"And when the storm comes crashing on the plain,
I will dance before the lightning to music sacred and profane."
~ Yonah, "Stranger to the Rain" from Children of Eden
Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Hi all,

This has been quite a couple weeks for me and I'm just glad I'm getting this sent now.  It's not exactly what I'd intended to write.  In fact, it woulda seemed kinda masochistic to write this since my city was experiencing drought conditions.  But then the downpour came and this seemed like the thing to do!  So I hope you enjoy and you'll be hearing from me and some others again on August 24th when I'll be sending CABB 6.

God bless,

Top Ten Things for Androolers to Do During a Storm... on Earth

10.  Curl up in a comfortable chair with a blanket and start reading Moby Dick.  Andrew said it was his favorite book so get to it!

9.  If you're getting bored and stir-crazy, list all TBAA episodes in order from least Androoler-friendly to most Androoler-friendly.  If ya do this, I'd love to see the list!

8.  Some people say thunder is when the angels go bowling.  So imagine Andrew bowling.  Or just watch "The Perfect Game" and see it!  And by "The Perfect Game" I mean the Season 6 one, not the Season 8 one.  Strange...

7.  Start working on your very own Andrew Scrapbook.  Believe me, it's fun!  You, too, just might end up with a Volume II somewhere down the road.  Ya just may wanna hide the finished product from teasing family and friends.

6.  Bake gingerbread Andrews to enjoy as ya watch the downpour.  They're not just for Christmas!  And if you can't imagine gingerbread outside of the holiday season, use a sugar cookie recipe instead.

5.  Settle in for a TBAA or JD movie marathon.  But be sure to listen for a warning siren.  If a tornado's headed your way, seek shelter immediately.  Do NOT remain because Andrew's crying on the stairs and you're afraid he'll feel lonely.

4.  As long as your computer's not at risk from power surges, peruse old JABBs and play our drinking game.  Ponder the political rise and fall of President Andrew, laugh at the uber-lame graphics on the earliest newsletters, weep over issues that refer to anticipating new TBAAs.  Run the gamut of Androoler emotions all from the safety of your desk chair!

3.  If your roof is leaky, get busy placing all those drool buckets that you haven't used since
2003 under the holes to catch rain.  Sigh... they might as well be put to some use...

2.  Go stand in the rain screaming "Hey, batter, batter!  10!  10!  10!  Do I hear 10?!"  If a neighbor pokes their head out and asks what the heck you're doing, calmly explain that you're trying out your Andrew-as-Auctioneer impression, bow, and re-enter your house.  Just don't blame me if ya end up with a reputation as the neighborhood crazy person!

1.  Be like Monica for the time being: make yourself a mocha latte to ward off that chill and put on a flowy dress!  Then imagine all the ways TBAA woulda been different if you *were* Monica.  For example, may be Andrew wouldn't have been left alone during "The Journalist" or perhaps the finale woulda ended not with Andrew disappearing but instead being given a lovely homemade BFF bracelet and pledge to stay friends for, like, ever!

Now lemme put on my tiara (just kidding) and morph into Lady JenniAnn to bring you...

Top Ten Things for Androolers to Do During a Storm... in Dyeland

10.  TBAA marathons don't need to be limited to Earth.  Watch some with Andrew.  May be even write about it a la JABB 206!  It was awesome watching "The Journalist" with him even if I totally wanted to hug him through the whole thing.

9.  A storm is a perfect time to tell scary stories.  But...shhhh... don't tell Andrew.  Unless ya wanna hear him whine about bad reputations.

8.  Okay, since may be Andrew isn't the best for this, go visit Vincent and have him read Edgar Allen Poe and such with you.  My cousin/godfather has a totally awesome voice...

7.  Try to locate Tess and ask her to tell you about the Great Flood.  She probly knows lots about it!

6.  Head to the Cafe for a warm drink and lots of Dyelander company.  With some luck may be Andrew will be there and will tell stories about past assignments while you wait for the storm to blow over.  Kinda like "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" but with out the worrying about Randy Travis bit!

5.  Help Adam wrangle all the turkeys into safe locations.  They'll probly seek shelter on their own, based on natural instinct.  But I bet it'd still be fun to run around the yard gobble-gobbling with Adam.

4.  If lightning isn't a danger, go dancing with Andrew in the rain.  Aww.  Just think, it doesn't matter if ya look like a drowned sewer rat... Andrew won't care!  And I'll take any excuse to dance with Andrew. 

3.  Since Adam's apparently fond of Ben Franklin, ask him to reenact the famous kite-flying-in-a-storm experiment with you.  Just, uh, let Adam hold the kite since he's immortal.

2.  Stay inside and play games with certain very attractive AODs.  "Twister" seems appropriate given the weather.  Just don't be surprised if Tess shows up in a huff because your right hand on blue is ever so close to Andrew's left foot on green.  ;-)

1.  Finally, you could always pull a chair up to the window, sit back, enjoy the beauty of the storm, and thank God for the rain.  And if you're lucky enough to do this in Andrew's company, I'd thank God for that, too.

So there are just a few ways (real or imaginary) to weather the storms that may come your way!  I hope you enjoyed these, I'm just glad I could finally get this sent even if it is two days late!  Have a good one and remember the sun'll be shining again soon!


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