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Hello JABBers! Welcome to Jenni's first solo-newsletter. Audrey is away for a couple weeks so I have to write this all by myself. I've known about this for about a month and in that time I've bounced around several ideas. At first I was gonna spend the entire issue whining about the never-seen "Andrew on Trial" episode. But, I figured a lot of you have all ready heard enough of that. Then I thought I'd just use it as my own personal forum to express all my views on politics, religion, and French silk pie. But that would be too controversial and fattening. So I decided to share some of my favorite things with you all. Musicals! With in this issue are 23 names of songs from musicals. Who ever finds the most and names their corresponding musical wins! I'll come up with a prize. Actually, I know what it will be but will need to discuss that with the winner. The songs can be found any where in this issue (even in this paragraph). Punctuation and capitalization have changed but other than that the titles are the same. So now we go together into JABB 24........

Movie Reviews Part 2

Day by Day you sit bored, with nothing to do. Those summer nights can get really long! But with some good movies everything's all right! I have confidence you'll enjoy some of these angelic, heavenly movies.

Meet Joe Black (PG-13)- Anthony Hopkins stars as a business owner nearing his 65th birthday. As his party draws near he begins hearing voices and realizes there is something there. That something turns out to be Brad Pitt as Death. Death wants to know what it's like to be human and asks or rather commands Hopkins to be his guide. Death aka Joe Black then meets Hopkins' daughter and they fall in love. A bit lengthy but if you like romances this one won't leave you saying, "How long must this go on!??!?"

Ghost (PG-13)- I admit when I first saw this movie I was freaked out and would have told most people to "turn back, o man!" before entering a room this was playing in. Of course then I was just a little kid and now I am 16 going on 17. I like it much better now. Patrick Swayze is a ghost who must contact his girlfriend, played by Demi Moore, to save her from those who murdered him. Whoopi Goldberg stars as the reluctant psychic who helps him. This is a great romance and has a really cool scene at the end. It's all for the best that you see this film!

Heaven Can Wait (PG)- This 1978 movie stars Warren Beatty as a football quarter back who dies prematurely when an angel takes him to heaven too early. To finish the rest of his life Joe (Beatty) takes the body of a rich, selfish businessman. Shortly after reincarnating Joe meets an English woman whose town is going to be destroyed by the original businessman's plans. With a few unexpected twists this delightful love story left me saying, "Could we start again, please?" when it had ended.

Michael (PG)- This comedy starring John Travolta strays from angelic tradition in virtually every way possible. Three tabloid reporters receive a lead that Archangel Michael has descended upon a small, run-down hotel. Cynics though they are they go and meet Michael; sloppy, rude, yet endearing. He then leads the trio on a trip across America during which they learn a few things about themselves and love. Irreverent yet charming!

Hearts and Souls (PG)- Close every door and unplug the phone while you watch this one, you won't want to be interrupted! LOL Okay so maybe it's not as great as all that but it's one of my favorite romantic comedies. Anyway, four people are traveling on a bus when the bus is in a wreck and all four die. Yes, it gets better. The four spirits are then left in charge of a young boy and act as his guardians. After the boy is grown the four are told that the reason they were sent to be with the boy was not to simply protect him but to resolve their own unfinished business, the business of love, justice, and dreams. Alfre Woodard, Charles Grodin, Robert Downey Jr. and several other well-known actors make up the cast.

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (PG-13)- Peter Gallagher plays a widower who is left with a daughter (Claire Danes) after his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) dies in a boating accident. Also featured is Bruce Altman who you might remember as Henry the 2nd AOD on TBAA. Anyway, Gillian's (Pfeiffer) ghost continues to meet with her husband which causes much confusion and dysfunction in the family.

And now I have everything done in the movie department! If you have any questions on any of the movies mentioned above let me know. My summaries are a bit messed up to accommodate the song titles lol.

***Dyelight Zone***

Originally started in JABB 10 I have decided to bring you back to the ***Dyelight Zone***...

Strange things mystifying have begun to happen. I had not a had a dream for many nights and quite upset I wished for a dream, any dream will do. I would live to regret what I had wished for. As the dream started I was sitting in Geometry class. It was quite boring and I had started to day dream. I was brought back by my teacher's voice yelling, "Learn your lessons well!!! I'm the Captain of this ship!" By now it becomes painfully obvious Mr. K has digressed back to his sailing days. Just smile and nod, he'll come around eventually (Who'd want to be a captain anyway?!?!) Thankfully the bell rang just then. Finally it was time for my last class! Literature, my favorite class. As I entered the classroom I knew something was wrong. My teacher was there and all my classmates but no one was talking. I quickly sat down and looked around and then I saw him! Andrew! But Mr. Andrew's vision can't be here! Am I hallucinating!?!?!

"So, what's the buzz?" he asked.

"Huh?" I replied bewildered.

"Uh sorry, what's up?" he asked again.

"Well, um, I'm just in my Lit class may I ask what you are doing here sir?"

"Well, Chiwawa told me I could find you here. We have important plans to make!!!"

"Plans for what?!?" I ask.

"Well, for.........."

Find out what the big plans were in the next issue!

Well, that's all folks tune in 2 weeks from now and see what we've been planning. So long, farewell til you will be our guest next JABB!



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