Jenni's CD Recommendation

"To see a World in a grain of sand,   
And a Heaven in a wild flower,   
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,   
And Eternity in an hour.…"
~ from William Blake's "Auguries of Innocence"

Hi all,
Not much time and since I have introductions through out this newsletter, not gonna give much of a general introduction.  I just hope ya enjoy and please do take the time to complete the survey!

Thanks and God bless,

PS- Unfortunately due to time constraints this issue is sans-easter egg.

April 22nd was Earth Day but since I actually don't send a newsletter on *every* holiday (just seems like it sometimes!) here's some belated Earth Day fun:

Ways JABBers and Dyelanders Can Celebrate Earth Day...

1.  We all know Styrofoam coffee cups are bad cause they're not biodegradable.  But if you absolutely must use them, find something to do with em after using (and rinsing).  Might I suggest making yourself a Styrofoam model of Dyeland?

2.  Print your Andrewiffic TBAA fanfic on both sides of the recycled paper.  Save a tree whilst androoling!

3.  Be sure to recycle your nearly empty ink cartridges after you've finished printing all those photos of JD that you're putting on your locker, bedroom door, lunch box.  Whatever.

4.  If you're watching "The Journalist" or "Til Death Do Us Part" or similar and feel those tears coming on, use a handkerchief instead of Kleenex to dry your tears. 

5.  Turn all electronic devices off as soon as you've finished your TBAA or "Tour of Duty" or JD movie marathon.  Neither Doc Hock nor Andrew would wanting ya wasting energy on their accounts!

6.  Pouring paint down the drain is a bad idea.  So if you've made yourself a mural of Mr. Dye or painted posters advertising the AOD Band's latest CD ("Death Warmed Over- Songs for the Summer") and have leftover paint, try to think of something good to do with it.  Donate it or better yet... make another mural/poster!

7.  When you next go shopping, bring your own bag.  Plain cloth bags can be purchased fairly cheaply at many hobby stores.  Write "I Heart Andrew" or "Adam 4ever!" on the bag in permanent marker and you will be one stylish and environmentally-savvy JABBer!

Have your own JD-related Earth-friendly tip?  Email me and I'll add it here!

And as many of you might know, today marks another anniversary of when Andrew became an AOD.  In some businesses it's common practice for a person to receive a bonus or treat of some sort on the anniversary of their joining the company or getting promoted.  While what Andrew does may not actually be part of a business, I feel that he still deserves some sorta perk.  So here are my suggestions for promotion anniversary gifts for Andrew:

1.  A new car!  Why doesn't Andrew get a car?  Tess had the caddy and then she gave it to Monica but Andrew got totally left out.  Although... may be he should be given a horse.  Why not give the Dyelanders another reason to swoon?  AOD on horseback!!!

2.  A membership in the Fruit of the Month Club.  Cause that's pretty much good for anything.  Isn't it?

3.  An uninterrupted vacation to Paris!  This time 100% free of adulterers, tragic pregnancies, and lectures by Sam.

4.  8 free sessions with a psychologist.  Ya know, to help him deal with those episodes in which Monica and Tess totally ignored and/or disrespected him.  Grr... 

5.  A home cooked meal.  What guy, angel or human, doesn't enjoy that?  And who among you doesn't wanna stare across the table at the candlelit face of a certain AOD?

6.  DVDs of the "Scream" movies and a new baseball bat.  Imagine how cathartic it'll be for him to bash those Grim Reaperesque covers up!

7.  A trip to Lincoln, Nebraska!  What could be more appropriate than taking him to a place named after his very first AOD assignment?!?  I swear that the fact I live 45 minutes away from Lincoln, NE has *nothing* to do with this suggestion.  Nothing at all!

On Promotion Day we celebrate Andrew becoming one of the best and most compassionate of AODs.  In that spirit, I'm looking to have JABB become the best fan club for this special AOD that it can be!  In order to do this, I need a little feedback so request that you participate in this segment of this newsletter:

As many of you may know, I became a full-time employee at an office back in October of 2006.  Because of this very welcome but major life change, the time I'm able to spend on JABB has diminished.  However, our group and its related web site and activities all remain important to me.  I'd like to direct my time to those elements of JABB that are most valued by members which is why I hope you'll participate in this survey.  It was written to determine what aspects people especially value.  Those things that are determined to be less valued by the survey's respondents may be dropped.  Participating in this survey is strictly voluntary but if you have an opinion, please take part.  I do ask that you answer all questions.  Please send your answers back to me ONLY, not the YahooGroup.  Thank you!

God bless,

If you have an answer different from those offered on multiple choice questions, please just type out your answer.

1.  How do you read the new JABB newsletters?

a.  I always read the web version.
b.  I read only the email version.
c.  I read the web version sometimes and the email version other times.
d.  I don't read the newsletters, please remove me from the distribution list.

2.  If I mailed out only a link to web versions of new JABB newsletters, would you still be able to read them or do you require a plain text email version? 

3.  How do you feel about the easter eggs?

a.  I always look for them and usually or always find them.
b.  I look for them but generally do not find them.
c.  I never look for them.

4.  How do you feel about the members' CD recommendation?

a.  I always read them.
b.  I sometimes read them.
c.  I never read them.
d.  I enjoy them and would like to submit some myself.

5.  What parts of the web site do you visit most often?

6.  Would you be willing to participate more with JABB and, if so, how?

7.  Is there anything else you would like to say concerning JABB?

Hmm...  Weird that I ended up with 7 of each thing, huh?

Thanks for your feedback!


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