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"There is mercy for you in heaven
even though it's hard to find on earth."
~~Andrew, The Journalist

Hi all,

This week’s issue was a lot of fun to write.  We had a great time writing it together and imagining… what would it be like to watch “The Journalist” *with* Andrew?  We figured it’d be partly philosophical, partly hilarious, and a whole lotta awkwardness!  ;-)  We actually wrote this some time ago but decided that December 1st, 2006, the 10th year anniversary of the original airing of "The Journalist," would be a great time to share it all with you.  We hope you have as much fun reading this as we did writing it!  You'll notice times in parentheses.  Those times roughly match up with the DVD scenes.  So, for example, (2:00) means the scene being discussed happens about 2 minutes into the DVD version of "The Journalist."

Until next time!

And now…

Watching “The Journalist” with Andrew

Jess O'Neill, Lady Beth, and Lady JenniAnn sit on the couch in the Willowveil TV room.  Jess is holding a bowl of popcorn and Lady Beth is munching on her chocolate chip cookies and sipping iced tea, a bottle of water also sits on the floor beside her.  Lady JenniAnn ceremoniously sits a box of Kleenex on the coffee table in front of them.

LJA:  ::blushing::  Just in case we need em, ya know...

The other two nod solemnly.  Lady JenniAnn sits down and grabs her chocolate rice cakes and blueberries.  She takes a deep breath then hits play.  The three women watch, entranced, as "The Journalist" begins to play... 

Lady Beth: ::whispering to Lady JenniAnn  and motioning to her rice cakes and berries:: How can you eat just that?

LJA: ::shrugs and answers as if her response makes total sense:: Andrew makes me want to eat healthy.  Manion's the one that makes me want to eat junk.

Lady Beth: ::shakes her head and refocuses on the TV::

All three are so involved in it from the start they don't hear the approaching footsteps in the hall.

Andrew:  ::from the hall::  Lady JenniAnn, are you here?  I wanted to let you know I was back in case you wanted to discuss plans for Supervisor Appreciation Day.  ::walking into the room, noticing the TV::  Hey!  That's me!  Well, John playing me. 

The three women jump to their feet, startled, and Lady JenniAnn  scrambles for the pause button.

Andrew:  No reason to stop.  I'd actually like to watch with you ladies if I could.  It's been a while since I got a chance to watch the show.  ::looks expectantly at them::

LJA:  Well, uhh...  ::shuffles around nervously::  Thing is... us watching "The Journalist" can get quite messy.  ::starts twisting her ring around her finger::

Andrew looks at the other two with a raised eye brow.

Jess: ::smirking::  She’s not kidding but if you don’t mind excessive Kleenex use and even the occasional throwing of food at the TV screen…

Andrew: You’re serious??  Food-throwing?

Lady Beth: ::nonchalantly::  Generally not.  Just sometimes. 

Andrew:  ::laughs::  I think I can manage.  If it’s all right…  ::looks at Lady JenniAnn::

LJA: ::smiles::  Of course it is.  Hey, if you're gonna stay you may as well join us in snacking.  Rice cakes?  Blueberries?  ::holds her snacks out to him::

Andrew: ::eyes her offerings warily::  I don't know... 

LJA: ::laughs::  Yeah, everyone says the rice cakes are like styrofoam.  Feel free to search the kitchen and grab whatever ya like.  There's definitely ginger ale in the fridge.

Andrew: ::brightens::  Thanks, I'll do that!  ::leaves the room::

Lady Beth:  ::chuckles knowing full well that the three women have ginger ale stocked in each of their fridges just for him.  She also keeps extra cause there are times she likes a ginger ale as well.::

LJA: ::surveys the room::  How are we going to sit?  I really don't think all four of us can squeeze onto the couch.  And I know we all wanna sit by Andrew but he only has two sides...  ::pauses and sighs::  Someone *could* sit on Andrew's lap...

Lady Beth: ::rolls her eyes, knowing full well what Lady JenniAnn 's intentions are.  It's quite obvious that Lady JenniAnn would like to sit on Andrew's lap but knows that it isn't going to happen.  She mutters::  Oh brother...
All three chuckle and then Lady JenniAnn  promptly stops.

LJA: ::face is bright red::  I sooo did not mean to say that out loud.  ::frantic::  Oh my gosh!  Did he hear?  Oh my gosh!  ::turns towards the entryway::

Lady Beth: He's still out of earshot and in the kitchen so he hasn't heard a word.  Mind you, one of these days he's going to hear you and it'll be quite embarrassing.

