"The illusion that times that were are
better than times that are has
probably pervaded all ages."
~ Horace Greeley

Hi all,

I decided it was about time for another "Jenni and Jenni Write JABB," previous installments of which can be found in JABB 193, JABB 199, and JABB 213.  Basically, I go through my old journals and copy the stuff I wrote about TBAA and later the fandom and JABB and then comment on it as my modern self.  Unfortunately, after my family got a computer I wrote less about TBAA in my journals since I could post about it online.  That's probly why it jumps from June 23, 1998 in the last one to now July 27, 1999 and then jumps again to 2002.  Although it's also possible I misplaced a journal during my move.  Hmm...  However, I still found what I hope are some amusing passages.  I think these are the first ones to really involve JABB.  Enjoy!  Feel free to laugh at me.  ;-)

Oh and before I forget, if you read JABB 243 and wondered what the heck was going on... it was an April Fool's joke.  Dyeland is not some cruel reality show Andrew was subjected to.  If you go to the bottom of the page and highlight The End and then scroll down, still highlighting, the words "Yeah right..." appear.  Click them.  Then you'll get the rest of the story!

God bless,

Jenni and Jenni Write JABB

July 27, 1999:
"Time out for a little JABB brainstorming.

Here's one for those of you still mourning John's hair:
    John has long, blonde hair.
    It is not short.
    He doesn't resemble a jack-o-lantern.
    Scissors were never invented
    I miss the hair!!!

Now for the people obsessed with the murder trial idea (lol gee who could that be?):
    There will be a murder trial!
    Andrew will be in it at least 80%
    Its merely been delayed.
    But its there!  I swear!
    Really it is!

How to help with the screentime issue:
    Andrew was the star of season 5.
    We just couldn't see him.
    He was invisible.
    Look there he is!  See him?
    Monica?  Monica who?

Top Ten rejected names for Andrew.
As you all know JD joined TBAA in Season 2 as Andrew the AOD.  What you might not know is that many names were discussed before the writers chose Andrew.  Here are some of the suggestions:
1.  The Jolly Beige Giant of Death
2.  The Groovy Blonde Dude
3.  Adam III
4.  Hey you from heaven
5.  Ah!  Go Away!
6.  The Glad Reeper
10.  Cal the Crossover angel"

My comments from April 12, 2008:
Huh.  My guess is that was supposed to be mantras for JD fans to recite to comfort themselves.  I don't think we ever used them so finally you can see em 9 years later!  It's almost like that The Secret book where you were sposed to say things and then that would make it so.  Or something like that...

As for that unfinished top ten, Audrey and I did end up finishing it for JABB 26.  But some got cut.  Personally, I liked the Jolly Beige Giant of Death.  ;-)

After that entry that particular journal turns into letters to Jesus written at intervals over the next three years.  TBAA is seldom mentioned.  However, it inspires the bulk of one letter.  Because it is more religious in nature than anything I've ever put in JABB, I opted to put it on the Author's Cut rather than here.  Also cause it's very serious and related to 9-11.  So if you're interested in reading that (it involves the episode "The Christmas Watch") you can go here.  Otherwise, we now jump 2.5 years ahead to excerpts from my LiveJournal!

March 14, 2002:
"One of my friends offline found my website!!! With the JABB link and who knows what else on it!! I'm debating what to do as "damage control". I'm kinda thinking being honest might be best. But then again... They won't understand, I think. Augh... Scary. Confused... I need to get offline and take a break."

My comments from April 12, 2008:
Ha!  Shortly after that I did fess up and admit to some of my friends that I was running a fan club about Andrew.  But I don't think I ever told that one as we weren't super close.  If memory serves, she found my site (now jenniofshalott.net) by searching for "Godspell" material.  I think, as now, I was mostly concerned about them reading Dyeland stuff.  Creepy thought!

March 21, 2002:
"Well... how's this for odd? Another of my friends offline found my webpage! The worst part is she actually read several pages! Then I get an email from Aud and someone signed in as John Dye on the JABB guestbook! My first thought is it's prolly a fake but... There were three people I most wanted to never find my webpages. My two friends who found it and him... So who knows! I've settled down a tad, though. Still weirded out.
Well, I have a big test tomorrow so I better go."

My comments from April 12, 2008:
Strange.  I only remember one offline friend finding my web site so I have no idea how this other one got to it.  And I totally remember wondering if it was really JD who signed the guestbook!  Although I actually thought it was much earlier than Season 8 when that happened...  Huh.  Memory is funny.

And, yes, that is "prolly."  For some reason I used to use that instead of the much more understandable "probly" which is how I actually pronounce "probably" when not having to speak properly.

Nowadays I wouldn't terribly mind John finding JABB.  Granted, there are certain sections I'd rather he see over others but I don't think I'd be quite so freaked out now.  Hard to say...

