"Who understands why Spring is born out of Winter's laboring pain? 
Or why we all must die a bit before we grow again."
~~ El Gallo in The Fantasticks

Hi all,

This is a rather swamped time for our calendar.  I know many of us will be celebrating Easter tomorrow and meanwhile Spring came and our own Past Assignments' Day was on the 20th.  So this newsletter is a bit of a hodge-podge of lil things related to those celebrations.  I hope you enjoy!  Special thanks to Nicole's sister, Bri, for submitting the first two questions in the "Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer" section. 

God bless,

A Past Assignments' Day Quiz

This is just for fun but I wanted to do something to mark the occasion on which we remember some of Andrew's past assignments.  Unlike previous years, I have decided to bring in some of Andrew's assignments that are known only to JABB, not TBAA.  Just because TBAA wrapped in 2003 doesn't mean Andrew ended!  So see if you can guess which assignment these clues describe.

1.  After losing my wife, I was so distraught that I required the help of not just Andrew but two other angels of death one Christmas. 

2.  In my episode, Andrew's voice was heard through out giving the Androolers' much to rejoice about.  However, I was far from rejoicing when I discovered my surrogate daughter's history wasn't quite what she lead me to believe. 

3.  My episode aspired to biblical proportions when Andrew ended up re-enacting a scene from Exodus while I faced potentially losing someone very dear to me. 

4.  Andrew himself lost someone dear to him as his assignment with me unfolded.  While my neighbors seemed to go insane, I found comfort in the serenity of Andrew and the company of his horse.

5.  Struggling to come to terms with an abusive past, I found expression in poetry. 
However, something I heard in a class Andrew taught enraged me. 

6.  I am part of one of Andrew's earliest assignments with his friends, Monica and Tess.  I, too, am one of a group of three.  However, my trio was not as serene as the angels'.  In fact, I exposed a family secret about the youngest of my group. 

7.  While I may not have the fan-favorite status of the Wittenbergs or Tony Du Bois or Erin, my episode gave Androolers more than a little to smile, giggle, and swoon about as Andrew spent most of the episode caring for my infant daughter. 

8.  Using the surname of Ellis, Andrew tried to help me curb my bullying.  However, when I was murdered, Andrew ended up on trial for it. 

9.  My prestigious job was nearly everything to me.  However, when the health of a friend made me choose between him and my job, Andrew and his friends helped me. 

10.  My life contained at least two brushes with Andrew.  Nonetheless, I spent most of my episode insisting he was a delusion. 

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Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer-
The Spring 2008 Edition

Q: Does Andrew prefer pink or yellow lemonade?

A: A great question!  Because with Spring now here, who doesn't love a cool glass of lemonade?  The answer?  Andrew!  That's right, Andrew hates lemonade.  You want to know why?  Because once he was on assignment as a cop with a regular neighborhood patrol beat.  But there were these two warring factions of eight year olds with lemonade stands.  One sold pink lemonade, the other sold yellow lemonade.  There was a price war and ultimately the kids started beating each other up.  Andrew tried to intervene but all the kids turned on him!  They merged their businesses and ended up making a sign reading "Angel of Death Cop- 5 cents for the whole lot."  So that's why Andrew hates lemonade.  And he's also deeply phobic of 8 year olds now.  We're trying to get Dr. Phil to help him but he won't return our calls. 

Q:  What would happen if Andrew exploded?

A:  We would have marshmallow clovers, horseshoes, stars, pots of gold, balloons, rainbows, hearts, and moons filling the atmosphere around where poor Andrew once stood. Oh...  Wait...  No, I'm sorry.  Apparently that is what happens if a box of Lucky Charms cereal explodes.  Why the heck are you thinking about Andrew exploding!?!?  Andrew can't explode!  Why don't you just go take a walk in this lovely spring air and chill, okay?  Exploding AODs... sheesh!

Q:  Can Andrew go with me to my school's spring formal?

A:  No.  Andrew is busy.  He's already going to the Angel Prom.  And he is, like, so totally freaking out.  I mean do you have any idea how hard it is to cram a manicure, pedicure, facial and visit to the hair stylist into one week?  As if!  And then Adam, that brat, went out and bought the exact same tux as Andrew!  So now Andrew has to go get another one cause it would be, like, totally mortifying to show up in the same outfit.  Also, he has to ask God if he can borrow the car that night cause it's, like, totally embarrassing to have your Dad, even if He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator and Sustainer of All That Is, pick your date up.

So there's your Spring and Past Assignments' Day issue!  What about Easter, you might be asking?  Well, I've hidden not one but 3 Easter eggs through out this page.  So have fun searching!

JABB 243

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