LJA:  ::sighs with relief::  Well, at least today is not *that* day.  I'll forfeit the couch if ya both promise to never, ever, never tell him I said that.  NEVER.  ::giggles nervously and then moves to the nearby rocking chair::

Lady Beth: ::teasingly::  Now would I ever do anything like that?

LJA: ::just looks at her not sure how to take that statement::  You're just kidding, right?

Before Lady Beth can answer, Andrew re-enters the room carrying a bag of chips and a bottle of ginger ale.

Andrew:  Thanks, for this Lady JenniAnn.  ::holds up the bag of chips and then notices she's changed location::  I really didn't intend to take your place.  You can sit on the couch.

LJA: ::shakes her head erratically::  Nope, you stay on the couch.  I'll stay here.  It's for the best.  ::blushes in recollection of her slip up earlier::  Believe me.

Andrew: Well, thanks.  ::sits down::  So what have you three been talking about other than the episode you're watching?

Jess: Oh girl stuff.

Lady Beth: Nothing you'd be interested in.

LJA: ::nodding profusely::  Yes, not the least bit interesting to you!  At all!

Andrew: ::looks at them suspiciously and then looks at Lady JenniAnn ::  What's going on?  ::cocks an eyebrow::  They're up to no good, aren't they?

Lady Beth: What?  Moi?  I'm never up to no good.  I'm sweet, innocent, quite angelic actually.

All four of them to start laughing like crazy.

Andrew: ::looking at Lady Beth and using a brotherly tone of voice::  Shall I remind you of a certain recent incident that showed how you could have gotten yourself into some trouble, young lady?

Lady Beth: It was for a good reason, though.  I mean I was only doing what I thought was right.

Jess:: True, she was only doing her job.  You can't fault her for that.  She was being good.

LJA: But we're not really talking about work are we?  ::nervous, afraid her slip will get back to Andrew if this continues::  Can we start the show?  Please?

Andrew: Just from being around the three of you like I have, I highly doubt that it involved work or anything related to work.  I'm going to have to keep my eye on all of you.

Lady Beth smirks but doesn't say a word.

Andrew: ::notices this and can tell that her mind has gone in another direction.  He smiles and his green eyes sparkle with amusement::  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Lady Beth: Like yours never goes there!

Andrew: ::shakes his head:: Nope, never.

Lady Beth: Oh that's right, angels never think like that.  How could I possibly forget something like that? ::rolls her eyes but is still smiling.  She enjoys bantering like this with someone and rarely had the chance to do so before arriving in Dyeland.  She then rushes off to make more popcorn and soon returns with a large bowl of it, buttered but unsalted.  She plants herself in her spot again.::  Okay I'm ready now.

Lady JenniAnn restarts the DVD and they all watch, entranced.

(2:00) The group watches as Sam confronts Andrew and Monica.  Some giggling ensues when Andrew dares to suggest Sam is out of his jurisdiction.

Jess:  ::mystified::  What's up with Andrew's hair there?  It's kind of weird... 

LJA: ::chuckling::  Haha!  Sam is totally sassing ya out there, Andrew!

Jess:  Whoa... careful Andrew!

Andrew: ::grins::  You know me, always the troublemaker!

Lady Beth: See, I'm not the only one who likes to cause trouble.  Now I have something to use should I ever have to...

Andrew: ::pretending to be the injured party:: Yes I admit, I can cause trouble when I want to but it's nothing compared to what you can do!

Lady Beth: Puhlease, don't act so innocent around us.  We know what you're like!
Jess: ::in a feigned disagreeable voice:: You can't fool us there, buddy.

LJA: ::with complete sincerity:: Andrew is utterly and completely innocent.  He's very nearly perfect. 

Andrew: ::blushes then refocuses on the TV::

LJA: ::continuing:: And I would never cause any trouble, either.

Lady Beth: ::gets up and moves towards Lady JenniAnn 's chair, checks her forehead, and then checks for a pulse.:: Yep, she's alive and breathing which means she can cause trouble as well.

Jess starts rolling with laughter and agrees.  Andrew just smirks knowing full well that Lady JenniAnn can't deny anything cause she would be reminded of past events by the others.

Andrew: ::turning to face Lady JenniAnn :: I do believe that they've caught onto your act.

LJA: ::flustered, afraid they will rat her out::  But... but...oh crikey!

