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Congrats to Kimberly who won last issue's "Musical Hunt". She got an amazing 19 titles and musicals! I will be out of town starting tomorrow and until the 25th. So if you have any comments or questions do NOT email this address as I won't be able to answer them. Instead send them to Audrey.


Now onto this week's issue.......


In the last JABB........

Jenni had a strange dream or was it a dream at all? Andrew had appeared to her at school saying, "We have important plans to make!!!" Now its time to unveil those plans...........

July 19th 1998

It was your typical Sunday night in the TBAA chatroom on AOL. "The episode was great!" "John sure is cute!" "I can't wait 'til next season starts!!!" Then one by one the chatters left until only 4 remained..... Perhaps they had too much cappuccino that night. Maybe it was just something in the air? No one knows but that night history was made! Audrey, Barbara, Jarrod, and Jenni devised a plan.

Audrey: Well, we didn't actually devise it. I think it was Barbara's idea, and we joked about it till she left, then Jarrod got us started on the 12 steps. We were just the innocent bystanders!!

Jenni: Really? I thought Barbara was there for the 12 steps in fact I'm sure she was.

Moving on!

So the four decided they would form a group to help the John fans and they named it the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade, JABB for short.

Audrey: Barbara named it. That much I'm certain.

Jenni: I coulda swore it was Jarrod.

Audrey: Barbara!

Jenni: Jarrod!

LADIES!!!!!!! Well, anyway. The four of them decided up the name. Their primary goal, to help the many, many souls they'd seen hopelessly addicted to John Dye.

Audrey: Well, we kinda liked having all the addicts! So it's kinda a cover operation here. We're "here to help." But we really just add fuel to the flames!

Jenni: Well, I wouldn't exactly put it that way! We want to help, don't listen to her!

In any case JABB would go onto change the way people Androoled.... But why exactly was JABB started? Boredom? Or was there a deeper reason for the foursome's involvement?

Audrey: :: Under breath :: I still say it's all Jenni's fault I got dragged into this! Her and her obsession with John behind bars. :: not realizing Jenni'd heard her ::

Jenni: WHAT?!?!??!?!? You said you'd never tell about *that*!!! Seems to me *someone* wanted to convert all the Androolers to MiGism! Gee who could that be?!?!?! AUDREY!!!!!!

Jarrod: I don't care why it started!!!! I thought you were both crazy from the beginning! Oye how did I get involved in this?!?!

Oh no! Now there's three of them!

Barbara: Glad I got out while I was still sane!!


Jenni: Where have you been?

Barbara: I've been to London to visit the Queen!

Now, that the foursome has been reunited, I'll continue. JABB began as a basic 12 step program. It was then submitted to the TBAAngel list and members began to join.

Audrey: Well, they didn't come right to us to join! I mean, we had close friends who mostly likely felt obligated to join and that was it. I mean, Jenni had to post to the list several times just to get some 10 odd members!

Jenni: NO! They all *wanted* to join! And it wasn't just close friends. The others we bribed with photos of John.

Look! It doesn't matter how or why or when the people joined. What's import is they joined! There were to be hard times ahead for JABB though....

Jenni: Hard times?!?!? I don't remember any hard times! Never! No, no, no, no!!!!

Audrey: Hmm. Would this have anything to do with the "trial EP"?

Jenni: SHHH!!!!!! Don't even!

Audrey: Why not? It's your fault the whole JABB circuit almost came to a crashing end! Just think of all the hopeless souls we wouldn't have been able to devastate. Oh, I mean help.

Jenni: It's not my fault! Nothing happened to the JABB circuit! Its still here! Despite my so-called "problems"!

Jarrod: Will BOTH of you shut up! Both of you almost ended JABB with your childish antics. Perhaps we'd even be better off right now and your silly little fan club tumbled down months ago.

I know let's play a game! How about you all see how long you can stay quiet while I finish this! Yes, JABB had its ups and downs, but as its first year draws to a close let us reflect on all it has brought us.

Audrey: Did she just dare to tell us to shut up?

Jenni: I think so! The nerve of some story tellers!

Jarrod: You know, we don't need some fat chick with the ability to spell (Audrey: HEY!) telling us what to do! We can finish this ourselves!

All right

Jenni: Yeah!

Audrey: OK. So atfer the litle drew back, we got JABB bak on it's fet.

Jenni: Hey! What makes you think I'm gonna let an advocate of the AAA, such as yourself, tell the story of JABB?

Audrey: I'm quite capable of telling a sotry w/o misspelin' a word!

Jenni: Oh yeah! That'll be the day! You just go play with your MiGs and I'll tell the true story.

Jarrod: Over my dead body!

The three bicker more fiercely than before and all begins to fade. We see John Dye smiling slyly. I knew they'd never be able to get through a simple story without resorting to this kind of petty infantile behavior. Now I don't have to worry about these JABBers driving me crazy any more! My little plan of invading that Jenni girl's dream has work. HAHAHAH!

And so goes the story of how JABB came to be, and quite possibly, the story of how John demolished the only sanctuary for his followers. Who really won this battle? No one can tell. But all we know is that the spark is still there. Let it be known, the war is not yet over!

Well, we hoped you've enjoyed our first year at JABB. We'd like to take this time to thank all of our members and those who have helped as get material for the various issues. We would also like to thank our two cofounders. JABB would never have come to be with out them. Jarrod, you've kept our sanity, well pretty well lol. And Barbara, where ever you are, we will never forget the part you had in bringing JABB to where it is today. Thank you to each and every one of you!