"Friendship, of itself a holy tie,
is made more sacred by adversity."
~ John Dryden

Hi all,

Welcome to JABB 240.  As the last newsletter took a tremendous amount of time, I am *very* happy to now be sending a much shorter issue.  Usually the State of the Androolers address is part of the Valentine's Day issue.  However, with the story already very lengthy I opted to put the address off until now.  I also decided to do a real version and a Dyeland version.  We've had both through out the history of JABB so I figured why not both at the same time?  Besides, who doesn't want to hear from Andrew?  ;-)  But first ya gotta hear a bit more from me...

God bless,

The State of the Androolers Address

This past year really stands out for me as an amazing one and I just hope that I remember to write about all that I intended to regarding this very special group.  It seems to be customary, though, to start with a recap of the JD-related DVD releases this year.  Unfortunately, this has been the quietest year we've had as far as that subject is concerned.  Nonetheless, I'm sure we're all very happy to have Season 4 of TBAA on DVD now.  I just wish we'd soon hear word of when we might be able to add Season 5 to our shelves and if it'll take two sets or one.  We'll try to keep everyone informed if we hear.

Now I'd like to say a few words about the JABB YahooGroup.  Last year I bragged about astounding post numbers including one month when we topped 1000 posts.  This year we had nothing like that though I feel the current average of around 200-300 posts per month is a much more sustainable (and even sanity-saving!) number.  With these decreased numbers came increased focus.  While the numbers have gone down, the quality definitely has not!  I think by not trying to beat some sort of record we've been able to really take time to formulate the words themselves.  Sometimes even creating new words!  This focus is perhaps most evident in Dyeland mode.

While a Dyeland-set address will immediately follow this one, I just wanted to say a few words about it as my actual self.  Truly this has been the best year as far as Dyeland is concerned, in my opinion.  Not only have several characters been added but people are really taking the time to explore those characters as evidenced by the Dyeland stories now populating the Author's Cut.  In addition, we've all agreed to keep the Dyeland posts on the YG in line with the time lines and action presented in the newsletter stories.  I'm sure that'll make this much more understandable and compelling for those of us involved in the creation of both.

Speaking of creating characters, it's my pleasure to use this opportunity to introduce a new section of onthisside.net: the JABBers' Fiction Page.  Right now it's home to many of Yvette's stories.  However, I look forward to adding the work of other JABBers if there is interest.  I do, however, ask that anyone hoping to be added to the page reads the Guidelines page carefully
as I am very adamant about them.  Thank you, Yvette, for sharing your talent and creativity with us all!

Finally, I'd just like to make a few personal comments.  I've long said that JABB's continued existence surprises me (in a good way!)  That's especially true this year and it wouldn't be possible with out all those members who have supported me in this past year.  Between this being my first full year at my job, buying a house, getting a rather rambunctious dog, assorted family emergencies, and more there were times I wondered if stepping down might be the best option.  Mix into that some truly bizarre and even disheartening emails from people who happened across the JABB site and it was rocky times!  However, the kindness, prayers, and encouragement of so many of you kept me and my activities here going.  So thank you for that!  I hope JABB can continue on for a good, long time to come! 

Even though Andrew's set to take over here momentarily, it is customary for me to end on a quote from him so here goes:
"Trust Him with all those things that frighten you and all those things that hurt you. And trust Him with your hopes and your dreams." ~~ from How Do You Spell Faith?

Thank you and God bless!


The State of the Dyelanders Address

Wow.  I've not given one of these since 2003!  It's great to be doing another one.  There's so much to say about Dyeland that I just hope I don't forget anything.

First, I'd just like to say how great it is to have had so many wonderful people join us in this past year: Willy, Rose, Mick, and little Jacob have touched all our lives.  In the eight years since I came to Dyeland, this place has really become a part of me.  I hope in eight years all of you feel the same, too.  In order to keep up with the growing population, Dyeland expanded to include a new mainland: Selini.  Home to Rose and her aunt, Willy and his factory, a clothing store, a fire station, and a bed and breakfast I'm told is very romantic, Selini is a great place to be!

I think one of the things that's always made me feel blessed to be a part of Dyeland is the enormous amount of creativity and generosity here.  If you just need someone to listen, you can find that person in Dyeland.  If you need someone to dance with his umbrella while singing "Hair," you can find that person in Dyeland.  If you need someone to design custom boxers or T-shirts declaring your intention to *not* woo Monica, you can find that person in Dyeland.  Through imaginative candy, beautiful and inspiring music, lovingly baked treats, and soothing poetry Dyelanders consistently reach out to better each other's lives.  All these things have become even more important to us in the face of adversity.  When confronted with hate, threats, confusion, and fear we've stood together and we've stood strong. 

"God loves you" is a message I've carried to people for a very, very, very long time.  That message lives in Dyeland as does
the message to love one another.  I hope that never changes.  I hope we never forget.  But I know that if any of us forgets either of these, we're surrounded by friends that will remind us of the importance of love.  That's a gift and a blessing. 

I hope in the coming years we can all recognize the gifts and blessings in our lives and celebrate them together.  When newcomers join us, I hope the first things they sense are the spirit of love, faith, and hope that abide in us all.  I know it's what I've sensed from the day I first came here and I thank the Father for that just as I thank Him for each of you.  Never forget how much you're loved, both by God and those blessed to call you a friend!

Your friend,

JABB 241

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