The intro scene ends and the theme song begins playing.  Jess begins to sing.

Jess: ::really in the moment::  When you walk down the roooooadddd....  Heavy burden, heavy looooadddd...

The other three eye her curiously.  Andrew tries to mask a chuckle.

Jess:  ::after the song ends::  What??

LJA:  ::giggling::  Nothing, nothing at all...  Wonderful performance.  Okay, now it's back...  ::stares at the TV while popping blueberries into her mouth::

Lady Beth: Jess, keep your day job.

Jess: ::throws popcorn at her.::

(4:20) Rocky has just introduced herself to Andrew in the episode. 

LJA: ::sighs dreamily::  Rocky's got no idea how lucky she is to meet you...


(5:30) As the episode progresses, Rocky and her new cameraman proceed to the Wittenbergs’ home.  As the two stand on the family's doorstep, it becomes clear JenniAnn's quite taken with something.  Andrew stares at her with a raised eye brow.

LJA: Gah!  Just look at John there!  He looks gorgeous set against those golden fall leaves behind him.  They set off his hair and his eyes and... ::blushes and focuses on her bowl of blueberries::

Jess:  ::equally enamored::  Look how Andrew's hair shines in the sunlight... wow!

Andrew:  ::unsure how to take this praise and whether it's directed at him or John::  Thanks?  I think...

Lady Beth just sits there not saying a word as this is going on but does give a quiet chuckle.  The other three look at her wondering what was going on in her head for her to do that.  She doesn't give them an explanation but just takes another cookie after taking a large gulp of water.

(9:20) Andrew and Rocky proceed with their interview.  JenniAnn begins to giggle as the activity at the Wittenbergs’ increases.  The children on the TV dash around the living room with Andrew valiantly trying to capture their playfulness.

LJA: Ooh!  Look at that quick camera work.  Good job following the kids about, Andrew!  Errr...  John.  Or...  John as Andrew?  This is kinda weird...

(10:40) Now comes the first big moment.  Rocky has launched into her news segment as Andrew and Monica watch from nearby.  JenniAnn begins to fidget in her chair uncomfortably.

LJA: ::looks at the real Andrew, pained::  Augh...  It kills me to see you smile so proudly about your footage and then... then look so stricken when... when you realize what Rocky did...  Please, please tell me John over-acted it!  That you weren't *really* so disturbed!

Andrew: ::stares at the TV for a moment, lost in memory, and then at JenniAnn.  He shakes his head::  No...  I can't say I felt John ever over-acted in his portrayal of me.  That was a difficult moment.  I'm just glad Monica was there.

Jess: ::noting TV Andrew's look of astonishment and concern::  I agree with that look...  ::shakes her head gravely::

Lady Beth: Same here.  Why Rocky did that, I don't know.  I almost feel like I could have throttled her for what she did.

Andrew: Trust me, it wasn't easy to not do anything at the time.

(12:30) Andrew explains to Monica about what he saw at the Wittenbergs' and how Rocky took great liberty with the footage.

LJA: ::shakes her head furiously::  Why isn't Monica believing you?!  I would!  I always would...  I...  ::starts rocking in her chair frantically::

Andrew:  ::not sure how to calm her.  He's half afraid she'll go track down Monica at that very moment and chew her out::  I'm sure she just didn't want to believe Rocky was capable of deceit.  After all, she had been very nice to Monica.  But I do appreciate your loyalty.  I'm glad you trust me like that.

LJA: ::momentarily appeased::  I do, very much.  I think we all do, right?

Jess: ::nods eagerly and then directs her attention back to the screen::  Monica!  Stick on Andrew's side!  Come on!

Andrew: Really, this was hard for Monica, too.

LJA: ::sighs::  Such loyalty...  On *your* part, Andrew.

Andrew: ::shakes his head realizing they're not going to get over this Monica thing any time soon::

Lady Beth: She probably reacted like that cause she...  ::cuts herself off::

Jess: What were you going to say?

Lady Beth: Maybe Monica reacted like that cause she's not used to seeing Andrew in that way, kind of vulnerable.  It's a side she's not used to and doesn't know how to react to it and that scares her to some degree.  It's just a thought.  ::hangs her head cause she isn't sure how the others would react to how she saw things.::

LJA: Makes sense to me.  I feel like that about Adam sometimes.  But when Andrew's like that I just wanna...  ::catches herself, remembering he's actually there, then speaks in a cheesy voice:: throw him a party!

