“I am not alone at all, I thought. I was never alone at all. And that, of course, is the message of Christmas. We are never alone.
Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent. For this is still the time God chooses.”
~Taylor Caldwell

Hi all,

Welcome to the second to last JABB newsletter of 2007!  This is a kinda interesting JABB.  For one, we have a new author!  Nicole has sent us a festive "Top Eleven" to help us get into the Christmas spirit!  For another, it's being partially written and designed from Ambivalence.  Ambivalence, you may recall, was the very first computer I purchased.  It's the main computer at my parents' house and since I'm here helping my mom, I'm using it!  It's just like old times!  Frustrating, slow, clunky old times.  ;-)  But kinda fun, too. 

Anyhow, I hope ya'll enjoy this!  Next issue will be our annual Christmas in Dyeland story!

God bless

Top Ways for JABBers to Get Into the Christmas Spirit
by Nicole

11. Reminisce and re-read all the old holiday JABB newsletters.

10. Begin writing your own Dyeland or TBAA Christmas story.

9. When you go Christmas shopping, have fun looking about and pretend you're shopping for a gift for
Andrew or even for everyone in Dyeland! Just don't actually really buy that sweater that you KNOW would just look so good on Andrew...

8. Go out and decorate your yard in Christmas lights like everyone else is doing. When your friends/family ask you why the front hedge has lights spelling out “Merry Christmas, Andrew!”, you act surprised and say “It does? Great! Where is he?”

7. Get up the courage to watch “The Violin Lesson”, which you haven't watched in absolute ages because last time it made you uberly messed up for days. After you're done, you go emotionally crazy and, once again, hide and forbid the episode from yourself for at least six months.

6. Bake yourself a whole bunch of Gingerbread Andrews. If ya don't like Gingerbread, use sugar cookies! Don't forget to give him a tool belt and a Santa Claus hat!!!

5. Dig out all your tapes/DVDs and begin a Christmas marathon by watching holiday themed TBAAs and JD's Once & Twice
Upon a Christmas.

4. Hang up a stocking with Andrew's name on it and make sure you include a can of ginger ale and a bottle of orange juice inside!

3. Create some JD/Andrew wrapping paper and wrap all your friends gifts in them. Make sure you have a camera to capture their reactions when you give it to them! ;-)

2. You have always put a star or an angel on the top of your Christmas tree. This year cut out a nice sized picture of Andrew out and put him on top of your tree!

1. Go out in the snow and make some snow angels! Name each one after an angel on TBAA. If you run out of angels, just start naming 'em all Andrew! Then go inside for a nice hot cappuccino. ;-)

Thanks, Nicole!  And now it's time to bring back a feature we've not had for years.  So here goes...

Dye Scouts: Holiday Style!

Dye Scouts has featured a Holidays badge for years now but I thought this year I'd take it a step further so here we go!  If you'd like to become a Dye Scout, complete one of the requirements for the badges listed below or for one of the older badges.

1.  My Holiday, My Heritage

A.  Write a fanfic in which Andrew has an assignment who shares your faith or culture.  Set it during a holiday important to your religious or spiritual or cultural beliefs.  You could also write a story featuring another character played by John Dye meeting someone who shares your beliefs.

B.  Does your religion/spirituality/culture offer particular rituals or dates relating to death and the afterlife?  Write a small essay about that.  For example: Day of the Dead, All Saints or All Souls Day, last rites, wakes, kaddish, etc.

C.  TBAA had many holiday-themed episodes and John Dye starred in other films and shows which featured holidays.  Name the holiday episode or movie that had the most personal meaning to you and tell us why in at least 300 words. 

2.  Deck the Halls

A.  JABB has come up with several Andrew, John Dye and TBAA related holidays (i.e. Past Assignments' Day, Dye Day, Promotion Day, etc.) .  You can find them listed on the Encyclopedia under the entry titled Holidays.  Pick one of those holidays and describe how you would decorate your home or room in honor of the day.

B.  Describe how you would Andrewify your decorations for a real holiday for which you already decorate.

C.  Actually create a decoration that reflects your appreciation for Andrew, John Dye, or TBAA and send me a digital image of it. 

3.  Make a Joyful Noise

A.  Rewrite a carol or other holiday song with lyrics about Andrew, John Dye, or TBAA and send me your lyrics.  Also tell me what song it was originally.

B.  Write a fanfiction that finds Andrew or another John Dye character actually participating in events like those described in a holiday song.  For example, may be Andrew finds himself at the "Monster Mash" or Bill Morgan ends up delivering presents with Santa and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" or Doc Hock witnesses the birth of a poor child in Vietnam which leaves him pondering that "Silent Night" hundreds of years ago.

C.  Imagine you're making a mixed CD of holiday songs for Andrew.  List which songs you would include on his CD and tell me why you'd include them.  10 song minimum. 


JABB 235

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