April 19, 2002:
"Geez, I've gotta go watch a sappy movie or something. That actually may be a bad idea... I could end up getting ideas. I just posted a ridiculous thing to JABB hoping to vent some of this out but I'm still dripping with it! Sheesh... Maybe I should just go to sleep..."

Obviously that made me want to know what the heck I'd posted to JABB.  So I went back to the archives and found this blast from Lady JenniAnn's past:

"Dearest Andrew, I am most sorry for living in your yard but you have to understand my position.  If you thought you could save me from something bad by hanging out in the hallway or on my balcony (the yard isn't close to my room) would you not do the same?  It pains me to think I've angered you.  I've not heard a kind word from you since I heard that awful voice and... and... it scared me!  I had to be outside in your yard because whenever I tried to go anywhere else I got really, really scared.  I just thought that whatever I heard wouldn't come if they knew someone was waiting for them...

I think I'm going to be going away.  I don't want to cause any more bad feelings.  I will return when I see fit.  If anyone needs me I'll be checking my email.  Until then... good bye my friends.  Good bye Andrew..."

My comments from April 12, 2008:
Ha.  I forgot how psycho LJA used to be.  Although, to be honest, I don't think that's near as sappy as a lot of the stuff I've written as LJA since.  I wish I remembered what the "awful voice" was about.  I do remember LJA living on Andrew's porch for a while, too.  And the time she nearly married Eben who was masquerading as a human.  And the time she faked being evil when that crazy doctor kidnapped Andrew (inspired by the BatB episode "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" and utter boredom).  But then crazy doc demanded a show of loyalty and told her to punch Andrew.  So she did cept when the doctor wasn't looking she turned her signet ring around so the jagged bit cut into her hand when she hit Andrew and did not cut him.  Good gravy!  I'm quite glad Dyeland is a bit less sensational these days!

May 3, 2002:
"4. I've stayed in the "dress like Monica, wear flowery skirts" stage for a really, really long time."

My comments from April 12, 2008:
That was from a list of realizations I made while organizing my closet.  I'm still kinda in that stage...  Although I've hippied it up a bit.  So, yeah, I still dress like Monica but I sure as heck wouldn't act like her if I was friends with Andrew.  Far from ignoring him during his time of need ("The Journalist"), I'd probly get called into the angelic version of Human Resources to have a lil chat about proper relationships with one's co-workers.  I'm sure I'd be told that clinging to an angel of death is NOT appropriate.  No matter how cute he is.  Or how sad seeming...

May 7, 2002:
"I've been thinking a lot lately about TBAA and what I think about it possibly going off the air. I can honestly say I'm not freaking out like I thought I would. Whether that's because I feel okay with moving on or because I'm just in denial that it will happen, I'm not sure. But I know I feel better after seeing "Scrubs" tonight. I've been watching it all season but tonight really got me. I ended up watching it twice. Anyway, just pondering... "

My comments from April 12, 2008:
I then had to check and see what "Scrubs" had been on.  It was called "My Occurrence" and very moving so I think I just felt better knowing that with out TBAA I'd still have my necessary cry show.

But no Andrew!!!  Dr. Cox is awesome but no Andrew!!!

Thankfully, TBAA did make it back for a S9 as we all know.  And I think I was in denial.  Cause I remember the closer we got to season's end, I started to feel nauseated. 

May 8, 2002:
"I said I wasn't sure I was overly concerned about TBAA's possible cancellation but I lied... I figured it out just five minutes ago as I was writing JABB. I was bored and didn't know what else to do. It was a story and I ended up crying. JABB is a parody! It's goofy! It's senseless!! It's supposed to make people either laugh or just go "Huh?" No crying! Needless to say that particular issue prolly won't be used. Eight years... I mean I wasn't like sobbing. But it was definitely a melancholy thing. Well, I'm gonna go email CBS. Being in a sappy mood will prolly make it more effective."

My comments from April 12, 2008:
There's "prolly" again.  Weird.  Anyhow, just as I suspected, I was NOT okay with TBAA ending.  Although it is funny that I insisted JABB had to be funny since we've since had several very serious moments. 

I wish I had that email to CBS saved somewhere...  Back then I wasn't as much of a cyber packrat. 

I also wish I knew what I wrote for JABB.  I suspect it may have been this.

May 15, 2002:
"Anyway, TBAA was renewed! Yeah... back to bead sorting for me... "

My comments from April 12, 2008:
Surprisingly abrupt and not terribly enthused after that freak out on May 8th!  But yay!  Cause as I've stated before S9 Andrew is waaaay attractive.  Love the lovely angel.  I can't imagine how it would have been with out him!  Anyhow, that seems like a good note to end this on.  Maybe I'll do this again in a few months and, hopefully, pick up with thoughts from S9!

JABB 245

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