(14:10) Monica and Andrew are talking amongst themselves.  Again, JenniAnn starts to get very agitated.

LJA: ::quoting::  "Predicting the weather is not as easy as it looks?!"  What the heck does that have to do with this, Monica?!  Andrew's your friend!  Believe him!

Andrew: ::looking at Lady Beth and Jess::  Is she always like this about this episode?

Jess:  ::distracted::  Uh huh, every time.  ::growing agitated herself::  I still can't believe Monica took Rocky's
side instead of Andrew's!  Hello?!?!?  How long has Monica known him?

Andrew: ::matter-of-factly::  Only about one year.

Jess:  ::rolls eyes at Andrew:: Well that's still longer than Rocky, so there!  ::smirks::

Lady Beth: Yes, JenniAnn's like this every time she's seen the episode.  That's just from what I've noticed.  You're right though, Monica has known Andrew longer than she's known Rocky so I can't explain why Monica is taking sides with Rocky.

LJA: ::oblivious that she's been spoken of and is staring at TV Andrew::  Poor love...

Andrew: ::shakes his head, feeling a bit awkward::

(14:40)  Andrew, knowing he must do something, has returned to the Wittenbergs.  Again, Lady JenniAnn sighs.

LJA:  Oooh...  Andrew against the leaves again!  Ooh and now John's running...  Look at him go!

Andrew: ::with a grin and a smart-alecky tone::  See John run.  Run John, run.

LJA: ::playfully::  See Andrew mock.  Mock Andrew, mock.

(15:50)  Andrew confronts Rocky and defends his decision to visit the Wittenbergs.

LJA: Yay!  Defending yourself to Rocky!  And in flannel!  Go Andrew!

Andrew: ::laughs::  I find the flannel helps. 

(17:00) The confrontation continues with Andrew growing more agitated.

LJA:  ::seemingly forgetting the real Andrew is in the room::  Aww!  Running his hand through his hair!    I just wanna hug him and never, ever let go...  ::suddenly remembers he's only a few feet away and blushes::  Err...  I mean...  Did I mention how much I like that shirt?

Jess: ::laughs::

Lady Beth: I'm not saying a word cause I don't want to be incriminated.

Andrew: ::looks at her with a twinkle in his eye:: And why is that?

Lady Beth:: Cause you don't want to know what I think of that shirt and other things.  ::shuts up::

(21:10) Rocky explains to her viewing audience about her second meeting with Annie whose head was bandaged.  Andrew looks on, deeply trouble.  Eventually he and Rocky speak.

LJA: ::quoting in a mocking tone::  "Too nice a guy!"  Don't you ever, ever try to change that, Rocky!  It's not, NOT a problem!  Andrew's great just as he is!  "Too nice!"  Ha!


(22:00) Now comes the fateful scene where everyone gathers in the newsroom to watch the children be removed from the Wittenbergs.  The four in the Willowveil TV room watch intently as the TV Andrew grows more and more troubled.  Eventually he flees the room.

Jess:  Oh no!

LJA:  ::eyes brimming and very upset::  Oh... oh...  ::gets up and begins to walk away from her chair::

Andrew: ::looks away from his TV doppleganger.  Confused, he whispers to the ladies on either side of him::  Is *she* going to flee the room now?? 

Lady JenniAnn does not flee the room but instead moves behind the couch and stands behind Andrew.  She places a hand gently on his shoulder.

LJA:  ::sympathetically::  I'm sorry you experienced that.

Andrew:  ::turns and smiles sadly at her and squeezes her hand::  Thanks, JenniAnn. 

LJA:  ::returns the smile and then seems confused about where to go::  I, uh, think I'll stay here.  I... I don't wanna sit by myself for the rest. 

Andrew:  ::begins to get up::  I can stand.  You sit down. 

LJA: ::shakes her head and stops him::  No...  Please don't.  I feel jittery, anyhow.  I should stand.

Andrew:  If you're sure...  ::settles back into the couch much to Jess and Lady Beth's delight::

Jess: ::muttering::  I'm certainly glad Monica didn't go after Andrew.  She didn't even believe him. She would have made it worse!

(24:00) Monica and Sam discuss what's just happened and Andrew fleeing the newsroom.

Jess: ::mockingly::  "I just don't think he sees the whole picture."  Monica, are you blind?!  Whoa...

LJA: Naw, she goes blind later in the season.
Lady Beth and Jess just roll their eyes at her comment.

