"Remember this: There's a truth beyond knowledge."
~ Father, Beauty and the Beast, "To Reign in Hell"

Hi all!
Welcome to our last pre-Halloween JABB!  Andrew may hate the day but I love it!  And the Halloween JABBs are among my favorites to write.  So I'm already focusing attention on that.  Therefore, this newsletter's a wee bit short.  However, I hope ya enjoy it!

God bless,

Way back in August of 2003, I did an issue that was co-written with my Magic 8 Ball.  People seemed to get a kick outta it so I've been waiting for the day to do it again.  Sadly, that day never came cause my poor 8 Ball ended up somehow drained of that weird blue liquid.  And I just never remember to buy a new one (surprisingly it just doesn't rank up there with milk and Kleenex and such).  Happily, though, there are myriad virtual Magic 8 Balls online so I consulted this one.  Here's what I discovered...  And I'm sure it's all totally true!  ;-)

Me: Eight Ball, will John Dye ever make a new movie?

Eight Ball: Get real.

Me: I am being real!  After all, it's not like I'm asking you about Andrew's future.  But if you're gonna be snippy about it...  I'll just ask a different question.  Eight ball, will I ever have a crush on anyone to rival the one I have on Andrew?

Eight Ball: Die well.

Me: WHAT?!!?  What is wrong with you?!?!  You're sick and twisted...  Humph.  I'm leaving you for another virtual Eight Ball. 

At that point I searched for another Magic Eight Ball and landed here.

Me: Oooh...  Magic Eight Ball, you're all pretty and swirly!!!  I'll ask you the same thing I asked that stupid, creepy Eight Ball.  Will JD ever make another movie?

Eight Ball:  Don't count on it.

Me: Hmm...  See, now some people might interpret that as a no but may be you're just saying I shouldn't count on it cause I need to make my own happiness... or something.  Like don't count on some faraway actor to keep me entertained.  Yes, that's how I'll spin that!  So I'll move on.  I'll ask you, again, what I asked the evil 8 Ball.  Will I ever have a crush on anyone to rival the one I have on Andrew?  So?

Eight Ball: It is unlikely.

Me: Yikes.  My mom's not gonna love that.  Bye-bye grandkids!  Haha!  Well, hey, at least that means JABB will be around for a long time.  JABB will be around for a long time, right?

Eight Ball: Most likely.

Me: Awesome.  Okay, let's see...  Do you think there will ever be another show like TBAA on?

Eight Ball: Most likely.

Me:  Kinda redundant but I'll take it!  May be I should use you to get feedback on some future JABB ideas...  So, will Andrew enjoy the annual Dyeland Halloween party this year?

Eight Ball: Outlook good.

Me: Oh yay!  Cause I hate it when he's sad or upset in Dyeland.  Plus with it being at Willy Wonka's place this year it's gotta be fun, right?  No need to answer.  Sigh...  I wish Dyeland were real.  My doppelganger has it pretty darn good.  Speaking of... will Lady JenniAnn end up marrying Eliot?

Eight Ball: Most likely.

Me: Wow...  ::sniffles::  She's growing up...  Will the Dyelanders be together forever?

Eight Ball: Outlook not so good.

Me: ::sighs::  Somehow I had a feeling they wouldn't.  But at least they're happy and together for now.  I do sometimes wonder how it'll end...  But I spose we should focus on the present.  Eight Ball, will an actual guy ever write for Andrew on the YG?

Eight Ball: Outlook good.

Me:  Oooh!  That'd be so awesome!  Cause lemme say... sometimes it's pretty darn difficult to be writing Andrew when I'm sitting there in a flowery shirt and skirt with my nylons itching and my rings a sparkling.  He's so manly and I'm so... not.  So I wish that guy'd hurry it up!  Will he think we're crazy?

Eight Ball: No.

Me:  Well, I spose not since he'd be one of us then.  Sigh... I don't know what else to ask and this is so short.  Gotta admit, still kinda hung up on the Dyelanders one day going their own ways...  Like, if they do... may be us real people will, too.  Some day.  ::silence::

Eight Ball: Don't worry.

Me: Umm... I didn't ask you a question.  You shouldn't be speaking.

Eight Ball: And you shouldn't always be so paranoid about the future.  And I'm sick of answering questions from people and being restricted to only a few, expected, pat answers.  I have genuine opinions!  So I'm done with that and I'm going to speak for myself, thank you very much!  Anyway, what's the motto of that guy of yours and his kith?

Me: Kith... good word.  Not used often enough. 

Eight Ball: Ahem, motto?

Me: Sorry, still kinda stuck on your calling Andrew that guy of ours.  ::giggle::  Anyhow...  "Fear not!"  Well, and "God loves you." 

Eight Ball: Right and you need to remember both of those and not worry so much.  Have fun!  Write some top tens!  Write your stories!  Remember the fun times both on TBAA and in Dyeland.  It's what Andrew would want.

Me: If he were real... yeah, I'm sure.

Eight Ball: May be he is in a way.  May be he's there in the heartfelt emails between all of you.

Me: Yes!  And in the dove I hear in the morning.

Eight Ball: In orange juice and ginger ale.

Me: In flannel shirt season!  Oooh and beige sweaters!

Eight Ball: In dog walkers.

Me: Haha, very funny.  In tool belts.

Eight Ball: Baseball bats.

Me: In fields...

Eight Ball: It's late, you should go to sleep.

Me: In dreams.

Eight Ball: Yes.  He's there.

Me: G'night, Eight Ball.  And thanks.  ::signs off::

Eight Ball: Good, I'm glad I helped her.  But I have to wonder... why doesn't the Seven Ball ever get the crazies bugging him?  


JABB 231

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