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“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

Hello and welcome to JABB's 8th Dye Day!!!  I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by the chats.  I really hope we can have more in the future!  And I really, really hope the Birthday Boy is having a fantastic day and that his birthday wishes come true!  In honor of John's birthday, Karen has put together a list of fun facts related to January 31st, 1963.  In addition, we have a list of our favorite John Dye moments and things John taught us.  If you would like to make additions to either list, please email Jenni no later than Saturday the 3rd.  Thanks!  Have fun reading and best wishes to John Dye!  Have a great 44th, John!!!

God bless,

Fun Facts about January 31st, 1963

The following was compiled by Karen.  Much of the information came from http://dmarie.com/timecap/ which is a very entertaining web site.  You may just wanna stop by and give your own birthday a try!

Other celebs born on Jan 31st include:

Richard Gephardt -- 1941
Nolan Ryan -- 1947
Anthony LaPaglia -- 1959
Kelly Lynch -- 1959
Guests on the "Andy Williams Show " on January 31, 1963 were (source):
Dan Blocker -- Bonanza
Lorne Greene -- Bonanza
The Osmonds
Important music events on that date:

The Beatles played at "The Cavern" Liverpool, England
Beach Boys recorded "Surfin USA"
Some of the Top Songs of 1963:
Blue  Velvet -- Bobby Vinton
My Boyfriends Back -- The Angels
Dominique -- The Singing Nun
Fingertips (pt 2) -- Stevie Wonder
Sukiyaki -- Kyle Sakamoto
1963 Prices:
Bread -- $ 0.21 a loaf
Milk -- $1.04 a gallon
Eggs -- $ 0.96 per dozen
Car -- $2300
Gas -- $ 0.30 per gallon
House -- $19,300
Average Income -- $6,998 per year
Minimum Wage -- $1.25 per hour
In U.S. politics:

President of USA -- John F Kennedy
Vice President -- Lyndon B Johnson

Okay, I decided to make a list of my top John Dye moments and asked others to join in.  Obviously, most of these are career-based since we don't know the man.  He no doubt has various personal and spiritual accomplishments that far out rank items on this list but here's what we came up with from our limited knowledge of his life.  These are in no particular order other than the order in which they were thought of.

Our Favorite John Dye Moments

From Jenni:

~Portraying Andrew in "The Violin Lesson."  Andrew's devotion to his assignment, Tony, and confrontation with Jordan remains my most awe-inspiring TBAA moment.  When I first saw this episode, and particularly the Andrew/Jordan scene, I knew this show was truly special and so was this actor who unabashedly portrayed a scene that was no doubt condemned by certain segments of the population.

~Taking on the role of Manion in "Heart of the Beholder."  Sure, I'm not the movie's biggest fan and I really hate this character.  But I gotta admit it took a lot of guts for John to take that on.

~John's involvement in the "Journey to a Hate-Free Millennium" project.  I admire anyone in the public eye who uses their position to get a loving message of acceptance out there.

~Portraying Andrew in "Pandora's Box."  Years before Chris Hansen took on Internet predators, TBAA had alerted its viewers to this issue.  And John was awesome with that baseball bat...

~Appearing on "The View."  Kudos to him.  I think I'd be terrified to be on that show.  ;-) 

~All the funny stories he'd tell about how crazily some people reacted upon seeing him on airplanes, in hospitals, bars, etc.

~When he said, as Andrew, "I just want you to know there's nothing to be afraid of. On one side, there is life. And on the other...there is life, too," in "Random Acts."  They were among some of the most comforting and affirming words I have ever heard and truly changed my life.

From Liz:

~Appearing on "Oprah" (I know it was June 5th, 1997 cause it was the day my sister came home from Denver on a surprise visit - I never got to see the whole interview) and said that his name was his true name and not a stage name (I know some actors change their name while some keep their own).

~Not being scared to show his emotions in his role of Andrew like in "The Journalist."

~Appearing in a ZZ Top video - how cool is that!

~Making a guest appearance on "The Young and the Restless" to play opposite Lauralee Bell and Michael Damian.

~Taking on the role of Bill in "Once Upon a Christmas" and "Twice Upon a Christmas."

~Taking on the role in "Mother, Mother" when not a lot of actors would take on roles like that

~Playing someone who is looking after the runaways (and looking great in a couple of scenes  lol) in "Children of the Night"

~Showing once again in "Til Death Do Us Part" that even Angels of Death can have doubts about what they're supposed to be doing

And now, in honor of John's birthday, I thought it would be nice to share some of the things we've all learned because of him.  So I present...

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from John Dye

From Jenni:

~Frappuccinos are really yummy. (Credit: Andrew in "Random Acts" which was the first time I heard of this wonderful treat.)

~Student loans are bad.  The proper way to finance your college education is to sell calendars featuring scantily clad men.  (Credit: Todd in "Campus Man")

~Don't be a hypocrite.  Especially don't be a hypocrite that visits brothels.  You will get caught.  (Credit: Manion)

~God loves me.  (Credit: Andrew and TBAA)

~Every guy looks cuter when he's holding a monkey.  (Credit: Doc Hock, "Tour of Duty")

~Snakes do not have the same effect.  Eeek.  (Credit: Ray in the "Murder, She Wrote" ep "Nest of Vipers")

~If your kid wants a black and red teddy bear, get them the black and red teddy bear.  You have no idea of the implications of said teddy bear.  (Credit: "Mother, Mother")

~Pink and green really are a great color combination for your clothes.  (Credit: Skip and Co., "Making the Grade")

~You CAN marry immortals!!!  (Credit: "Twice Upon a Christmas."  Somewhere Andrew is in hiding...)

~Baseball bats can be excellent Internet crime fighting devices.  (Credit: Andrew in "Pandora's Box")

~You should always shave before karate matches.  I'm just not sure why...  (Credit: Virgil in "Best of the Best")

~Never drink anything Morgan Fairchild offers you.  (Credit: "Campus Man")

~In fact, may be you should just avoid Morgan Fairchild altogether if you don't like being put on the auction block.  (Credit: "My Dinner with Andrew")

~Even mimes can be awfully cute.  (Credit: "Voice of an Angel")

~It's totally okay to have a decade long crush on a guy even if you may have been watching him on TV when you were 7 years old and he was pretending to be a soldier in Vietnam.  That's not weird at all...  (Credit: "Tour of Duty" and my own media-soaked childhood)

From Liz:

~Everyone male should realize that it's okay to cry . (Credit: Andrew in "The Journalist")

~That only certain people can look good in a ringmaster's outfit (Credit: "A Clown's Prayer")

~That he's one of those men who look good in either long or short hair (Credit: Liz credits John himself with this and the following items.)

~That green eyes can be a real turn on (especially paired with either a certain green shirt or a nice white shirt with the first couple of buttons undone) - hubba hubba hubba

~He can pretty well make any woman melt with certain looks  hehehe

~San Francisco is a great place to live

~No matter where you live, you can still be a southern gentleman  hehehe

~That even men in their 40s can give mighty fine smoldering looks that make the women just faint over

~It's dangerous for someone like him to be so fine and wonderful to look at

~That if he ever does settle down, it's okay to wait until you find the right person

~That having green eyes and a very sexy voice is nothing to be ashamed of (Credit: The eyes mentioned in "A Rock and a Hard Place" and hearing his voice to the voice-over in "Private Eyes")

   Happy Birthday,
       John Dye!!!   

JABB 212

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