(24:40) The episode continues.  Andrew again returns to the Wittenbergs’.  This time they let him inside.

LJA: ::practically cooing::  "Could you open up your hearts just long enough for me to apologize!"  Oh!  I'll open up my heart!

Andrew: ::awkward silence::

(32:00) It's finally come... the prayer on the stairs.

LJA: ::openly crying, she steps around and plucks Kleenex out of the box and plops unceremoniously on the floor with them:: Oh boy...  Oh Andrew...

Jess: ::puts her hand over her mouth and watches silently::

Lady Beth: ::in a quiet voice:: Well, this does prove a point I've been trying to make for years.

Andrew: May I ask what that is? ::signals Lady JenniAnn  to stop the show for a few minutes.  She does.::

Lady Beth: In my opinion, this whole thing that it's unmanly to cry is a crock.  Men are human so they have emotions just like women.  That includes being sad, frustrated and, at times, even feeling the need to cry.  I believe that a man - whether he's human or an angel - is more of a man if he's able to show all of his emotions and not hide anything that he's feeling.

Jess: How come you've never mentioned this before?

Lady Beth: It's never come up so I've never said anything before.  I was also unsure as to how everyone would react to how I felt about this.

Jess: I'm glad you've said something now cause I have to agree with you.  It's about time that men do prove that they are capable of showing emotions instead of having them all bottled up inside.

LJA: You can add my vote to that as well.

Andrew:  ::runs his hand through his hair, unsure how to react to this at first but realizes that they're just expressing something that needed to be expressed::

Lady JenniAnn starts the show back up.

(35:00) Andrew moves to the garage where he speaks to the Wittenbergs.  Horace asks Andrew how he knows the truth.

Jess: ::coughs and blurts out::  Angel!

LJA: :smiling goofily through her tears, she turns around to face Andrew who she is seated in front of::  The glow!  ::quoting again, this time Zelda::  "You're an angel, aren't you?"  Yes!  One of the very, very best!

(42:50) Monica does her revelation scene and Rocky learns that she, Sam, and Andrew are all angels.

LJA: Oof!  I'd feel pretty bad if I found out you were an angel after all you went through!

(43:15) Now the episode moves to the final scene in the Wittenbergs’.  Andrew films Rocky as Monica looks on.

LJA: ::gleefully:: Leather jacket!!

Lady Beth: Hubba hubba hubba.

The other three just start laughing.

Andrew: I take it you like me in a leather jacket?

Lady Beth: ::sarcastic:: No, I just said that for the sake of saying it.  Yes, I like you in a leather jacket.  There are some men who look good in a jacket like that and some who don't do it justice at all.

LJA: ::sighs:: You do it justice, obviously, Andrew.


(45:00) The episode draws to a close with the three angels staring up at the magnificent lunar eclipse.

LJA: Well...  that is an awesome episode!  John was so wonderful in it!  So... that was pretty accurate?  I mean... emotionally and all?  ::looks at Andrew with concern::

Jess: ::dreamily::  My favorite part was the leather jacket...

Andrew: ::laughs::  Yes, Lady JenniAnn it was very accurate.  And, Jess, I really did wear a leather jacket.  ::winks::

One Week Later

The same three women are gathered in the TV room.  Lady JenniAnn stands near the TV, pushing the DVD into the player.

LJA:  Okay... and now...  "The Violin Lesson"!  ::shouts::  Andrew, ya ready?

Andrew: ::runs in with some drinks::  Yes, go ahead and start.  Lady Beth, here's your iced tea.  Jess, your Fresca with cherry.  JenniAnn, your coffee.  And my ginger ale!  ::once finished he moves to his seat::

Lady Beth:  Thanks, Andrew.  This was a really good idea.  Much better than that little couch.

Jess: ::nods and then chuckles::  Theatre seating in a TV room.  Excellent idea.

Lady Beth: Oh yeah, nice comfy theatre seats with cup holders for multiple drinks and someplace to put my cookies and popcorn.

Jess: Man, I don't know how you do it but I'd be visiting the washroom with all that you drink.

Lady Beth: Well I'm just used to drinking water and the iced tea is an added bonus.  Now let's get on with the show.  I need my fix.

The others look at her but won't ask what she means by her fix.

LJA: ::whispers to Lady Beth and Jess:: Frankly, I don't care what we have to drink or where we have to sit.  Just as long as we have him...

All three stare dreamily at an oblivious Andrew and then focus on the episode.    

The End

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