“The best portion of a good man's life is his little,
nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.”

~~  William Wordsworth

September 20th is once again upon us!  So I thought we should check in on the folks in Dyeland via their newspaper and see how they're celebrating the birthday of one of our very favorite angels of death!  Enjoy!

Also, I'd just like to note that at the time of this writing, I've already begun work on JABB 229 making this one of the few times since I became gainfully employed that I've started work on a JABB long before it was due.  Yippee!

God bless,

PS- Since the last newsletter was sent we've learned that TBAA Season 4, Volume 2 will be released on December 4th.  It's about time!!!

PPS- I've changed the JABB site's main page to mark today's special occasion.  But hurry if ya wanna check it out as I'll be removing it this weekend.

Dyelanders Ponder Buying Gifts for Andrew

By: Janie Dyefan

LaLa Land, Dyeland-- This past weekend Dyeland's shopping establishments, particularly the mall, were flooded with anxious Dyelanders searching for that perfect gift for Andrew on his birthday.

Sighing, Lady JenniAnn perused the men's department of JD Plenty's.  "I so want to get Andrew this red and black flannel shirt but would I be buying the shirt for him or just so I could see how devastatingly handsome he'd look in it?"  An involuntary sigh from her shopping companion and kinda-boyfriend, Eliot, interrupted her musings.  "Well, you'd look devastatingly handsome in it, too," she covered for his sake and then agreeably departed with him to the tool department.

In kitchenware, Lady Beth was torn between an ice cream maker and bread machine.  "Andrew's really getting into cooking and food preparation since I gave him lessons.  He's not burned anything in months."  She smiled proudly.  "I know he likes ice cream but it's going to be getting cold so may be I should go for the bread machine.  Then again, can't he just use a pan?"

Near by, Adam could be seen scrawling "Not for use with turkeys" on tags attached to assorted pots and pans.   "I already got Andrew a new football so I figured I'd leave these reminders since I have time to kill."  He then grinned at his pun. 

Meanwhile in another wing of the mall, Yva and her guardian, Nigel, busied themselves perusing sheet music at Tess' Tunes.  "I decided to give Andrew a gift with a definite personal touch.  So Nigel and I are recording a song for him.  Now if we could just decide on one..."

Just outside the music store, Vincent was spotted sitting on a bench looking daunted.  "So many, many stores...  Where does one start?" he muttered.  Happily for him, his wife exited Bed, Bath and the Great Beyond soon after and rescued him.

Rose and Henry were both waiting in the check out line at the Godyeva Chocolatier where the prevailing opinion seemed to be best voiced by Rose who said, "When in doubt you can never go wrong with chocolate!"

Many shop owners have extended their hours for the week because of the special occasion.  Inventory lists from previous years indicate the most often purchased gifts include green shirts, tool belts and hair products.  Whether this year will follow the trend remains to be seen.  One thing is for sure: whatever gifts Andrew receives, he's sure to know that he's loved.

Birthday Celebration Spans Two Worlds, AOD Blushes

By: Andrea Friend

New York City, New York-- This year's birthday celebration proved to be a surprising one for Andrew.  Busy on assignment in the district attorney's office in New York City, Andrew expected only a few greeting cards and phone calls on the 20th.  Instead he got so much more when assistant district attorney and cousin of Lady JenniAnn Chandler, Catherine Chandler Wells, had a cake and ginger ale catered into the office.

"It was great.  Nice, really.  I was just overwhelmed," was the angel of death's initial reaction.  "It was kind of embarrassing but sweet.  Even the perp we're investigating sang 'Happy Birthday' to me.  That was... special.  It's not every day I'm serenaded by a tax evader."

Joe Maxwell, district attorney and Andrew's supposed boss, had this to say: "I expected Cathy to do something like this.  She's always so considerate.  I was confused, though.  When I asked how many candles I should light she said to nevermind them.  Then her cousin made some comment about not wanting to burn down the building.  I really don't think the poor guy looks more than thirty five so I don't know what they're talking about." 

Unbeknownst to Mr. Maxwell, Andrew was quickly taken to Dyeland's Monica's Cafe after the office closed.  There he was inundated with hugs, more ginger ale, and a big sloppy kiss... from his pet dog, Lulu. 

"This is great.  I was afraid I wouldn't make it to Dyeland today."  Andrew beamed as Tess handed him a dish towel to wipe off dog slobber.  "But I guess I should have known the Father would make sure I got a chance to celebrate my special day... observed... with friends."

The evening closed with a raucous performance of "My Guy" by various Dyelanders.  Adam, Henry, Gloria and Monica then took to the stage for a performance of the Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends."  Tess was last seen covering her ears near the door and has not been seen since. 

Perhaps the mood of the day is best summed up by Andrew's fellow angel of death, Adam.  "There was cake.  There was ginger ale.  Tess got a little bugged.  What could possibly make this day any better?  Happy birthday, Andrew!"

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