... or three... again depending on how long the weather risk lasts.

8.  Exchange phone numbers with a trusted TBAA fan or two.  Call them (on a wireless phone!) and ask them to talk you through it.  As the storm rages you can discuss "Til Death Do Us Part" and "The Violin Lesson" and the loveliness that is our AODs.  Tis the stuff Hallmark card commercials are made on!


JABB 251

(Photo Credits: The photographs used on this page are from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  They are not being used to seek profit.)